What is Taxi Dispatch Software? How Does it Make Your Fleet Business Unconquerable?

The global taxi market is growing with massive numbers due to changing consumer preferences towards public transportation. Taxi businesses are evolving to new methods eliminating conventional methods for rides booking making it automated and quicker.

Taxi dispatch software is the best solution for the fleet dispatching business bracing convenient business operations with the help of various modules. Customers can conveniently book a cab from the dedicated app or panel. Business tasks are also handled with mobile devices anytime required.

We provide an app script that helps you grow your fleet business operations with comprehensive solutions and allows riders elite options to use. Software for taxi dispatch is a mobility solution that is also customizable to meet all business requirements.

Eccentricities Of Our Best Taxi Dispatch System

Dedicated Dispatcher Support

  • The best taxi dispatch system includes support for assigning and dividing the work among dispatchers with a dedicated panel
  • It helps them place a ride request on behalf of users who can not adjust to the latest technology use
  • Dispatcher panel helps manage the ride requests efficiently and allows more ride request placing

Preference Settings

  • Riders can set their ride preferences in advance for the drivers to instruct them of their necessities
  • It helps helm a better ride experience when the passenger receives the ride experience and the vehicle as specified
  • Preference settings include options like child, pet, or choose a car for specially abled riders

Notify Users

  • The admin can choose to set push notifications to alert users about any offers or discounts
  • They can elect to notify users with a push notification by scheduling a fixed time, and the information gets sent automatically
  • Admin can edit and set the right content for push notifications use the admin panel to promote the app use

Multiple Payment Modes

  • Admin can introduce as many payment modes as they want to using the admin panel and configure each
  • With the support for online payment as well as offline payment (cash), the taxi dispatch software ensures users can choose anyone
  • The online payment facility promotes cashless payment and helps pay for the ride without experiencing any hassle

Real-time Driver Tracking

  • The taxi dispatch system enables the rider to track their ride updates in real-time using their dedicated solution
  • They can view the driver status in real-time and on the map to monitor their ride until they reach the destination
  • Also, the admin and dispatchers can track the rides throughout the time to ensure no issue arises during the trip

Central Control & Monitoring

  • The admin dashboard ensures the entire cab dispatch software operations get managed and monitored from a single panel
  • It helps the admin keep an eye on every service and activity of users to keep the business growth in check
  • Also, the admin has the right to track every ride using the panel to monitor and improve the ride experience with time

Custom Card Payment

  • This taxi dispatch software includes support for adding up the custom scratch cards that helps a user pay for the rides
  • These cards get registered with the system, and the user can maintain the balance to pay for trips
  • You can set these custom cards to provide more comfortable payment facilities that ensure the best support gets extended for users

Multi-Country Support

  • Include the multi-country support allowing the business expansion across borders with a complete monitoring facility
  • Admin can keep an eye on the updates of each ride request to ensure consistent and seamless ride experience gets provided
  • It becomes easier to control and manage operations across countries with multiple languages and currency support

Discrete Use of Our Enterprise Taxi Dispatch Solution

Online Taxi Dispatch System

  • Allow the online taxi dispatch system to manage operations and introduce reliability with efficient ride-booking offerings
  • It insists on managing the entire fleet remotely with cloud technology to ensure practical results
  • It ultimately empowers you to generate the best experience and earn more profits with increased monitoring and control

Cloud-Based Taxi Dispatch Software

  • The cloud-based taxi dispatch ensures to deliver the best support with complete fleet management support
  • It provides you with the ability to allocate drivers within a single tap and enables excellent management
  • The continuous driver tracking allows the admin to monitor every activity performed in the system and allows exponential business growth

Valuable Offerings of Taxi Dispatch App Encouraging Business Expansion

Start serving customers with an efficient cloud based taxi dispatch app system managing everything centrally

  • Customization Support

    The business can choose to customize the entire app and panel theme, including brand name and logo

  • Global Audience Pitch

    The taxi dispatch app solutions built for Android and iOS devices and the universal web consoles ensure maximized reach

  • Language Selection

    Admin can choose to change the language of the taxi dispatch software solution and select the user preferred language to work and use

  • Dynamic Currency Change

    The solution integrates dynamic fare calculation as per the latest currency rate to provide efficient fare collection services

Control Your Fleet with Features that Are Proven Best in the Industry

Ensure to serve every stakeholder with dedicated support and the latest tech inventions

User App

Add the pickup and destination location by typing addresses or by pinning them on the map

Driver App

Drivers can submit their essential documents that help in their verification process, and they can start serving

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard includes the installation settings, which only admin can edit and change if they need it

Dispatcher Console

Dispatchers have first to register themselves using a valid email ID or to use their social media accounts

Partner Console

Partners can view the stored data and export it to Excel sheets using the partner console

User Panel

Users can view their stored password after passing through the verification process and change it from the panel

Driver Panel

Drivers can view the vehicle details and keep them updated using the dedicated panel support

Hotel Console

Registered hotel admins can log in using their registered social media account in the hotel console.

Corporate Console

Corporate admin can add as many corporate users as they want by sending a request to registered users

Manage Your Fleets Online with Enterprise Taxi Dispatch Software Providing Technical Leverage

Ensure efficient fleet management and assignment for enhanced ride-hailing experience delivery with our enterprise taxi dispatch software. Benefit from the cloud support and expert technical assistance by your side to expand over boundaries and serve effortlessly

Solutions That Define Our Taxi Dispatch Platform

Live and interactive dashboard to oversee daily rides, monitor driver’s activity with powerful analytics

Bring Automation and Scale Your Business With Our Cloud Based Taxi Dispatch Solutions

Search, schedule, and book rides in just a few clicks with fare estimation and arrival ETA

Clients Loving Our Services and App Solutions Globally

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Customizable is the Taxi Solution?

Our online taxi platform is 100% customizable; you can modify it as per your business standards.

2. Is This Beneficial For Small Transport Companies?

Yes, our taxi dispatch solution is suitable for all sizes of transport companies. All you need to discuss your requirements with us, we will give you a turnkey solution.

3. Do you have any ready-made Solution for My Taxi Business?

Yes, we offer ready-made solutions, built with a modern technology stack that consists of a Passenger App, Driver app, Admin Panel to control and monitor operations.

4. Can I See the Demo of any Taxi Dispatch Developed by You?

Yes, you can see the live demo link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WaMNYTG6MY

5. Can a Rider Track his/her Routes in an Ongoing Trip?

Yes, a rider can track routes using the GPS feature in the app solution.

6. What Makes Elluminati the Perfect Choice for my Taxi App Project?

Elluminati Inc helps startups and enterprises to upscale their business as we have a track record of vast experience in providing on-demand solutions to thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.