What is Limousine Booking Software? Why Should you Consider This for Business Profits?

uber for limousine software for digitalise limo booking firms

Mobile apps are ruling the world, including businesses and specifically ground transportation businesses. It had revolutionized the taxi services methods adopting technology and eliminating the traditional ways. Managing the car at different locations could be handled efficiently from the online platforms.

Limousine booking software is a solution to handle the chauffeur and riders for ground transportation firms. It also includes live tracking of the ride throughout the time to ensure reliable ride management and services. Its trusted chauffeur support with driver verification and authentication measures ensures to serve users with the best support.

Elluminati is known for developing a turnkey platform, including required apps and panels. Adopt a limousine booking system introducing efficiency and complete management capacities to help you expand your reach across countries.

Extraordinary Features of Limos Booking App Like Uber Solution

Zone-Based Rates

limo booking app like uber's zone based price features

This Uber for limo solution allows purchasers to define and create zones in a single city to serve efficiently. The admin can create zones where they can set different pricing plans for the ride requests placed by users. They can define no-service areas as a red zone where they do not provide services and stop receiving service requests

advanced analytics features of limo booking software

Advanced Analytics

The limo service booking app like uber allows generating earning analytics and viewing the data of earnings in real-time. The advanced analytics facility gets extended for admin, drivers, partners, and dispatchers to generate reports for weekly, monthly, or yearly earning analysis. Admin can also use the real-time ride-hailing data to manage services

In-app Navigation Support

In app navigation support features of limo service software

This feature helps the drivers find the location of the user’s places from their dedicated app. Users can pin their locations on the map and place a ride-hailing request for drivers. The online limousine booking services allow admin to track all rides and their details in real-time on the map integrated into the admin dashboard for better control and management

white label limo booking software solution

Personalized Solution

The limo service management software caters to every purchaser demand by including fully-fledged support for system personalization. The app settings- theme, color, specific features, and many more things get covered under the personalization support. This white label limousine software allows changing the solution name to create a unique business identity in the market and support business building operations

Ride Authentication

ride authentication features of limo booking app

To ensure the right driver has reached the customer location, the ride authentication gets performed via the solution. In the authentication process, the rider receives a secret code that needs to match with the code received by the drivers to ensure the driver has reached the right location. It helps provide authorized ride-hailing services and helps generate the best experience

Multi-City Support

The limousine booking software is scalable and hence supports the business expansion across multiple cities. Admin can choose to add cities where they want to extend their ride-hailing support using the dedicated admin panel. The business operations running in the city gets controlled by the panel and the admin can monitor the progress of each ride request from the dedicated solution

Surge Pricing

The surge pricing feature helps the admin earn more during the time of increased ride requests. They can use the surge pricing by adding a percentage increase of the total ride fare or an absolute amount to be added in the fare calculation. The surge pricing for different regions and zones can vary as per the admin’s wish, and they can choose the timing of the surge pricing as per their needs

Panic Button

panic button features for limo service booking app

The SOS panic button allows a user and a driver to inform their contacts of the emergency situation whenever they are on ride. By pressing the panic button, the location details of the ride get sent to the government authorities and the added contacts of users. Users add their favorite contacts that they want to reach out in the time of emergency

Exceptional Aspects of White Label Limo Software

white label limousine booking software

Check out some exciting features of our Limo Software

  • Call/ Chat Option

    Driver and rider can make a call or send an instant message within the application

  • Referral System

    Rider can share the referral code with their friends to get a discount and earn the points

  • Shared Ride

    Users can share the ride with another person if the route and distance are the same

  • Gender-Based Preference

    For security purposes, a woman can book a limousine ride and ask for a female driver

Choose an Acclaimed Limo Booking App Development for Your Converting Business Needs

Our Uber like limo booking app development allows generating excellent experience by including every required component to run the business seamlessly

User Application

limousine booking mobile application

Log in or sign up using Facebook or Google and avoid the long process to book the ride

Driver Application

limo service driver application

The driver can view and manage the status of their earnings within the application

admin dashboard of limousine management software

Admin Dashboard

Admin can view and manage all the upcoming requests with details including date, time, and location

Dispatcher Console

Dispatcher can easily see the status of all online rides using the real-time GPS tracking feature

limousine dispatch management software web dashboard
limousine booking software driver console for provide service

Partner Panel

Business partners can easily create their profile by adding basic details such as name, contact details, and email ID

User Console

If the customers are a frequent rider, they can avail promo codes to get a discount on the ride

online limo booking website

Driver Panel

The driver can accept/ reject the ride from all the users, irrespective of the limo type

Corporate Console

Corporates can create and manage groups of employees within their dedicated panel

Choose a Business-Centric On Demand Limousine Software Solution for Your Business?

Launch your business right away with a fitting On demand limousine software solution that helps you gather the best technical support to use. Uber for Limos solution allows generating excellent experiences with complete app support

Forge More Opportunities In Your Business Adopting The Apps Included In The Platform

Excellent app with necessary features to search for the desired address’s riders

Look For The Panel Workflow For Managing The Transportation Business Online

Admin panels can conduct all business tasks, including managing the user’s registration

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Frequently Asked Questions On Limousine Booking App Development

1. What is Uber for Limousine?

Uber for Limousine is the online software for booking a Limo from an application. It comprises various modules to conduct the business tasks from it.

2. How much does it cost to develop an app like uber for limousines?

The cost to design the Uber like limousine app is approximately from $5k to $16k. However, it could also exceed this price as you customize the functions.

3. Do you provide multiple language support?

Yes, we integrate multiple languages into the platform to allow fluent communication among the users.