Uber For Locksmiths - Gather Locksmiths On a Single Platform

Manage customer requirements and ensure on-time service deliveries with Uber for locksmiths app to support and enhance your on-demand craftsman service providing business

What is Uber for Locksmiths App? How Does the Platform Manage to Serve Conveniently?

Venture in the on-demand service market with a user-appreciated solution creating excellent experiences. Locksmiths find it a convenient way to connect with the customers and provide them services when they want.

Uber for locksmiths is an advanced mechanism that provides a single platform to manage their business activities seamlessly. Integration of features that help the system define its worth for all stakeholders that ensures to look out for every requirement that a purchase process requires.

Elluminati incorporates complete service support for customers and service providers by including dedicated modules encouraging efficient services. The implementation of this Uber like locksmiths app solution is straightforward, with a prebuilt set of apps and web panels for faster deployment and business launch.

Exquisite Feature Offerings Of Our On-Demand Locksmith App

Service Scheduling

Users can choose to schedule their services as per the provider and their availability by entering the time slot

User Management

Manage all stakeholders- admins, users, and locksmiths from the admin panel and edit their access rights

Multi-Country Support

Add multiple countries and manage business across countries centrally using the interactive admin dashboard

Currency Change

Change currency for different countries with calculating the right charges by live currency rates for each country


The theme, colors, brand name, logo, and certain functions get customized to suit your brand building needs

Earning Reports

Weekly earning report generation keeps the admin and service provider updated about the latest profit-earning details

Achieve Raising Steep in Profits with On-demand Uber For Craftsman App

Our Uber for craftsman app includes every required functionality to impress users. It provides complete support to locksmiths to provide reliable and timely services and secure payment options for users. White label craftsman app solution support enables an admin to cater to their business needs with required design changes anytime from the panel

Impress Audiences With Thorough Technical Support

The modules of our craftsmen services app provide support for reliable and loyal customer base building to generate more profits

User App

Save Address

Save your service location address to avoid writing it again when you place a service request multiple times

Cancel Service

Cancel the requested service by adding the cancellation reason within the permissible service cancellation time

Service Bookings

Complete service request details- recent, completed, in-process, and canceled booking data gets stored in the solution

Card Information

Pay conveniently with saved card details to access and complete payment procedures for services efficiently

Admin Dashboard

Scheduled Requests

View the scheduled request details from the admin panel, including the service provider and user information

Add Cities

Add cities to expand the business- fill in all required city details and start managing across cities from the admin panel

Date-Based Filter

Apply filters on the data using the date as the parameter to view the required records in set timespan easily

App Settings

Admin can easily manage app settings like app installation, updates, brand logo, theme, and more from the admin panel

Locksmith App

Update Services

Manage the service skills you have added to your profile to provide better service offerings using the dedicated app

Optimized Routes

Reach the mentioned location in optimal time with the integrated map facility showing optimized routes

Job Alert

Locksmiths receive an incoming job alert when a user places a job request, and they can accept the request accordingly

In-App Wallet

Service providers can use the integrated wallet facility to receive payments and add deposit requests to admin from the app

Company Panel

Service Status

Companies can view the entire status of the services under the process from start to end

Analyze Reports

The entire history of the services is enlisted in the dashboard, which can also be analyzed date wise

Edit Profile

The company can efficiently edit their profile details like email, contact, and password from the panel whenever required

Edit Documents

Admin can also edit the uploaded documents inside the platform when gets expired or asked by the admin

User Website

Social Sign up

Customers can choose to sign up for the panel using social media accounts like Facebook or can utilize their Google ID to log in directly.

Search Providers

Users can search for the providers in the platform with their complete details, including feedback, and request the services accordingly.

Instant/Schedule Bookings

With the help of a book now or schedule option, users can get the service instantly, or they can schedule the service as their future requirements.

Submit Reviews

Customers can rate service providers on a scale of five stars and can submit their feedback regarding their experience with that particular service.

Customer App

Locksmiths are quickly and easily asked for services from consumers through a dedicated app whenever required

Provider App

Locksmiths can register in the app and provide the services as per their availability earning a significant share

Learn More About The App Modules

Check out the live app demos to know how an app works actually.

Customer App

Locksmiths are quickly and easily asked for services from consumers through a dedicated app whenever required

Provider App

Locksmiths can register in the app and provide the services as per their availability earning a significant share

Draw Out The Working Of The Online Modules Provided In The E-Services

Customer Panel

Customers are allowed to get the services booked through the panel with simple process

Admin Panel

Business admin can allow multiple locksmiths to connect with the customers inside the platform

Company Panel

It allows the business to gather the locksmiths on a single platform, whom when assigned tasks can fulfill efficiently

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Achieve Augmenting Business Rise With Uber Like App Locksmiths

Meet customer demands and involve monitoring capacity using Uber Like locksmiths App to derive more profits with ready service support. Reach our experts to learn more about our white label app support

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Uber For Locksmiths

Feel free to contact us if you have further queries regarding our solution stack.

The cost to develop the Uber for a locksmith is around $5k to $10k or more. The estimation could be dependent on the developer who prefers the technologies for developing the app and panels.

An Uber like app for locksmiths is developed with multiple technologies for apps and panels. For apps, Java and Swift are used respectively for Android and iOS. For panel development, the backend is developed with MongoDB, Node.js, and Express.js. The frontend is developed using Angular and HTML.

The platform has many payment methods like cash-on-delivery, e-wallets linked directly to the bank accounts, and debit or credit cards.

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