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Get your business on wheels with an Uber for tow truck app that backs you up with the best of technical assistance, offering productivity and comfort in handling the business

Uber For Tow Truck

What is Uber for Tow Trucks? How does it Offer Assistance to Increase Business Profits?

A person in need of tow trucks is already in a situation where any other issues like finding the tow truck, guiding him to an exact location seem too inconvenient. But that isn’t an issue, as these issues could be resolved by using a platform and asking and guiding from it.

Uber for tow trucks app is an advanced platform that enables tow truck agents or companies to offer online reserving the trucks for towing. With a few taps, customers can get the services in the estimated time to their outset.

We offer intuitive modules to provide the best support to the customers and aid your business processes. Uber like tow trucks app, equips business expanding scopes, with all supportive functionalities that cloud assists the business processes.

Superior Features Of Our Uber For Roadside Assistance App

Real-Time Tracking & GPS

  • Track the entire journey in real-time with the integrated GPS to check the status of every booking
  • It allows a user to view their booked truck in transition on the integrated map facility
  • Truck drivers can also see themselves on the map and navigate to the users’ location with GPS

Manage Fleets

  • Admin manages the list of all registered vehicles and can view details of each individually
  • They can define types and base fare for these different vehicles to categorize them
  • If admin assigns a truck to a driver, the driver details and the vehicle maintenance details also get stored in the panel

Call Masking

  • The Uber for tow trucks app provides secure calling and conversation features for users and drivers
  • They can interact by placing a call, and the call masking doesn’t reveal their contact numbers
  • Else, they can chat from the in-app chat support to discuss and resolve any queries

Analyze Earnings

  • Uber for tow trucks allows the admin to view the earning details and export the data for offline use.
  • The driver can also analyze the earning details in the app on daily, weekly, and monthly intervals
  • If your business has any partners, then partners apps can also look over the earnings in different intervals

Define Zones

  • Admin can define different zones using the dedicated dashboard to disable service booking for specific areas
  • They can also determine different prices and base fare for different zones and categorize them accordingly
  • Admin can also set a service radius till which they provide tow truck booking services for users

Cloud Support

  • Our Uber for roadside assistance app is cross-platform compatible for better user experience
  • It allows the data storage and transfer across all modules and universal devices smoothly
  • Hence, it helps a user view, and they can access their account and place requests from any device with cloud support

White-Label Solution

  • We offer an utterly white-label tow trucks app solution for your business to change it according to your needs
  • You can edit the app theme, design, color, name, and logo- that can help you create your app
  • The system admin can choose to enable or disable certain features as per their business size and needs

Booking Tracking

  • Admin can track the bookings of each user and view the real-time status updates
  • As the provider keeps updating the service status, the user also receives notifications on their device
  • Until the service gets completed, the admin can track the entire journey of drivers and the service status.

Comprehensive Aspects Heightening Your Business

Our Uber Like App For Tow Trucking Service Contains Aspects that Can Help You Go Global and Serve Hassle-free

Seamless Installation

We extend three months of free support after product purchase to help you out with initial installation and solve queries

Version Control

Control the tow trucks app versions and set force updates to ensure the apps run only on devices with verified OS updates


Change the solution language as per user preference to achieve popularity internationally and expand reach


Estimated arrival time notifies users in advance of the driver’s arrival to ensure a hassle-free experience gets crafted

Commence In The Market With The Seamless Solution - Uber For Tow Trucks App

Promise better results with Our Uber for tow trucks app and earn business reputation and profits

User App

Choose Location On Map

Users can mark their current location on the integrated map to add their current location or can simply type it

View Vehicle Details

After placing a request, the user can view complete vehicle details, including the number plate, charges, and provider contact

Tariff Estimation

Based on the base fare set by the admin, the estimated tariff for ordered tow truck services gets calculated and shown

Pay By Card/Wallet

Customers can choose to pay using the credit/debit/custom card or use the integrated wallet facility to pay for the final amount.

Admin Dashboard

View Bookings

Admin can view every booking detail, including the assistance and issues requested by users, charges, tax, payment method, and live-track the requests.

Approve Truck Service Providers

View and choose to approve any truck service providers by verifying their documents to allow access and receive requests from users

Promo Code Settings

Admin can create promo codes with expiry dates, recurring, redeem conditions, and other details for customers to offer them discounts and perks.

Zone-based Fixed Pricing

Set fixed prices for specific zones and allow fare calculation according to estimated fare irrespective of distance or time

Dispatcher Console

Book for Users

Dispatchers can request a tow truck service from providers using the panel for registered/unregistered users

Follow Providers

Dispatchers can track the service providers in real-time on the map while they are on trip and view the service status on the dedicated console.

Save Bank Information

Save the bank account information to pay and receive payments quickly and securely using the panel

Booking Details

Dispatchers can view all booking details of all requests- canceled, completed, received, disapproved, or ongoing processes.

Service Provider App

Approve/Disapprove Requests

The tow truck service provider can approve/disapprove the received towing requests from the app

Route Optimization

Service providers can view optimized routes to the customer’s pickup location to reach quickly and deliver efficient services.

View Service History

Drivers can analyze their rides with statuses like accepted, rejected, or canceled service requested lists, separately including all essential details.

Add Payment Information

Add bank details and account information that can help a provider receive the payment directly in the bank account

Driver Panel

Pay With E-Wallet

For transactions within the platform, drivers must add bank details that can also link to the wallet integrated into the platform.

Password Update

Drivers can update the password anytime they want from the profile details adding old and new passwords for security purposes.

Profile Details

Drivers can make changes to their profile details like name, email, password, contact details, profile photo, etc., whenever required.

Trip History

All the rides performed by drivers within the platform are saved and listed as a history that can be referred to anytime.

User Panel

Favorite Driver

Customers can mark their favorite drivers using the panel and choose them for their preferences when they have to book a ride.

Emergency Contacts

Customers can add multiple contacts for emergencies to reach those with the SOS panic button at times when it is required.

Tip To Drivers

Customers can send tip drivers for the ride while paying for the ride, depending on the choice and experience of the drivers.

Select Preference

Users can select specific preferences for the ride, like child, pet, and luggage, while booking the ride gets respective services.

Customer App

Booking a tow truck is possible from the app with a few taps and least important information

Driver App

Drivers can reach their stuck customers on the roadside with help from the app

Know Which Are The Newest Features Available In Our Eber’s App

The apps in our Eber platform we are offering is specifically designed to meet your business needs.

Customer App

Booking a tow truck is possible from the app with a few taps and least important information

Driver App

Drivers can reach their stuck customers on the roadside with help from the app

Active Panels That You Could Refer For Your Tow Truck Business

Admin Panel

Admins can track the customers and drivers from the panel to ensure efficient processes

View Web Flow

Dispatcher Panel

Govern the tow truck dispatching tasks from the panel and also can dispatch it if required

View Web Flow

User Panel

Register the truck for towing from a panel seamlessly with most minor steps

View Web Flow

Driver Panel

Truck drivers can reach out to the stuck vehicles using the given panels seamlessly

View Web Flow

Other Upscaling Opportunity We Offer To Businesses

Consider our other app offerings built to empower businesses with the latest tech implementations ready to launch in the respective industry.

Increase Profits With Uber For Tow Trucks Serving Globally

Explore the best opportunity of starting your road assistance business with an Uber for tow trucks to offer your services across broad audiences and increase your business reputation.

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The cost of developing an Uber like tow truck app including all the modules with required latest features could range from $6k to $16k and beyond.

We customize the platform to meet all your business requirements and cope up with the market trends. Further, in the future also it could be updated to stay in a fierce market.

You can earn a commission on charging customers for providing towing services. Admin can reserve a percent from that.

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