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On-Demand Mobile Industries are booming like never before. People are getting habituated with such services where they enjoy it at their doorstep. With the rise in on-demand apps, Elluminati Inc. provides a white-label Uber for locksmiths service app with a number of top-notch features and functionalities that help the customers to request for services in an effortless way and the vendors to grow their business online exponentially.

What we offer in Uber for Locksmiths App


We offer Four Different Panels for our Uber for Locksmiths Service App

Customer App

With the customer’s app, they can request for locksmith service nearby, track the service providers, rate and review the service and pay online for the services taken.

Locksmith App

With the locksmith app, the providers can accept or reject the service, manage route optimization, and deliver the service while giving feedback at the end.


With an advanced admin dashboard, admin can manage the services that are needed to the service providers and the customers and solve their queries online.


A complete white label website with the same theme of the business app is built to show the online presence that includes your brand name and your logo.

How Uber For Craftmen Services App Works


We have Crafted a User-Friendly Workflow in our Locksmith Service App Solution

Sign Up and Login

The app can be logged in by customers and locksmiths with the help of their ID or with their social media accounts.

Select Service

Customers can select a service from the list provided along with a short description of needs and send a request to the provider.

Provider Gets the Request

Locksmith gets the request with the information and has the option of either accepting or rejecting it.

Arrive at Customer’s Place

The service provider gets an option of navigation and route optimization for locating the customer’s address easily.

Online Payment

Customers can pay for the services received online via debit/credit card, PayPal or Stripe or can also pay through cash.

Rate and Review

Customers and Locksmith can give feedback for the service and the experience on a scale of one to five.

Core Features


Get Simple and Personalized Locksmith Services with our Locksmith Service App Solution

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Our Uber For Locksmiths Service App


Avail the Locksmith Services at your Doorstep with our Uber for Locksmith Service App

Why Choose Us


Start a Locksmith Service Business Online with our Locksmith Service App Solution

Complete Branding

With the app, we provide complete white labeling which means app and web panel are published with your brand name and your logo.

Edit Profile

Customers can update or change their important profile information like number or address with the help of edit option provided in the app.

Live Tracking of Provider

The provider can be tracked by the customers to know where he has reached and when the provider would arrive at the given location.

Service Cancellation

Customers have the option of canceling the service request after once placed with a valid reason for cancellation.

Booking History

The customers can access to their booking history which includes the name of the provider, date and time of service and the payment details.

Save Card Details

The customers can save their card details in the app for a further payment which is accessible to the authorized person only.



Start your On-Demand Locksmiths Business Online

If you have a Network of Locksmiths and want to start Uber-like Business Online we have an Exact Solution with Complete Personalization and White Labeling.


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