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Technology has concealed every part of our life, and it showed its trapping in the field of travel management too. Car rental vendors in the recent times. Have demonstrated the eminence, it far from what, we can have thought up. It’s all due to the technological improvement that the car rental vendors are capable of arranging a continuous and coordinated service to its customer/client. Car rental system is to be considered for build stalk in the world of travel management. Our Responsive On-demand Car rental software with Android and iOS native apps is expressly made for travel management companies. Destination management companies travel aggregate, B2B and B2C Transport agencies and tours provider to provision customers worldwide.

We offer Car Rental Software which is a straightforward and inventive online web and mobile application software for car rental business holders to manage the vendor, driver, vehicle, dispatch, billing, reservation in one place and create it everyday decisions anytime anywhere with completely. The smarter, accessible, speedy way of done reservation, dispatch, billing to company and vendors. All circumstance are just clicked away.

Why your rental reservation business need car rental software?

Computer Graph whether you have 1 location or a thousand, car rental reservation software and fleet management system are essential to running your business. Many Companies present these to car rental industry -but how are they different and how can they support your growth?

Elluminati Inc. Work with many various car rental platforms and this post highlights some of the things we have to learn along the way.

Car Rental Software Program

In the early 80’s your technology approach is simple. You have a floppy drive with a car rental software program, installed it in your old school computer device and used it to run your car rental business. Things have changed – now in current time a situation has created to always connected with the customer for the generate the dominate booking channel and live pricing and instant reservation are a must. (it’s either direct or through brokers.)

How can you provider that requirement in minimum time and continue to do so as your business scales? An Elluminati Inc’s  Cloud-based Car rental software are giving you that system leverages the cloud will support your market growth. Cut-Off procedure time and minimize your operating cost. Do you recognize the benefits of cloud computing for your business?

Car rental management is changing

in a marketplace that becomes more rival every year, you need to find new ways to market your products and retain your clients. It’s not sufficient to focus on fleet efficiency, you need to point on build up your customer’s experience at every single stage. how are you different from your competitors? why customer demand you to rent a car – are you competing on price?

Your customers are changing too adept on-demand economy why you not start?

Your customers are progressively using Smartphones, tablets and other smart devices to meet their travel needs – including renting vehicles.

Do you present the ability for your customers to access rental information on the go and view interactive map location? can they book services on demand through their smartphones Think about a digital snag and touchscreen bandstand? – how could they help to marketing your brand and generate leads and revenue?

Old school car rental software may meet your basic car rental management needs – but does it allow you to provide the experience your customers demand?


Easy Administration

Installation of car booking software supports the car rental companies to manage booking and quotes; customer inquiries, etc.


Vehicle fleet along with the administration and the scheduling of Rental are the basic elements for the benefit of any Car rental company. User defined vehicle description, vehicle name, and model form a part of customization achieved for best car rental software. It is probable to track the cost of the car through providing details of schedules and class servicing.


Car Rental Software makes the process of arriving comfortably for the Car rental company by implementing options like the daily report, monthly report, and sales report.

Cost Saving rent a car software

Establishment of Car Booking Software helps in saving cost by tracking the sustenance and protecting time for the staff and the admin.

Car Control and Assurance

A Car Booking Software helps in appending and improving features to the current list, providing better control and stability to the Car Rental Company.

Customer service

Implementation of rental car software becomes the Customer service offered by the Car Rental Company. This is done by diminishing over the bench time, easy online booking of the vehicle, checking the status of the rental car online and interacting with the customer through email or SMS.

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