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Facilitate your customers with ability to book and enjoy instant massage service with Uber for massage app allowing to operate business smoothly on a single platform

What is Uber for Massage App? How On-Demand Massage App Development Helps Your Business Flourish?

Ever since the on-demand apps have come into existence, customers are settling more towards that approach to fulfill all their demands, even if it is a massage service. Provide your customers with instant massage service at their home with a zeel clone, ensuring your business success.

Uber for massage is a scalable platform that focuses on delivering excellent experiences allowing customers to book their massage appointments more efficiently and speedily than ever before. It includes a powerful admin dashboard supporting your business operations and a masseur app allowing the masseur to handle every procedure well.

On-demand massage app development intends to deliver a powerful app helping you fulfill all your customers’ demands. It helps vendors to take their business online and manage all the activities accurately with tech support.

Dominant Features Of Uber For Massage Service App

In-Built Chat

Provide instant help to customers and masseurs with in-built chat support as we integrated a dedicated feature in Uber for massage app to help you develop a strong relationship with your customers. In case of any emergency, the masseur can easily connect with service agents or customers

App Monetization

We support in-app payment by integrating wallets in our Uber for massage service app, ensuring seamless payment experience to platform users. The masseur can check their wallet balance and send transaction requests to the admin to get the amount created in their wallet for easy transactions

White Label Solution

We provide entirely white label soothe clone app solutions to vendors to encourage them to customize it as per their business requirements. Vendors who choose an on-demand massage app development to get a customized app color and logo that can be changed anytime as per preference

Advance Report

Business admin is allowed to explore advanced reports with the right to edit and update any of the details by exporting the data to an Excel sheet. This report will help them to have a quick glimpse over their earning details, the number of services completed, pending, canceled, etc. helping them to plan their business well

Types of Massage Service You Can Accommodate to Customers with Soothe Clone Support

Enable your customers with a wide range of massage services right at their doorsteps with the support of a soothe clone, ensuring faster business growth.

  • Work De-stress Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Prenatal Massage

How Uber For Massage App - Zeel Clone Works?

Deliver excellent service to your customers on their demand with an app like zeel, making it easier for you to produce amazing results for your business. The zeel clone app includes all the features and functionalities ensuring to serve your customers efficiently, it allows customers to book a massage appointment to leverage service instantly or later at their doorsteps. It follows a below-mentioned workflow to help you earn popularity:

  • Customers can use the social media account to register and login to the service app
  • App users can send requests or can schedule them for the future using the app
  • Masseur accepts the service request and reaches customers’ locations to provide service
  • For any type of massage, the customer can pay service charges online with debit or credit card even
  • Customers and therapists can share their reviews based on their experience and give rates on a scale of five stars

Modules We Offer Under App Like Soothe And Zeel To Support Your Business

Make your work effortlessly with an app like soothe and zeel, ensuring the success of your massage service business. It allows you to deliver excellent results by providing the reliability and security of each operation for your business

Customer App

Schedule Appointment

Customers can get instant massage service right at their doorsteps or can schedule the request through the app

Get Notifications

The notification feature provides users with a service confirmation message once the masseur accepts their placed request

Address Change

Customers can change their address by entering it manually or through Google map

Cancel Appointment

Customers can cancel the appointment after providing a valid reason for cancellation

Masseur App

On/Off Service

Masseur is allowed to change its service status by considering their availability to accept the service request through an app like Zeel

Request Details

Masseur can check the service request details placed by customers using the service request feature of Uber for the massage service app

Update Bank Details

Service providers are allowed to add and update their bank details in the app to get their earnings transferred to their bank account

Earning Report

Get useful insights, stats, and key reports to make informed business decisions and grow your business with a feature-rich platform

Admin Dashboard

Masseurs Details

Admin can manage Masseur’s details with the right to decline their registration request and edit their details

Manage Profile Details

Admin can manage customers’ profile details with authority to add, edit, and remove any of the requests

Email Templates

Admin can define email templates to send it to particular customers or multiple customers at the same time

Service Details

Admin can view and manage service requests effectively along with details like payment mode, review, and much more

User Website

Payment History

Users are allowed to view full payment history, including details like tax, service charge, and extra charges

Rating & Review

Users can rate Masseurs and their service on a scale of five, they can provide their review based on their experience

Referral Sharing

Users can share referral code on their social accounts and can earn earning points and bonuses for the same

Change Language

Users are provided with a list of languages to choose from so they can access the panel in their preferred language

Company Panel

Analyze History

Companies can view and analyze the history of the service requests from the panel that contains all the details of the services

Get Request’s List

The company can get the entire service request lists in the panel, which it assigns the provider manually, knowing their availability

Add Providers

The company owner can register employees from the panel and update details about them whenever required

Service Price

The company can set the price of the particular services from the dedicated panel as per their business policies

App Solutions We Craft According To Specified Needs

Find the best app solution to address your customers’ needs in the most effective way

Customer App

Get yourself registered in the app using the personal details to get the home services seamlessly

Provider App

Providers can manage business tasks with the users and get support if they face any issues

Have A Glance At The App Modules of E-Services

Comprehend the features of different app modules by checking out its live app demo links.

Customer App

Get yourself registered in the app using the personal details to get the home services seamlessly

Provider App

Providers can manage business tasks with the users and get support if they face any issues

Understand Distinct Feature Of The Panels Included In E-Services

User Panel

Get a home service booked on a slot that is at your convenience in the panel just like an app

Admin Panel

Foster the business tasks on a panel with intelligent operations to perform fluent business

Company Panel

Companies can create service’s subcategories, set the prices, assign the providers through the company panel

Get App Like Zeel Supporting Your Business Needs

Give a digital touch to your traditional massage business with an app like zeel allowing customers to experience amazing features. Deliver excellent results by seeing the support of on-demand massage app development, helping you build a unique business presence in the market

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Frequently Asked Questions On Uber For Massage

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Yes, as per your business requirements, you can add multiple sub services in Uber for massages. Also, you can customize the platform and add other services to the platform as allowed by the admin.

We offer three months of post-launch support to our clients. For extended support, you can have an add-on service.

Yes, we can integrate payment gateways as per the client’s requirement, which is an add-on service provided by us.

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