Complete List of ESuper Admin Panel Features

Admin gets the bird’s view of the business tracking all the activities and users of the platform utilizing the given features.

Admin Panel

Manage the entire business with imperative features

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Intuitive Dashboard

Admin dashboard consists of various business and sales details in the form of charts, numbers, and stats – easy to understand and compare.

All Orders List

It has an extended list of orders with their status and details about the service, partner, locations, and payments. All these types of order requests can be exported to Excel sheets.

Delivery List

A separate list of orders that are grouped in a delivery category is listed together, allowing the admin to analyze.

Table Booking List

A separate list of table booking orders from the customers comes in the order lists section for the admin to access the list anytime.

Service Requests

All the services requested from the customers are listed together, allowing quick analysis for the admin.

Filter List by Delivery Type

Admin gets the list of various filters to search the required orders, customers, merchants, or partners quickly.

Search Bar

Admin can search for particular things within the platform quickly, saving time and effort from the long list of orders or stakeholders.

Details of Orders

Admins get detailed order lists, including the basic details, invoice details, and partner status and information.

Order Status

Based on the status of an order, the admin gets all the updates about it within the panel for each order.

Invoice of All Orders

Invoices of all the orders are generated and recorded with their details about the items, partners, taxes, if applied, etc.

Driver Status

Admin can look out for the partner’s status from the panel and know about their availability to assign new deliveries.

Order Status for Dispatch

Admin can see the order status for all orders to get the updates and manage the tasks if required.

Reassign Orders When Not Required

Admin can dispatch orders to respective partners manually or auto assigning, and also can reassign in the cases when required.

Map View Of Order Status

Admin can check ongoing orders on the map view to track them for information.

Language Option

Admin can set any language of the app and panel for communication. It will allow user-friendly communication between merchants, partners, and customers.

Order History with Complete Details

Admin can analyze order history (if they have one) with the details like added items, prices, and payment details for completed, accepted, rejected, and canceled orders.

Order Reviews

Admins can examine reviews of the customers, merchants, and partners, which can help in analyzing a business for improvements.

Reviews of Each Order

Admin can analyze the ratings and review each order given by the customers.

Delivery Review

Admin gets the reviews given to the delivery services by the customer, which wil be used for analysis.

Merchant Location

Admin gets a separate map view where they can locate the merchants who are active in any area.

Filter Merchant List on Map View

Admin can separate the list of the merchants for the map view in particular areas and with business types.

Partner Location

In the map view, the partner can locate the stores to know about the distance and which are active, using the given filters.

Filter Partner List on Map View

Admin can filter the partner’s list on the map view with different factors like country and particular address.

Partner Tracking

Partners can also be tracked by admin on the map view when they are on their trip, also using the filters to look for particulars.

Business Area

Admin can look out to the active business areas from the map for analysis purposes.

Earning Report from Order

In each order, admins can analyze the earnings of the partners, merchants, and admin with the time on which the order is served.

Earnings Report from Merchant

Admin gets the complete details of the earnings from the merchants, where invoice details and all earning-related details can be analyzed.

Earning Report from Partner

From all the partners, the admin can analyze the earnings with details like wallet deduction, transaction, and partner’s earnings.

Wallet History

Admin can refer to the history of the wallet, which has the transactions done by users and partners by the wallet.

All Transactions

All platform transactions are stored in a separate list with their given type, amount, currency, and many more.

Wallet Requests

Admins can approve wallet requests from partners and merchants by checking all the descriptions about them.

Create Menus for all Merchants

For all the merchants, the admin can create a menu, starting from categories and modifiers up to items and their prices, and manage it all the time.

Add Courier Services

Admin can create various courier service setting types and their subtypes in each for the customers.

Manage Customer

Admins can analyze the customers, block and approve them anytime, verify documents (if any), and analyze reviews given by particular customers to store and deliver.

Manage Merchants

Admin can manage the merchants and their business, verify their documents, permit the business in the platform, and many more things.

Manage Partners

Admins can verify providers’ documents, approve them to use the app, or unapproved to discard and add and edit vehicle details for them.

Add Sub Admin

Admins can add sub-admins and manage them to perform a particular task for their business, allowing them to access features and functions that rely on the task.

Add Admin

Add can also add accounts for new admin so as to manage the business together, giving access to all the activities in the panel.

Activity Logs

The activity log includes activity that happens in the entire solution (customer, merchant, and partners), one that fails or is successful with their type and priority.

Draw Multiple Zones in a City for Business

Draw different business zones inside the city and change the charges and other settings for specific zones or enter a radius to derive different zones.

Set Cancelation Charge

Admins can set the cancellation reasons for the merchants, users, and delivery providers, which they can opt for while canceling an order or delivery service.

Round Trip

Admin can add a round trip option for taxi and courier services in which drivers have to reach back the driver’s place.

Add and Edit Vehicle Details

Admin can add various vehicle categories for the business types, adding their features like weight, size, image, etc.

Distance Calculation Price

Distance calculation methods are about setting the price based on the distance, with fix price.

Base Price Method

In the base price method, the price is set with a base distance, time, and price. Besides, per unit of time and distance, a price is set.

Set Zone to Zone Pricings

Admin can set pricing between various zones drawn in a particular area. This can be done for all the cities.

Admin Services

Business admin can set their own categories of business types and can set their menu, set prices for cities, and have their own partners for that.

Add Items for Admin Service

Admin can add items for their services and offer the same as the merchant services.

Add Categories for Admin Service

Admin can add categories for items all for their services and offer the same as the merchant services.

Add Modifiers for Admin Service

Admin can add modifiers in the items for their services and offer the same as the merchant services.

Set Price for City Service

Admin can set prices for the services it is offering for each city with base price method and distance calculation method.

Set Admin Profit for Admin Service

Admin can set the profit percentage for the admin services they are offering.

Set Cancellation Charge for Admin Service

Admin can set the cancelation charge for the admin services they are offering.

App Settings

Admin can make multiple changes to the app of customers, merchants, and partners for multiple features.

Admin Setting

Admin setting has many features and functionalities to manage the users, partners, and merchants for the applications.

Google Key Settings

Key settings include Google Places API key and Firebase and GCM Key that is editable at any time by the admin.

Notification Settings

Admin has access to notification settings which includes App Push Key Details, App Certificate settings,

Document Settings

Admins can add promo codes for the customers for a time period and promo type, promo for, and various inclined details. They can activate or deactivate the promo desirably.

Language Setting

Admin can set various languages as many as required allowing the users, partners, and merchants to select those for using the app.

Add Promo Code

Admin can create promo offers for customers for a time interval which they can set for the customers and apply conditions for customers.

Set Advertisement

Ads for various merchants are kept in a specific country, for merchants list or delivery list, deciding the time interval to show advertisement.

Referral Settings

Derive referral codes for customers and partners and set discounts for use. Also, the admin can view the referral reports to analyze the use.

Email, SMS, Mass Messages

Admins can create templates for emails, SMS, and mass notification to send to the user at a particular time and activity.

SMS Templates

Admin has many SMS templates which they can use to send emails for any essential purposes.

Send Mass Notifications

Admin can send a mass notification if there are any important purposes, creating a message from the admin panel.

Set Privacy and Terms and Conditions

Admin can set the privacy and terms for drivers and customer applications, maintaining the standard norms.

Set Cancellation Reason

Admins can set the cancellation reasons for the stores, users, and delivery providers, which they can opt for while canceling an order or delivery service.

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