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Start your taxi and ride-hailing business online with minicab clone app to operate your multi or single place fleet business accurately

What is the Minicab Clone App? How Does Solution Help to Build Brand Presence?

The behavioral trait of the Gen z is to adopt more digital methods in their lifestyles. Traditional taxi business reformed with a digital aspect gripping full control over the entire business. Even entrepreneurs are also looking for an online system to book a cab.

Minicab clone app is a pre-developed platform for ride-hailing companies to oversee business operations online. It provides complete support for offering convenience to the customers booking a cab online and outright management of the business.

Elluminati provides an excellent ready-to-use Minicab-like app for your business. We offer a complete customization facility that helps you launch your own taxi app for the UK or other countries where you aim to expand your fleet business.

Unmatched Features Of Our Tech Stack

Change App Theme

  • Our white label avails you with a complete customization facility
  • You can change the app theme completely to cater to your business requirements
  • Our professional designer team will help you craft an excellent app theme with no extra charges

Payment Gateways

  • We provide the best payment gateway integration opportunities to our clients to support their requirements
  • To ensure secure transactions with the system, we have integrated Stripe as the default payment gateway
  • Assures your customers are provided with a secure payment gateway by opting for the best

Customize Language

  • We enable vendors with an unlimited language integration facility with the right to change the language
  • Expand your business in multi regions with customizing language support
  • The language integration facility provides vendors with the opportunity to grow their business in the multi-region

Multi-City Accessibility

  • Our developers have integrated useful features to help administrators handle multi-city
  • Administrators have the authority to add city details like name, service type, etc through the panel
  • They have the right to switch between on/ off options for service according to their business requirements

Multi Fare

  • An administrator is allowed to set multiple fare charges in the same location
  • Panel admin can set charges based on vehicle type, trip location, and many other factors
  • The administrator also has the authority to set different charges according to KM or Miles

Special Accessibility

  • An administrator can offer special accessibility to passengers by setting it through the panel
  • They can set multiple accessibilities such as baby seats, handicap, or any other as per users demand
  • Administrative people can switch between on or off options as per company rules

Airport Trip Service

  • Vendors are provided with airport trip features with our Minicab clone app
  • They can set and manage the airport trip service fares using this feature
  • It provides vendors and chauffeurs with the greatest source to earn more by offering their ride services whenever required

Mark Red Zone Regions

  • Admin can decide to disable ride-hailing service for particular areas by including it in red zone areas
  • Panel admin can mark a particular area as a “red zone” area on the map and can color it accordingly
  • Drivers are not allowed to provide their service in areas that have been marked as red zone regions

How Our Minicab Clone Script Helps You Create a Difference?

Our Minicab clone script helps you provide an excellent experience to passengers on their demand

Lesser Inconvenience

Launch your fleet business online with an excellent app and panel to lessen the inconvenience of your customers

Multi-Platform Solution

Provide your customers with a multi-platform solution to leverage their use on any of the devices of their choice to book rides.

Serve More Customer

With multi-language and countries support, serve more customers across the world, accurately ensuring their happiness

Excellent Experience

Provide your customers with excellent experience with advanced features that assure delivering outstanding results

Explore Working Of Each Module Of Our Minicab Clone App

Learn how our Minicab clone app modules work to provide a favorable outcome for your fleet business

Passenger App

Promo Code

Passengers can make use of promo coupons to leverage discounts, free rides, and other perks while booking a trip.

Panic Button

In case of any type of emergencies, passengers can notify their family and friends using this useful feature

Tracking Support

Passengers can check the real-time status of the riders like on the way, reached, etc through the app

Instant Booking

Passengers can book a ride instantly or can schedule it at their get the time, the time, and the date they require, within the app.

Chauffeur App

View Request

The chauffeur is allowed to check the ride request of the customers and can decide to accept or reject them as per their preferences.


Chauffeurs are allowed to check the real-time transition on the map to find the nearest route to reach customers’ destinations

Cancel Ride

Drivers are allowed to cancel the trip after choosing and by adding a valid cancellation reason whenever required through the app.


Chauffeurs can get navigation for the customer’s location through Google Maps to reach their destinations as soon as possible

Admin Dashboard

Request Details

Admin can check and manage daily requests, including details like username, payment type, etc through the console

Chauffeurs Details

Admin has the right to view the service provider’s details and can filter it according to real-time provider status

Service Type

The advanced admin dashboard helps admin to add multiple service types to manage details with the authority to remove them as required

Set Title Image

With the theme setting feature, panel admin can set and manage an email title image as per their convenience through the panel

Dispatcher Panel

Export Files

Dispatchers can export the data list of customers, drivers, trips, etc., in the form of sheets and can use it for offline.

Scheduled Requests

Dispatchers are allowed to check scheduled requests with complete payment details and enter trip details.

Date Filter

The useful date filter option allows dispatchers to view trip history between particular dates in the panel

Search Request

Dispatchers can check the details of the trips, including details like customer ID number, driver name, payment, etc.

Partner Panel

Vehicle Details

Partners are allowed to view and manage all the details related to vehicle type to provide better service to customers

View Request

Partners can view complete service requests with the right to edit any by exporting it to the Excel sheet

Provider Details

Partners can export complete service providers’ details to Excel sheets with the right to sort the details as per their need

Earning History

Partners are allowed to check all the earning details of their own with all the essential information that they want to check

User Console

Sort & Search

Passengers are allowed to search the records with authority to set data in ascending or descending order

Check Data

Passengers can export all data of their rides to an Excel sheet to explore it as per their requirements for offline use.

Trip History

Passengers are provided with the authority to view all the history of requests with complete trip and payment details

Verify Code

To ensure trip confirmation or rejection information, passengers are provided with confirmation code through the panel

Chauffeur Console

Document Approval

Chauffeurs are allowed to upload their essential documents through the console for the admin’s approval

Data Filter

Chauffeurs are allowed to filter data as per their convenience with the right to export data to an Excel sheet

Add Bank Details

Chauffeurs are allowed to link their bank details using the console to get the amount transferred in the bank directly

View Earning Details

Chauffeurs have the right to check their earning details with complete details which have all the details about the rides.

Corporate Panel

Create Request

Corporates are provided with the authority to create a ride request from the panel with details like pickup and destination details

Schedule Request

Corporate managers are authorized to schedule a ride request by using the corporate panel at their convenience for the consumers.

Remove Profile

The panel admin is allowed to remove any of the profile requests from the employee list by using the panel

Payment Setting

Panel admin can manage their wallet balance efficiently, they can pay for the trip fares through the system

Customer App

Browse, register or schedule the rides from the app and get it done within the estimated time

Driver App

Provide the rides with the help of the app getting the best routes from the app

Automate Your Business Methods Using The Apps

User and driver app allows to integrate entire process and automate respective tasks for rides.

Customer App

Browse, register or schedule the rides from the app and get it done within the estimated time

Driver App

Provide the rides with the help of the app getting the best routes from the app

Panels That Justifies Brilliancy In The Working Of Taxi Business

Admin Panel

Active admin panel has drawn out important analytical results for the business oversee all rides

Dispatcher Panel

Dispatcher panel can oversee the analysis of past and new rides and also perform other dispatching tasks

Partner Panel

Perform tasks similar to admin to manage the businesses at different locations remotely

Corporate Panel

The corporate manager can follow and manage the corporate rides in real-time from the corporate panels

User Panel

With real-time ride tracking, customers can get book rides and pay efficiently from the panel.

Driver Panel

Driver panels can store rides information, ride’s reviews and ratings, and other essential data

Our Other Apps Serving Excellent Results in Various Industries

We craft excellent app solutions ensuring effective business management and control for various businesses around the world allowing automation and efficiency.

Provide Reliable Service To Customer With Minicab Clone App, Encouraging Engagement

Run your business operations efficiently by considering opting for a Minicab clone app for your fleet business. It will help you to provide the utmost satisfaction to customers on their demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Minicab Clone App

Get to know more about our product, and you will get all the answers to your queries.

Yes, the Minicab clone app is a perfect solution for any business dimension giving out efficient results. It also has the function of expanding your business in the future to several countries or cities.

Yes, we deploy the paps on the suitable application stores, and this service is included in the package you purchase.

Completing the entire development process can take up to 5 to 6 working days. Further, the customization required in the a[pp will also be considered as the factor to take more time.

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