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What is the LimeBike Clone App? Why Should You Adopt That in Your Business?

Mobile-based solutions have become a must in the current scenario. The e-vehicle hiring business is one of the big markets to target. There is still a lot more to find out in this field, and the first few names will become the milestones of this field.

Limebike Clone, Ofo clone, Mobike clone, Zagster clone are ideal systems to start the electric scooter riding service targeting any market. You can include e-cycles, e-bikes, e-mopeds any other of your choice. This energetic thought will definitely attack young minds by making them your loyal customers.

Entrepreneurs have a significant chance to start up their business with our Limebike, Ofo, Mobike, Zagster like apps with the noble thought of caring for the environment. Every single task can be handled online with the help of different available apps.

Get the Support of Feature-Rich Limebike Clone App Development

limebike like app development

Gorgeous Design

Our easy to use user-friendly design will never confuse any users and help them navigate easily to get them exactly what they want

White Labelling

A complete white-label ready to go limebike clone app will keep no bars in between you and your business success

GPS Integration

Advanced GPS integration will help to track and unlock navigation facilities within the app for easy pathfinding

Latest Technology

The latest MEAN stack technology will keep everything up to date and updated for ideal business growth

Platform Compatibility

The fully compatible limebike like app for any platform will work flawlessly on any device like mobiles and tablets

Social Media Integration

Social media integration will make the registration and login process for every different user of the app

Upgrade Your Business with Mobike, Ofo, Zagster Like App Development

mobike clone app
  • Enhanced App Usage Expression
  • Improved Customers Engagement
  • Secured Payment Gateways
how electric scooter booking app works

Check the Overall Working Flow of Electric Scooter App Development Solution

  • Each user needs to register first with the app who are willing to use the app. They can do the registration and login process manually or with social media options
  • After successful login, the user will be able to see the available services on the app. They can even choose the type of service they want and can send the request.
  • Once the confirmation is sent, the electric scooter app user will be able to see all the nearby service providers through the e-vehicle app.
  • As a part of an easy, convenient, and secure payment, different online payment options will be available to the user to choose any of the options
  • After the completion of the ride service, the user will be able to rate and review the service, and they can share their thoughts about the service in the app

What We Consider Including in Our Limebike App Clone?

Get your business to new heights with an advanced featured Limebike app clone

ofo clone customer app

Customer App

Customers are provided with a feature-rich limebike clone app making all their tasks much easier and quicker than ever. From the very beginning level, the app enables customers with an excellent experience which they are thriving to have from your business. After a successful login, the user is allowed to select the service according to their need. GPS facility helps them find the exact path to reach their desired destination on time

Provider App

zagster like provider app

The provider will receive every request for every particular need, and they will notify the user about the availability of the e-vehicle they want. To become a provider, document verification is a must, and this process is totally online where the provider needs to upload the documents online, and it will be checked and verified first. The provider can manage the earnings and e-wallet as well for better control over the earnings.

Admin Dashboard

electric scooter business management admin panel

Get a one-screen electric scooter app solution to handle the business efficiently. The business owner can handle all the tasks mostly with on/off buttons. The admin can add multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-city, and multi-country options. All the features have their own use. The admin can manage every user and change the settings of the app as per their preference. The admin reserves the exclusive right to add, edit, or remove any feature. The approval to the providers and the document verification is also in the hand of admin

User Website

An excellently designed and easy-to-use website helps you offer an improved experience to end-users in no time ensuring your business success and expansion. It also makes it easy to promote your business in multiple countries and cities by providing excellent e vehicle service to customers on their specified demand. Users are provided with multiple features encouraging them to demand your e vehicle service again and again

escooter booking web panel

Get Your Branded App to Grab Business Opportunities

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Acquire Our Apps To Automate Your E-bike Sharing Services

Get your customers excellent experience providing apps for getting the e-bike

Get Full Supportive Panels Provided In Eber

Oversee all the business operations accurately with the admin panel

Frequently Asked Questions on Limebike Clone App

1. How much does it cost to maintain an App like Limebike?

We offer tech support for three months post-launch service. Further, if you need support after this period, we also provide addon service as support.

2. Will you deploy apps after it is developed?

Yes, we deploy the apps after it is developed in the application stores. It is part of our service included in the package.

3. What if I want to add other payment gateways to the platform?

We add other payment gateways in the platform on our client’s requests as an add-on service. You can contact us for more details: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/get-a-quote/