Create Alcohol Delivery App

Create Alcohol Delivery App

Build a high-performing, robust, and secure alcohol delivery app like Drizly and Saucey that ensures businesses deliver more orders and create tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs

Create Alcohol Delivery App

What is an App Like Saucey and Drizly? Why Should You Acquire the Platform for Business Success?

The modern world demands advanced solutions that offer comfort and convenience with changing their way of working and living. It is even an exciting concept for customers to get all their needs at their doorsteps without wasting time.

The app like Saucey and Drizly is a customizable mobile app source code for online alcohol ordering and getting the deliveries at their desired locations. Businesses can surveillance all the business operations within it and also conduct them online.

Elluminati offers a fully-furnished system loaded with all the platform’s advanced features, making it scalable to meet business requirements in the future. Create an alcohol delivery app that can make your work easier and faster, leaving you higher revenues behind.

Essential Features To Consider To Build Alcohol Delivery App

Secure Payment Facility

  • Our app like Drizly helps you create alcohol delivery app that integrates payment security and authorization
  • We integrate Stripe as our default payment gateway to empower online transactions securely
  • The admin can choose to enable or disable any payment method to provide preferred services

Generate Invoices

  • Invoice generation occurs when a user pays for the total order amount using their preferred payment method, which can be stored in the platform.
  • A generated invoice gets stored in the order history and includes complete order details, including the payment mode used.
  • The system admin can access all the invoices and view them to analyze the delivery service proficiency.

In-App Wallet

  • Admin can enable or disable the integrated wallet facility when they develop an alcohol delivery app.
  • An integrated wallet facility allows to cater to user demands and provides secure payment support.
  • The system admin can define a minimum wallet balance to control the deposits and view transactions.

Manage Store Operations

  • The primary concept to build an alcohol delivery app for users also gets extended for the stores
  • The dedicated store panel and app allows generating excellent store management experience
  • Stores can manage the products, their listings, pricing, images, and more from the specialized solutions

Provider Verification

  • Delivery provider verification helps in identifying the registered providers and assign delivery tasks in trusted hands
  • Our app like Saucey insists on sending an SMS to each provider when they register and login to identify them
  • The registered providers have to keep their contact details updated to receive the SMS and complete verification

Pin Location

  • To place a delivery request from any store, the user has to enter their delivery location to guide them
  • Users can choose to pin this location on the integrated map, or they can enter the address manually
  • Delivery providers use the provided map facility to reach the user’s location by following the optimized route

Why Is Our App Like Saucey a Perfect Fit?

  • Pivotal Feature Integration
  • Secure Payments
  • Scalable Solution

How Does an App Like Drizly Work?

Delivering alcohol to users’ location requires authentication and verification support for reliable deliveries. Our app like Drizly involves all the processes necessary to ensure on-time deliveries and follows below mentioned workflow:

  • Customers register and login to place an order request from their choice of store
  • The store receives the order request and prepares the items as mentioned and asks for delivery support
  • A delivery provider reaches the store location and delivers the package to the user-specified location
  • The user pays for the order using any of the preferred payment methods from all available and uploads the feedback

A Prolific Solution Suiting Every Growing Business Need

Choose to create alcohol delivery app that encourages reliable delivery services for all users. Expand across countries with a scalable app assistance

User App

Browse Outlets

Explore multiple outlets and their offers to choose items from their preferred store and place an order

Store Details

View the store review of all the registered stores before ordering to select the perfect store for your needs

Payment Options

Choose a preferred payment option from all available- online payment via card or net banking, or cash on delivery

Social Sharing

Promote the app use by sharing the details of app like Drizly over social media and earn discounts from admin

Store App


Stores get to manage all their products that they want to sell online from the dedicated store app and dashboard

Payment Statements

Generate payment statements that get stored for the completed payments of the orders placed by users

Extra Charges

Stores can set a dedicated cancellation charge from customers for canceling orders after a certain time frame

Order Cancellation

Stores can set a dedicated cancellation charge from customers for canceling orders after a certain time frame

Admin Dashboard

Add Cities

Admin can add cities where they want to extend their services and manage operations for each town from the dashboard

Profit Mode

The profit mode settings allow the system admin to define their profit collection by percentage or absolute value from stores

Login Options

The app login options include social login and log in by registered email and password which users can choose to enable or disable

Earning Reports

Generate earning reports based on weeks, months, or years and view earning reports of delivery providers and stores

Delivery Man App

Social Login

Delivery providers can register using their social media accounts and access the account faster every time they log in.

Map Integration

The integrated map facility allows a delivery provider to view the store and customers’ delivery locations on the map and navigate efficiently

Generate Reports

View complete earning reports and generate them based on weeks, months, or years to get an earning estimation

Wallet History

Access all transaction history done through the integrated wallet to ensure the best support gets delivered

User Website

Track Deliveryman Status

Customers can track the order delivery status through the integrated map with real-time updates.

Checkout Screen

It has all the details about the orders, customer details, store details, and payment gateways.

Complete Stores Details

Customers get all the store details like menu, contact details, distance, availability of stores for delivery, etc.

Reset Forgot Password

Customers could reset passwords if they forgot the old ones with the help of the ID and email address.

Store Panel

Store Time Settings

Stores can update the store’s service time availability in a week which will be shown to the customers.

Order List

Stores get all the order lists separated by time, like today’s orders, tomorrow’s orders, scheduled orders, etc.

Examine Reviews

The store can analyze the reviews about the order and delivery service given by the customers.

Order Cancellation Settings

Stores can determine order cancellation costs, which are applied at numerous stages of the delivery procedure.

Advanced Features of EDelivery

Delivery Provider App

Drivers can accept or reject the delivery service request from the app and perform another task in it to complete the delivery

User App

Consider the brilliant app for ordering the food delivery app

Store App

The mobile app has all the features to conduct business operations seamlessly

Look How Delivery Business On Online Platforms Work Through Different Apps

We have built apps to automate the delivery business without much hassle.

Delivery Provider App

Drivers can accept or reject the delivery service request from the app and perform another task in it to complete the delivery

User App

Consider the brilliant app for ordering the food delivery app

Store App

The mobile app has all the features to conduct business operations seamlessly

Take The Insights Of Panels Given In Online Delivery Solution

User Panel

Convenient panel to order that has similar features as app

Admin Panel

Admin can observe thorough results of the past business processes and make any changes for users from the panel

Store Panel

Stores can conduct store operation on the store’s panel without any hassle

Our Radical App Support

Explore advanced app offerings suiting various business types and needs

Choose Expert Technical Assistance To Make Alcohol Delivery App Seamless

A scalable and business-centric app solution can help you please your users and meet all their demands. We help you to make alcohol delivery app a trending solution in your target market with delivering competent technical support

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Frequently Asked Questions On Alcohol Delivery Business

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Customers can choose from various payment methods provided in the app, like cash on delivery, e-wallets, card payments, or any other gateways provided on the platform.

Businesses can add various locations of stores in different cities and countries with supporting features like multiple languages and currency conversion.

The total time for the app development could take a week or more, considering the working days.

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