Uber For Alcohol Delivery App

uber like alcohol delivery app for multi place wine shop

Make your customer’s occasion more special with Uber for alcohol delivery app helping you to deliver liquor right away at their doorstep

uber like alcohol delivery app for multi place wine shop

What is Uber for Alcohol Delivery? How Does it Ensure Convenience Through the Platform in Your Business?

On demand business is swiftly flourishing in every market. Changing demands of the customers are making every business adopt new methods of business. The alcohol delivery business is looking to meet the rising customers’ demands, allowing them online ordering assistance.

Uber for alcohol delivery is a ready-made platform for the liquor business that allows customers to order and get alcohol deliveries to their desired location. The automated processes make it easier for the business to handle the store’s tasks seamlessly.

We provide you with a custom app script that ensemble your liquor delivery business without any hassle. Alcohol delivery apps like Uber have user-friendly interfaces that impress customers and inspire them to leverage the advantage of online ordering and delivery services.

Admirable Features Of Uber For Booze Delivery App

Auto Offline Option

The service provider can remain idle for a period of time after notifying customers about their status. They can switch between on/off options as per their service availability, they can switch to offline mode if they don’t want to receive service requests from customers

Easy Payment Support

Uber for booze delivery app includes an online payment option helping customers to pay for requested service easily without facing any trouble. They can even save their card details to pay conveniently or can make use of an in-app wallet to pay for the liquor delivery service

Promotion Support

Business admin is allowed to place advertisements on an Uber for liquor app to promote their business expansion. It acts as a bridge between liquor delivery stores and admin and helps them to experience a massive jump in their regular offers and revenue earnning

Verify Service Providers

To ensure a safe and improved delivery service to customers, admin is allowed to set a dedicated verification process. Once service providers submit their documents, the admin can check each of the documents before approving them to accept the service requests

Achieve Raising Success in Competitive Market

  • Seamless Uber Like Alcohol Delivery Experience
  • Effective Monitoring & Management
  • All Time Service Support

Check How Uber For Alcohol Delivery App Functions to Offer Excellent Result

Get a suiting app offering the best support for your customers to order online. Our Uber for alcohol delivery app performs according to the mentioned workflow to assure reliable delivery services

  • Users can register or login using Google or social accounts
  • The user selects the stores from where they wish to receive the delivery of items
  • Select product for the booze items, add or remove through the app directly and get an estimated price for the same
  • Make the order online for the items, and pay using debit card/ credit card, net banking
  • Users can track the delivery of the items, and get the estimated time for the delivery
  • After receiving the item, the user can provide their own review for the service through application for the complete delivery experience

Generate More Profit With Uber Like Alcohol Delivery App

Our Uber for beer delivery solution includes advanced apps and web consoles, providing excellent support for your liquor business

Customer Application

Order List

Customers can view a complete order list with details like accepted, waiting for approval, rejected through Uber for alcohol app

Drink Selection

Customers are allowed to explore categories and subcategories, making it easy to find a drink of their choice from the available list

List Outlets

Customers can access multiple outlets in nearby areas or can go for individual searches using the filter feature of Uber for the booze app

Add Favourite

Customers are allowed to add any of the liquor stores to their favorite list, they can manage their list by adding or removing any stores

Customer Website

Social Signup

Consumers can sign up for the website by using social media accounts like Facebook or can use Google ID for the quick login

Review Stores

Consumers can watch over the reviews given to the stores before making a selection which helps them to choose the best vendor

Schedule Orders

Customers are provided with an option to book for instant orders or can choose to schedule their orders by adding date and time

Order History

Customers can check their order history from the panel with the necessary details like item name, price, payment details, and more

Store Website

Select Tags

Stores can set the tags based on the items they offer, which help customers to easily search for the specific products

Multi Tax Settings

While creating a menu for the store, outlet vendors can set multiple taxes for particular products and services separately

Create Substores

The store owners can create substore profiles that can access only assigned screens from the store website to work on tasks

Chat With Deliveryman

Vendors can easily chat with the delivery personnel from the panel regarding any queries about the order or delivery service

Store App

Manage Services

With this feature, outlet owners are able to add or update details about their offered services and products by defining specific groups for it

Product Availability

Store owners can set their product availability by switching between On/Off options for product display through Uber for alcohol delivery app

Set Radius

Outlet owners can set the radius to offer their services limited to a particular zone line and modify the radius accordingly

Cancellation Charge

Store vendors can set and update the order cancellation charges according to their convenience through app and panel

Admin Dashboard

Manage Vehicles

Admin can define delivery providers’ vehicles and can manage all the delivery service vehicles using the feature-rich admin dashboard

Add Multi Countries

The business administrative can add and manage multi counties and cities with details like codes, currency, time zone, radius, etc., in the platform

Track Transactions

Admin can track the details of each transaction done using the in-app wallet, this detail is also stored safely in a database for further use

Define Service Rate

The business admin can define the delivery rate along with other details like base price, total distance, service tax, minimum fare price, etc

Delivery Provider App

Link Account

The delivery provider can add their bank details to a wine delivery app like Uber to get their earning credited in their bank account

Referral Sharing

Delivery providers are allowed to share their referrals on social accounts to get more delivery requests and earn more


Delivery providers are provided with smooth navigation functionality so they can easily reach out to the liquor shops and customer locations

Live Chat

The delivery provider can leverage the live chat facility of a beer delivery app like Uber to contact service agents and customers

Advance Features of EDelivery

Delivery Provider App

Provide the service on-demand efficiently with the help of the driver app

User App

The app is loaded with all the necessary features to order the meals seamlessly

Store App

Systematic store management could be done with the help of the store app

Understand The Working Of Advanced Apps Of E-Delivery

By checking out the app demos, you can gain an in-depth understanding of the features and functionalities of these advanced apps allocated to different business perspectives.

Delivery Provider App

Provide the service on-demand efficiently with the help of the driver app

User App

The app is loaded with all the necessary features to order the meals seamlessly

Store App

Systematic store management could be done with the help of the store app

Figure Out Overall Workflow Of The Online Delivery Providing Services

User Panel

Allow your customers convenience of ordering drinks through the customer panel

Admin Panel

Cater to all the user’s requirements from a single intuitive dashboard dedicated for the admin

Store Panel

Stores get alternative option to manage the tasks from the panel

Find Out the Perfect Solution For Your Business

Explore the additional products designed by us that can help your business to grow. Our platform comprises all the essential functionalities offering the best user experience.

Build Your Business With Uber For Liquor Delivery App

Talk with our experts to get all your queries solved quickly and develop excellent apps suiting your business needs. Our Uber type liquor delivery app includes all the useful features ensuring to derive more profits.

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Uber for alcohol delivery app is a better solution for liquor stores as it provides faster services to the customers, can manage the business operation through a single platform reducing the manual work and saving the expenses for employees.

Stores can register to the platform with all the necessary details asked in the app or panel. The requisite documents have to be uploaded, verified by the admin, and approved by them so that stores can start the delivery business.

Yes, we provide three months of post-launch tech support. Also, for extended support, we can provide technical support as an add-on service. To know more contact on: [email protected]

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