jinn app clone for start delivery business

What Is The Jinn Clone App? How Does The Food Delivery Business Ensure Same Hour Serving Hours?

Millennials are preferring online food ordering and getting instant deliveries. The sudden growth in the demand and service platforms has made a rush amongst the restaurant to adopt the technology for survival in the fierce market.

Jinn clone app is the best platform for providing the customer’s food ordering from their convenient places and providing them home deliveries within the estimated time. It is built with easily accessible features for a business to operate all its processes through the platform.

Elluminati develops a cost-effective solution, which fits any venture of the food industry scalable to expand it to any heights. Upscale your food deliveries with Jinn app like a solution to ensuring same hour service offerings that can also assure business branding with a dedicated private-label app solution stack

Advanced Feature Support of Jinn App Like Delivery Solution

Private Label Solution

jinn like delivery app
  • Launch as a unique brand in the market with Jinn app like solution support
  • Customize the app theme, color, brand name, and logo according to business need
  • Choose to offer limited features by adding or editing any features from dedicated solutions
jinn like app payment mode features

Multiple Payment Gateways

  • Our Jinn app clone script includes Stripe as the default payment gateway empowering secure online payments
  • If a purchaser wants to integrate any local payment gateway as per their needs, we provide complete technical support
  • The purchaser can request multiple payment gateway integrations to ensure payment convenience and security

Live Geolocation Tracking

live geo tracking features jinn clone
  • Track the real-time status of users and delivery providers with the integrated GPS feature
  • Users can track the live updates of their ordered meals from their dedicated solution including the provider location
  • Stores can also view the provider location from the dedicated store app and panel to ensure timely deliveries
jinn app clone ordering and delivery limit features

Ordering and Delivery Limits

  • Stores can set the delivery and ordering limits for users by item count and total bill price
  • They can define maximum and minimum item ordering restrictions to ensure they generate enough profits
  • Stores can also set the minimum and maximum order pricing limits for users to get items delivered at home

Social Media Sign up

jinn clone app social media signup features
  • Our Jinn app clone includes support for integrating social media accounts for better user convenience
  • Users can register and log in using their social media accounts to quickly access and place an order
  • With the Admin’s referrals, they can share the app use and earn discounts for promoting the app on social media
jinn clone app sms verification

SMS Verification

  • Before a user or a delivery provider registers, an SMS verification gets performed to ensure their identity
  • The OTP verification gets performed using their registered Email ID and mobile number details
  • The Admin sends an SMS containing OTP details to verify the user identity and allow registration

What do We Offer In White Label Jinn App Clone Script?

jinn app clone script
  • Scalability
  • Authenticity
  • Seamless Management
how jinn app clone works

How Does The Jinn App Clone Work?

By integrating the business-savvy app suite, white label Jinn app clone guarantees excellent business support. It follows the simple flow through all the apps contributing to form an effective process offering convenience to the customers and restaurants. It follows the following steps:

  • Browse nearby restaurants and stores and view their menu to place an order
  • Users can browse nearby restaurants to order
  • Stores receive order and send the delivery request to the delivery provider as the order gets prepared
  • A provider accepts the request and finds the destination location with the help of an integrated map in the app
  • The delivery provider delivers ordered food at the customer’s doorsteps and receives a confirmation code

Offer On-time Delivery Support with Excellent App

Ensure to deliver ordered food on time with Jinn app clone ensuring efficient deliveries and complete tech support

user app jinn app clone

User App & Website

Apply filters on different restaurant’s prices and food menu and select the restaurant as per your needs

Store App & Dashboard

user app jinn app clone

Create the restaurant's profile with all details and edit it along with adding store images if they want

Admin Dashboard

jinn app clone dashboard

Analyze business statistics and create different reports like order, delivery, and payments as required

Delivery Man App

jinn app clone for delivery provider application

Submit required documents to the Admin to register as a delivery provider and start earning profits

Want To Convert Your Traditional Restaurant Business to Online?

jinn app clone for restaurant chain

We provide the best solution for your online restaurant business with our Jinn clone app support. Explore more about our app by viewing the demo

Look How Apps Works For Food Ordering Business

From the app, users can log in with a few steps and browse their fav food

Try Out Panels Providing A Fluent Working For All Process

Users can register directly through socials login and start exploring food from their fav store

Look into our customizable and success empowering app support

Frequently Asked Questions on Jinn Clone App

1. How does the Jinn app clone allow us to expand the business?

Jinn app clone allows you to add the business at multiple locations in the same city. Moreover, the admin can set the business in different cities and counties and manage all of them through a single platform.

2. For how many businesses is the license valid?

We provide licensed source code for single users. As an admin, they can add multiple stores in various areas, cities, or countries. To get multiple users licenses, contact our sales team at: [email protected]

3. How can I make a personalized platform in the app like Jinn?

In an app like Jinn, any food business can create its own brand name and logo. They can keep their desired app color and theme to give it a personalized look.