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1mg clone app

Accelerate your conventional healthcare business’s growth at lightning speed with a 1mg clone and allow users to access medical services within their palms

1mg clone app

What is the 1mg Clone? How Does It Help You Quickly Automate Your Healthcare Business?

Modern technology tools leave no stone untouched when it comes to transforming the healthcare business. From ordering medicines to consulting professionals to booking a lab test, the healthcare industry is going through some major changes. Entrepreneurs automate their business using advanced solutions with a view to achieving a strong online presence.

1mg clone app is a fully customizable solution that enables entrepreneurs to digitize their healthcare business in no time. Additionally, modern features, a powerful dashboard, and cutting-edge tech stack enable healthcare professionals to reach their target market efficiently.

Patients these days are looking for instant gratification and app like 1mg provide a seamless experience with responsive panels and apps. The online healthcare market is projected to grow and mobility solutions for your pharmacy business let you stay upfront in the stiff market competition.

Reshape Medicine Delivery Business with Stellar Features

  • Customization
  • Multilingual script
  • Dedicated support

How Does a 1mg Clone App Work?

The medical sector witnessed a major automation since the customer’s preferences have been changing. Using dedicated websites and app solutions, patients now order medicines, consult doctors, and accomplish all their healthcare needs under one roof. An app like 1mg follows a simple workflow and the integration of modern features makes it easy for users to fulfill needs with ease.

  • Using the dedicated app or website, patients can browse the extensive range of pharmacies.
  • Patients also need to enter some personal details such as age, current location, or any other physical details to proceed further.
  • If users want to order medicines, they need to upload prescriptions, order quantities, and checkout.
  • However, users can track all the activities in real-time and make payments.

1mg Clone Script Features And Functionalities

Opt for an 1mg clone script and expand your healthcare business online by serving modern customers’ needs. Check out auxiliary features and functionalities that help you achieve a global benchmark in a short span of time.

User App

Order History

Keep users informed about the past, and present orders accessing this feature. They can also keep a record of each transaction

Multiple Payment Options

Users can make payment swiftly and securely for the rendered services through various options


Notify your users about the medicine order booking confirmation, delivery provider’s location, and much more to deliver a personalized experience


Real-Time Tracking

Patients can track everything in real-time using a smart map embedded within the app. From order confirmation to provider’s location and deals.

User Website

Invoice Generation

Customers can preview the invoice of the order before they confirm the order, and also it will be saved in the app or panel after ordering.

Multiple Payment Methods

Customers get multiple payment methods to choose from, like cards, cash, and e-wallets.

Change Delivery Address

Customers can change the delivery address before ordering by entering the address or selecting it from the map.


Schedule or Instant Orders

Customers can order instant delivery or schedule a preferred time and date to their desired addresses.

Store Panel

Register with Details

Stores can sign up with detailed information asked on the screen, like name, email, country, etc.

Store Time Settings

Stores can update the store’s service time availability of the stores in a week which will be shown to the customers.

Import and Export Data Sheets

Menu, order list, earnings, and all such lists are imported to the sheet or even exported from the sheet for offline use.


Chat with Deliverymen

Store owners can chat with the delivery for any inquiries about the order, delivery service or addresses, etc.

Store App

Manage Medicines Orders

Pharmacies can manage all the orders and deliveries within the store app or panel and also keep an eye on current orders

Real-Time Order Tracking

Allow stores to track delivery provider’s every action in real-time to ensure fast and smooth delivery of medicines

Generate Reports

The store manager can easily generate and go through sales reports periodically to make data-driven decisions


Profile Updation

Enable stores to update their profile by adding items, updating location, etc. To attract more customers

Admin Dashboard

Intuitive Dashboard

Allow admin to monitor and manage the entire medicine delivery operations with a powerful dashboard

Payment & Commission

Enable admin to set commission percentage, delivery charges, surge pricing, etc. with ease


Observe daily orders, customers, pharmacies, canceled orders, and generate reports with powerful analytics


Feedback Management

Oversee reviews and ratings submitted by customers, stores, and delivery providers to improve the overall business standards

Delivery Provider App

Profile Management

Allow delivery providers to manage and update profiles including details such as name, documents, payment info, etc.


Delivery providers can go offline anytime. However, they need to turn on the toggle to get request

View Earnings

Enable providers to check earnings and payment details within the app. They can also view how much they have earned from tip.

Order History

Delivery providers can view and manage their orders and also can view their earnings and delivery details.

Astonishing Features List Of 1mg Clone

Digitizing healthcare business amid this critical time is no more a daunting task as 1mg clone comes with loaded features

Map Facility

Once the order gets placed, customers get to know about delivery provider’s and order’s location in real-time using a map facility

Social Login

Users are allowed to log in using their existing social media accounts such as Facebook and Google

Instant Updates

Users are immediately notified using cloud-based messaging technology about order’s status and driver details

On-time Support

Our team of professionals is always excited to help you and resolve your doubts whenever required

Optimized for Mobiles

The entire solution consists of mobile-friendly apps and panels to carry out transactions

Service Providers

Comes with modern features, allow service providers to manage requests and routes within the solution

User App

Enable users to experience seamless medicine ordering and delivery experience

Store App

Update profile detail, add a menu, manage inventories, and much more without any hassle

Take Care Of All Operations With Power-Packed Apps

Discover the apps included in the platform, allowing you to automate conventional processes easily.

Service Providers

Comes with modern features, allow service providers to manage requests and routes within the solution

User App

Enable users to experience seamless medicine ordering and delivery experience

Store App

Update profile detail, add a menu, manage inventories, and much more without any hassle

Have A Look At Premium Panels Solutions


Allow users to browse, order, and deliver medicines at their doorsteps and provides a smooth ordering experience

View Web Flow


The master that handles all the operations and tries to maintain a balance between customers, stores, and delivery providers

View Web Flow


Using the smart store app manage orders, customers, and check delivery status quickly

View Web Flow

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Increase the Churn Rate of Your Existing Medicine Business with An App Like 1mg

Grab the upper hand in this growing medicine delivery business with a 1mg clone app script that effortlessly connects users with pharmacies and allows them to order medicines online without any hassle

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