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Offer a quick fix for your customers’ problems with Uber for mechanics supporting remote on-demand car repair service offerings and streamline your business reach

What is the Uber for Mechanics App? Manage Services Across Countries with On Demand Mechanics App

Mobile applications have become one of the best ways to approach customers nowadays. And it turns out beneficial for the system owner by the increased app use and righteous commissions earned from providers.

Uber for mechanics app is an on-demand car repair service business solution by adding a flair of technical expertise to your qualified efforts. It ensures the customers find help whenever they are in dire need.

Easier request placing, qualified assistance, and efficient monitoring make it one of the best approaches to impress your customers. Also, the registered service providers on-demand car repair service app can benefit from their enhanced reach to customers and the right support for their skills on the platform.

Spectacular Features Of Uber-Like Mechanics Service App

Schedule Repair

  • Customers can choose to schedule their repair time for their vehicles by adding a scheduled request
  • They can add the required service details and choose a time slot and date
  • Admin can limit the scheduling time and set a restriction for scheduling a request before a dedicated time

Assign Manually

  • Our on-demand mechanic’s service app connects mechanics and customers within a single platform.
  • When a customer places the request, a nearby service provider will receive the request, and can accept that at their will.
  • Also, the admin can choose to assign the service provider to users, or users themselves can choose providers for them.

Multiple Payment Gateways

  • Uber for mechanics app comes with Stripe as the default payment gateway
  • If a purchaser wishes to integrate any other local payment gateway, we offer the required technical support for the same
  • And they can choose to add more than one payment gateways for enhanced security concerns

Toggle Availability

  • The service provider dedicated app includes a facility of service availability toggle
  • Mechanics can choose to switch their service availability on/off with the switch
  • The service availability goes offline automatically if a mechanic remains idle for a set time

In-App Messaging

  • In-app chat support gets integrated for customers and mechanics to interact easily
  • Mechanics can ask any queries to customers or support agents to provide services on-time
  • Similarly, customers can use it to inquire about mechanics or service support for any problems

Authority Control

  • Super admin gets all rights to control the multi admin login and management features
  • They can access the system by using the provided login credentials and after login procedure, they can easily manage the assigned tasks
  • The super admin receives complete reports of their activities and can control their access to the system and data

Detailed Invoice

  • After the service completion, the invoice, including complete details of the charges, gets generated
  • Users can view and download the invoice that contains complete cost breakup and applied fees
  • The admin decides the extra fees and base service charges applied for each requested service from the panels

Region Management

  • The intuitive admin panel allows a business to serve and manage multiple regions easily
  • Admin can use the admin panel to draw zones in cities and customize the service availability for each zone
  • They can add various cities or countries to manage mechanics services everywhere within a tap

On-demand Mechanics App Helps Improve The Business Processes Following A Systematic Working

By serving multiple users at once and increasing their convenience, the app scores high on service reliability. On-Demand Mechanics app development allows a traditional business to take its efforts to the on-demand market and expand its reach.

  • Mechanics can book services for their vehicle service from an app with the time details they want it
  • Mechanics or companies providing the service can accept and serve customers using the app and panel, respectively
  • Admin can be in-charge of all the business activities and update or change the process that it wants from the panel

Extend Services With Uber For Car Repair Service App

Match the Upcoming Trends with Uber for Car Repair Service App Delivering Support for Every User Need with Highly Business-centric Features.

User App

Choose Type

Consumers can choose the type of service they require for their vehicles from the mechanic

Request Followup

Get complete updates for the accepted service request and track status in real-time

Notification Alerts

Receive push notification regarding promo codes, schemes, service updates, and more

Referral Code

Users can add a referral code while registering, and also they get one referral code after registering

Admin Dashboard

Payment Support

Introduce as many payment modes as you want to improve the payment support and introduce convenience

Mechanic Verification

Admin can verify mechanic’s profile before they join the system by approving their uploaded identification documents

Weekly Reports

Generate weekly reports of earnings with complete user and mechanic details to analyze the use of app solutions

Change Language

The administrator can change the app and panel language according to user preferences to deliver a better user experience

Mechanic App

Current Tasks

Manage all accepted job requests and view complete details of each from the app

Update Skills

Update the added skill set to receive more relevant job requests from users

Job Alert

Mechanics receive an incoming job alert when a user places a job request

Optimized Routes

Receive optimized routes to reach customers’ locations quickly

Company Panel

Payment Settlement

Companies can adjust the payments of the service providers within the panel by using the wallet amount.

Request’s List

Knowing their availability, the company can get the entire service request lists in the panel, which it assigns the provider manually.

Follow Service Status

The company can track the service status from the panel starting from the service requested till the provider completes the service.

E-Wallet Transactions

The company can learn all wallet history for their employees with all requisite data, including wallet settling activity.

User Website

Quick Login

Customers can log in by using their registered phone and password quickly in just one step on the website

List Of Providers

Users get a list of all the available providers offering desired services and choose one provider accordingly

Get Invoice

When users book a service, an invoice is generated with details like price, tax, discounts, and total charge for the service

Submit Feedback

Customers can rate service providers on a scale of five stars and can share their feedback as per their overall experience

Customer App

Get easy to adopt the home services customers app that provides an enhanced app experience to users

Provider App

Providers can register themselves in the app and enlist their names in online service providers’ list to the customers

Go Through The Demo of App Modules

By checking out the live app demo links, one can gain a better understanding of the app’s workings.

Customer App

Get easy to adopt the home services customers app that provides an enhanced app experience to users

Provider App

Providers can register themselves in the app and enlist their names in online service providers’ list to the customers

Test The Demo Links Of The Panles To Adopt On Online Services

User Panel

Get a home service using the filters that would help to select the best service providers like ratings, costs, details about the providers

Admin Panel

Admin would be able to regulate the features in the customers, companies, and providers app and panels

Company Panel

Learn company’s online service providing tasks on a panel without much hassle

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Hitch Quality Mechanic Assistance With Uber For Mechanics For Enhanced User Experience

Offer the best services on-demand with Uber for mechanics that support your operations across countries. Generate more revenues with extended service support and useful features that let your users request services anytime they want

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Frequently Asked Questions On Uber For Mechanics App

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Yes, you can connect Uber for a mechanics app with your existing business. It is a versatile platform suitable for any of your business dimensions.

You can set your logo, name, theme, and color on the platform to give it a resemblance to your business. We also allow multiple languages, currency conversion, and other supportive features to set the business with convenient services.

We provide the fully developed platform within 5 or 6 working days. It will be extended if you seek customization.

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