Complete List of ESuper Partner App Features

Partners get an enhanced experience to complete tasks through the app with impressive features.

Partner Application

App to manage the incoming requests and earn profits

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Register with Details

Partners can sign up with detailed information asked on the screen, like name, email, country, etc.

Login with Email or Phone

Partners can log in to the platform directly using the phone and password within a single step.

Social Sign up

Partners can sign up to the app using the social app account or the email address for the signup.

Select Service

Partners can select a service that they want to offer to the customers while registering, and they can also edit it when required from the profile details.

Update Profile

Partners can make changes to their profile details like name, email, password, contact details, etc.

Upload Document

Partners need to register themselves to start receiving delivery requests and submit their required documents for verification to the admin.

Accept/Reject Job

A partner can accept or decline the order requests from the merchants or admin according to their availability.

Analyze Earnings

Partners will get the earnings reports from the services they have performed with complete details.

Amount Withdrawal

Partners can withdraw the amount from their wallet, transfer it to the bank account or do it in cash.

Multiple Bank Accounts

Partners can add more than one bank account details which they can use for the payments settlements through their wallet.

Wallet History

Partners can refer to the history of the wallet, which has the transactions done by the wallet.

Add Vehicle

Partners can add and manage vehicles of their own by adding the documents for the verification of the vehicle from the admin.

Go Offline

Partners can choose to change their service status to offline or online manually, and they go offline automatically if they remain idle for a long time.

Order Details

All the order requests to the partners are saved in the partner app for reference at any time required.

Accept/Reject Orders

According to their availability, a partner can choose to accept or decline the order requests from the merchants or admin.

Set Availability

Partners can set availability for their presence to accept the delivery request on a particular day and time.

Contact Customers

Partners can use the in-app chat feature and or call masking for any queries with the customers.

Add Toll Charge

On the way to the delivery or taxi route, if there is any toll charge, partners can add those manually to the customer’s invoice.

Invoice Details

Partners get the invoice of the order request they got from the stores, which they have to submit at the end.

Track Address Through Map

Partners get the integrated map through which they can track the customer’s location for the best routes.

Quick Log Out

It allows partners to swiftly and easily log out of their accounts with just a tap, enhancing convenience and security.

Dark Mode Theme

The app has a dark mode, an option that the partners can choose as the app’s theme instantly.

Earnings Details – Weekly and Monthly

Partners can view their earning details in a separate sheet to download the records and reports (weekly, monthly, or yearly).

Confirmation Code

Partners get confirmation codes from customers and merchants for confirmation of the progressive services.

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