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If you are thinking of opening a car renting business that can cover a large market and manage your fleet business end-to-end, you need enterprise car rental software to manage your fleet operations easily

What is Car Rental Software? Know Why a Business Could Need the Solution

Businesses are serving user demands by introducing better solutions to suit their requirements. Cloud-based solutions assist a business in offering comfort to the customers, and businesses can operate their operations from a single platform anytime they want.

Car rental software is a feature-rich platform that comprises various articulations for customers, drivers, and owners to automate business errands. The dynamic and unique solution can leverage channels for business opportunities, enabled to handle business at multiple locations.

We develop the modules using the best technology with brilliant support. A car rental management software is the best solution for generating an excellent experience in any dimension of your business.

What Makes Our Car Rental Script Exceptional

Unlimited Vehicle

No limit on the total number of vehicles. You can add unlimited vehicles in your store by adding necessary details such as vehicle name, type, and necessary documents. Moreover, you can also arrange a vehicle category wise to enhance user experience with our car rental script solution

Mark Red Zones

Admin can decide the area of the vicinity for those areas where they don’t want to provide the service and mark it as a red zone on the map. It prevents customers from booking for those areas and enhances user experience

Interactive Map

Users and drivers can track each other’s location throughout the journey within the application. Using the in-built GPS feature, driver can easily reach the customer’s pick-up drop location. The interactive map also helps drivers to choose the best path

Promo Codes & Offers

To attract a number of passengers, business owners can set promo codes and offers for their choice by adding expiry dates. Later, admins do not need to manually remove the codes, it automatically expires

Digital Wallet

Let your customers store their money in their e-wallet and pay ride fees directly. Customers can also recharge their wallets using their debit/credit cards linked to them. This is a convenient option as users don’t need to carry much cash and make smart payments within the app.

Custom Settings

Business owners can modify language settings, currency settings, and other authority related rights using a single click. It does not require sound technical knowledge, all these changes can be updated in a hassle-free manner

Email & SMS

Owners can send Emails and SMS through the web console to stay in touch with customers and dispatchers and update them about any remarkable updates. It could be about anything, including offers, trips, payment confirmations, app updates, etc.

Booking Options

Some users prefer to rent a car instantly whereas some passengers prefer to schedule their ride based on their preferences. So offering multiple options to customers makes you stand out from others

Quirky Features Of Enterprise Car Rental App Solution

Here are some of the powerful features that make our enterprise car rental app solution unique


Onboard other operators and open the doors of earning opportunities.

Dispute Management

Resolve customer disputes and improve customer service

Car Request Module

Customers can send special requests for the car they don’t find in the list

Static Rate

Admin can set the minimum-maximum price rates of rides for customers.

Meet The Premium Parameters Of Our Enterprise Car Rental Management Software

Implementing extensive features in car rental management software helps you to run the business more efficiently. Extraordinary features allows your passengers to rent a car without any glitches

User Application

Chat & Call

Users can chat and call with the driver’s within the application once the booking is confirmed

Rating & Review

Based on the driver’s behavior and quality of the service, customers can rate and provide feedback

Payment Options

Users are offered multiple payout options such as cash, bank, wallet, etc., to make transactions secure and fast

Rental History

The rental history feature lets the customers keep a track record of their previous bookings using the app

Driver App

Alert & Notification

The service providers are notified with necessary alerts whenever they receive new riding requests from users

Riding History

Can view and manage complete riding history including a list of rejected rides in a chronological manner

Manage Documents

From the settings, service providers can easily manage and update the documents required by the admin for verification.

Track Location

It becomes easy for the driver to track the location with the Google Map to know the exact location of the customer

Admin Panel

User management

Manage new and existing customers category wise to know the real picture of your business

Offer Management

Grab the customer’s attention by providing them with attractive offers and schemes

Surge Pricing

Admin can increase the tariffs of the ride for highly demanding places also at particular time duration from the panel.

Manage Rides

Admin can view all the completed and ongoing rides. It increases the effectiveness of car rental management software

Dispatcher Console

Profile Info

By fulfilling the essential details, dispatchers can register themselves and start a rental business

Manage Vehicles

Based on vehicle’s capacity and demand, they can add/remove vehicles anytime

Quick Reply

If the dispatcher gets multiple requests, they can respond to customers without any delay

Live Tracking

Dispatchers can see the list of online and offline drivers and assign the ride accordingly manually.

Partner Console

Add Vehicles

Like Admin, partners have all the access to add and manage fleets as per business requirements

Driver Statement

Partner has access to generate and check driver’s records such as completed rides and their performance

Revenue Report

Fleet partners can generate revenue reports on a daily/monthly, or yearly basis and analyze the earnings accordingly

Set Commission

Partners can individually set the commission percentage and profit-sharing ratio from the partner console

Corporate Console

Create Group

Add the number of employees to whom corporates want to offer the car rental service

Special Request

Corporates can create a special request for their employees with vehicle type and time

Add Employees

Corporate managers can add/remove employees from the group anytime they are not assigning rides anymore.

Riding Statement

They can access employees’ riding statements with dates and time to know the amount they spent

User Panel

Select Ride Now

Customers can choose to ride now option after logging into their account and moving to the booking page.

Destination Later

Customers can also choose to add the destination later; just add the pick-up location and get a price estimation.

Save Multiple Addresses

Customers can add and save two favorite addresses in their profile for a quick selection of it while booking a ride.

Fare Price

A fare price calculates the total price of the ride depending on the distance, base price, and time calculated for the entire ride.

Driver Panel

In-App Chat

Drivers can chat with the customers within the platform for their rides, addresses, or any other related queries.

Auto Offline

When drivers are not active in the platform, it automatically gets idle, and then they will not receive a trip from the customer.

Profile Details

Drivers can make changes to their profile details like name, email, password, contact details, etc., whenever required.

Add Bank Details

Drivers can add more than one bank account details to use for the payment settlements through their wallet.

Look For Feature-Rich Panel That Carry Out Brilliant Opportunities

Admin Panel

Admin gets the variant features to manage the users, analyze history and stats of the business tasks from a panel

Dispatcher Panel

Dispatchers can discharge the vehicles by giving commands from a panel and also study the history records

Partner Panel

Partners can conduct the business with the panel remotely and conduct all business tasks within it

Corporate Panel

With the corporate dashboard, car renting business can be conducted in an efficient manner

User Panel

Users can search for their favorite car from the panel with complete details about it and book a ride.

Driver Panel

Drivers receives the ride requests, which they can accept and get help of map functionality to complete it

Customer App

Customers can rent a car using an app and track the journey throughout the app

Driver App

Drivers can get the car request, analyze history, update documents, and track locations all from a single app

Understand The Workflow Of Apps Provided By Eber

Get all the demo apps to try once and check the features and functions for your users and drivers.

Customer App

Customers can rent a car using an app and track the journey throughout the app

Driver App

Drivers can get the car request, analyze history, update documents, and track locations all from a single app

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Frequently Asked Questions On Car Rental Software

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Car rental software is a complete solution with dedicated modules for customers, drivers, and business owners to perform their respective tasks from the panels and applications. It will automate the business tasks.

The cost of developing the car rental management software is variable. It depends on features, customizing features for business, and technologies preferred by developers. The estimated price could last between $5k to $15k and beyond.

Yes, we integrate unlimited language support in the platform with our packages.

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