Complete List of ESuper User Website Features

Explore user website features of ESuper to allow a seamless experience to order any of the categories of services.

User Website

With extended support, it offers versatility in ordering services

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Quick Sign In with Phone Or Email

Customers can log in with their email or phone number and password quickly in just one step on the app or website.

Sign Up with All Details

Customers can sign up with detailed information asked on the screen, like name, email, country, etc.

Social Sign Up

Customers can sign up to the app or panel using social app accounts like Facebook or even log in directly with their Google ID.

Add Referral Code

Customers can add a referral code while registering, and also they get one referral code after registering on the platform.

Reset Password

Customers could reset passwords if they forgot the old ones with the help of the ID and email address.

Add Location

Customers can either enter the address to get the list of nearby business categories and then order from.

Select Category

Customers can select the type of business which are given on their location and order them online.

Select a Service

After selecting the business types, customers can choose from various categories which they want to order from.

Account Settings

Customers can update their profiles anytime required by changing their name, email address, contact number, address, etc.

Order History

Users can analyze order history with the details like added items, prices, and payment details for completed, accepted, rejected, and canceled orders.

Scan QR Code

Stores can add a table and download its QR, which customers can use to access the menu and order without logging in to the app or panel.

Reserve Table

Restaurants can allow customers to book a table online, reserve tables as per the individuals, and also set reservation and cancellation fees.

Cancel Reserved Table

Customers can cancel the table reservation and have to pay for it as per the charge set by the store.

Language Option

Customers can select the languages provided to them by the admin and use the app without any language barrier.

Wallet History

All the transactions conducted through the wallet paid to the partners are stored and recorded as history.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The platform is integrated with multiple payment gateways like Stripe and, Paystack, PayU from which customers can choose one.

Share Referral Code

After registering, customers get a referral code that they can share with new users and get multiple benefits.

Merchants Status

Customers can look for the delivery store reviews before choosing any of them and analyzing the best one to order from.

Add Favorite Address

Customers can save favorite addresses and can access that list from any device with the same credentials.

Favorite Merchant List

Customers can save their favorite merchants from which they can choose to order directly without searching for them.

Map View

Customers get a map integrated from which they can locate the merchants and track partners; all can be done in real-time.

Choose A Promo Code

Promo codes from the stores and admin will be entered on the checkout screen and redeemed to get exciting benefits.

Choose an Ad

Customers can choose an ad from the admin about the stores, items or categories, etc., which they can choose and get the described ad benefits.

Search Bar

Customers get to the merchants and services through the search bar given on the app and panel.

Search Filters

Customers can use search filters like tag, price, distance, and time for easy browsing of the merchants they are looking for.

Delivery / Services

Features inclined delivery and services category within the platform.

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Choose A Merchant

Customers can choose merchants by analyzing their details like menu, ratings, reviews, offers, directions, time, distance, etc.

Review of Merchants

All the reviews from customers in the past are analyzed by the customers helping them make the defined decision to choose that merchant.

Explore its Menu

Customers can explore the menu of the store that is categorized and has a search bar to find the desired items faster.

Get Directions of Merchants

Customers can track the merchant’s location based on which they can choose to order from minding the distance.

View Weekly Availability of Merchants

Customers can get updates about the merchant’s availability within a week, as updated by the stores.

Map View of Merchants

Customers can view the location of the merchants through the integrated map in real-time to track the distance.

Schedule or Instant Orders

Customers can schedule the order at the desired time or can get an instant delivery or service.

Choose Services/Items to Add to the Cart

After choosing a merchant, customers can choose the items or services as per their requirements, adding them to the cart.

Select Multiple Items/Service

Customers can select multiple items from the same merchant, adding them to the cart.

Modify Items/Services

Customers can modify the items/services based on the modifiers available and provided by the merchants.

Repeat/Customize Item/Services

Customers can add a number of items or customize the same item based on the modifier’s changes.

Modify Order From Cart

In the cart, customers can add a number of items or customize the same item based on the modifier’s changes.

Use Promo Code

Customers can use promo codes from the merchants and the admin while ordering and redeeming benefits and discounts offered to them.

Multi-Payment Methods

Customers get various payment methods like online transfer and credit or debit cards and can also pay by cash for the orders.

Takeaway Services

From the delivery merchants, customers can request a takeaway service and pick when the order is ready.

Special Instructions

While ordering, customers can add a special note to the merchant, which could be about a delivery, partner, services, etc.

Update Address

Customers can change the delivery address before ordering if required by either entering the address or selecting it from the map.

Invoice Generation

Customers can preview the invoice of the order before they confirm it, with the details of service charges, tax, delivery charges, etc.

Track Partner

Customers can track the order status starting from where the order gets accepted by the store until it gets delivered to the required address.

Confirmation Code For Partner

Users could generate a confirmation code for the partners when they complete the order as per specified conditions.

In-App Chat

Customers can use the in-app chat feature where they can chat with merchants, partners, or support teams for a purpose.

Contact Merchant

Customers can contact the merchants for any queries about the order or services with the contact details available of the merchants

Contact Less Delivery

For contactless delivery, customers can choose the box given on the checkout screen and get a safe delivery at the address.

Send Tip to Delivery Partners

Customers can choose to pay a tip to the partners and choosing to pay them via cash or in-app wallet

Multiple Payment Methods

Customers get multiple payment methods to choose from, like cards, cash, and e-wallets.

Add Multiple Cards

Customers can add multiple cards to their accounts, which will be saved to conduct the transaction from the desired ones.

Bring Change

The admin can allow customers, to ask for a change in cash payments to drivers at the time of delivery.

Review and Ratings to Delivery Partner

Users can upload their reviews for the received delivery or services for quality, convenience, and overall behavior.


Customers can use an in-app e-wallet, to which they can link multiple card details and then choose the one to pay for orders through the wallet.

Contact Driver

Customers can contact partners for any inquiries through the in-app chat feature or call masking.

Cancel Order

Customers can cancel their orders for any reason sharing in the app and, if asked, they have to pay an amount depending on the status of the order.


After completion of orders, customers can choose to reorder from the order in the history with the same details.

Courier Delivery Features

Amazing features integrated for courier delivery services

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Add Pick Up Location

Customers can add a pick-up address for the deliveryman to pick up the parcel by selecting the addresses or typing it manually.

Add Destination Address

Customers can add a destination address for the deliveryman to drop the parcel by selecting the addresses or typing it manually.

Add Package Images

Customers can add one or multiple images of the parcel for the reference of the deliveryman or security purposes.

Add Multiple Stops for Delivery

Customers can choose to add multiple stops in the path between pick and destination addresses and will be charged for the waiting time.

View Path for Delivery

The entire path with the stops can be tracked through the map to analyze the best routes for it.

Round Trip

Customers can add the round trip feature where the deliveryman then reaches the pick location after completing the delivery.

Payment Options

Customers can choose from multiple payment methods to pay for the order from cash, cards, wallet, etc.

Bring Change

Admin can allow this feature to the customers, where customers can select this option in cash payments, and drivers bring change while delivering the parcel.

Add Bank Card for Payment

Customers can add one or multiple bank details within the account to link to the wallet for payment settlements.

Wallet Payment

Customers link bank details with the in-app wallet for order payment through that, choosing it for a quick payment process.

Price Details

Customers can preview the invoice of the courier order before they confirm the order, and also it will be saved in the app or panel after ordering.

Select Vehicle

Customers can select the vehicle for the courier delivery depending on the weight and size of the parcel.

Vehicle Details

While choosing the vehicle, customers get all the details about the vehicle, like capacity, price, etc.

Track Delivery Requests

Customers can track the order delivery status through the integrated map with real-time updates.

Review and Rate Driver

Users can upload their reviews and ratings for the received courier delivery services after it is delivered.

Courier Delivery Request Details

Users can analyze courier delivery request history with the details and are readily available to analyze it anytime.

Contact Deliveryman

Customers can call or chat with the deliveryman for any queries about the delivery services.


Taxi booking features within the ESuper platform

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Pick up and Destination Address

Riders have to add pickup and destination addresses manually or by selecting from the map to start booking the ride.

Choose Vehicle

After the section of the path, various ride types will be given from which customers can choose based on price, time, and feature of the vehicle option.

Schedule or Instant Rides

Customers have the option to book a ride to the desired destination at a desired time and date as per convenience or get an instant ride.

Change Contact Details

Customers can make changes to their profile details like name, email, password, contact details, etc.

Payment Modes

Customers get multiple payment modes for their rides, like cash, card payments, or e-wallet, which they can connect to their bank accounts.

Add New Cards

Customers can add more than one bank card within the platform, which they can connect to the wallet as well for wallet payments.

Wallet Payments

For their payments, customers can pay through the wallets integrated with their platform.

Bring Change

The admin can allow this feature to the customers to ask drivers to bring change while delivering the parcel.

Apply Offers

Promo codes from the merchants and admin will be entered in the checkout screen of the app or panel and redeemed to get exciting benefits.

Cancel Ride

At any point after booking the ride, customers can cancel the trip and have to pay the cancellation fees as set by the admin.

Track Ride Map View

Customers can track the order delivery status through the integrated map with real-time updates.

Contact Driver

Customers can call or chat with the drivers for any queries about the trip services.


Features to simplify booking appointments from the platform

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Choose Merchant

Customers can choose the appointment booking merchant as per their preferences from the given list.

Select Service

Customers can select one or multiple services from a merchant and add those to the cart.

Select Appointment Time

Customers can choose the time for booking the appointment from the merchants and will be served accordingly.

Payment Details

After selecting the services, customers can move to the checkout screen, where they get all the details of payments.

Payment Modes

Multiple payment modes are available on the platform, like cash payments, card payments, e-wallets, etc.

Delete Account

Customers can delete their accounts anytime required quickly within their profiles.

Log Out

At required times, customers can log out of the app or website quickly.

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