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Grocery Delivery App Development- A White Label Solution for Business Growth

Grocery delivery app development is a high-performing and robust solution that fulfills the rising needs of modern customers. Get started with a renowned white-label grocery delivery app development that offers support to ensure that customers can order groceries as per their needs easily with the comfort of sitting anywhere.

Grocery delivery app consists of all features that ensure business growth and deliver the finest experience to the customers. Using a private label grocery delivery platform, customers can browse through products with different categories. Grocery delivery app solution is suitable for all grocery businesses to run online. From a single store to supermarkets to small startups, the solution is completely customizable and comes with alluring features.

Even if you will get additional benefits that help you run the grocery delivery business smoothly, such as custom apps with modern features and dedicated support to manage transactions hassle-free.


Why Investing in a Grocery Delivery Business Could be an Ideal Decision in 2021?

Living in the digital world, entrepreneurs have been seeing a spectacular acceleration of modern technology tools. No sector, however, has inspired as much interest lately as the grocery delivery business. Earlier, ordering essentials and groceries online was a trend, but pandemic has made it a “norm” and now billions of dollars have been invested globally serving this particular market.

  • Over 10% of US customers regularly purchase groceries online. (BusinessInsider)
  • And due to the pandemic, in early 2020, 70% of US Shoppers started to order groceries online. (Invesp)
  • A recent study reveals that the number of Gen X shoppers buying groceries online has been soaring by 40% in 2019. (Grocerydive)
  • In 2021, the grocery delivery business is all set to surpass $100 billion. (eMarketer)

Verdict: Whether due to the pandemic or increasing penetration of smartphones and technology in people’s daily lives, usage of online grocery delivery apps keeps increasing in the years to come so investing in white-label grocery delivery app development ensures attractive yield on investment.


Do You Belong from Any of These Grocery Sectors?

Developed with cutting-edge technology solutions, the white-label grocery delivery app comes with modern features that support multiple business models

Grocery Startups

New to grocery delivery business? Get started with an exclusive grocery delivery solution

Grocery Marketplaces

Collaborate with local retail stores and allow customers to order groceries from different stores at their convenience

Single Grocery Store

Running a single grocery store and looking for a digital solution? Here’s an amazing option for your business growth


How to Start Grocery Delivery App Development Process

The online grocery delivery market continues to thrive, which you could have noticed during the last few months. So if you want to create a grocery delivery app, it’s high time to take the necessary steps.

The demand to have grocery and fresh produce delivered is growing since the people are confined inside their homes due to the pandemic. Here the grocery delivery app development solution comes to the rescue and enables retailers to keep their business afloat amid a saturated market.

Commencing online grocery delivery business today has turned into a lucrative market and this has drawn the attention of entrepreneurs to have a grocery delivery platform for their retail business. Here we have broken down several important steps that will help you create a white-label grocery delivery app for your business.

guide how to develop grocery delivery app

Now let’s discuss each step in detail, your on-demand grocery development guide begins here.


Step 1: Conduct Market Research

This is the first step to follow when you are about to start a new business, doing market research is like taking precautions, it will help you get to know

  • Your audience preference
  • Global competitors
  • New opportunities
  • Ways to expand your business
  • To examine issues and solve them
grocery market research for app development

Indeed, the online grocery delivery market is booming, but you need to keep in mind all these factors, it will minimize risks when making key business decisions.


Step 2: Market Leaders in the Grocery Delivery Business

The online grocery ordering market is emerging and there are many players who have made their names in their region. Here we have enlisted the best grocery delivery services that are popular in their respected region.

  • Amazon Fresh
  • Instacart
  • Dumpling
  • Walmart Grocery
  • Fresh Direct
  • Peapod
  • Shipt
grocery delivery app market leader

The list goes on, it is always important to conduct competitor analysis, come up with something new that captures the user’s attention and keep you one step ahead in the competitive curve.


Step 3: Choose Business Model

Every niche brings with it some unique advantages and disadvantages that the business owner has to keep in mind in order to deliver an amazing customer experience. In the online grocery delivery business, delivery and logistics play an important role.

User Value Proposition
  • Can place an order online from different stores
  • Users can also schedule their orders by entering valid date and time
  • Secure multiple payment options make entire transitions swift
  • Users can also reorder previous groceries with ease
grocery delivery app business model

Store Value Proposition
  • Stores can list themselves on grocery platforms and increase order volume
  • Stores that lack delivery providers and fleets
  • Get an online platform to serve their customers
Delivery Providers Value Proposition
  • Delivery providers get new order notifications in their dedicated app solution
  • Earn decent income by working part-time
  • They can even receive a tip from happy customers


Step 4: Do Competitor Study

competitor analysis of grocery app development

As mentioned earlier, there are already popular grocery delivery players that exist in the market, evaluate each of them and think about how you can differentiate yourself and deliver a personalized experience to customers. The competitive analysis comes with the following benefits

  • Clearly amplify your differentiators
  • Shows you where opportunities lie
  • Strengthen your market effort

Brands these days are also leveraging emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and much more to deliver a top-notch customer experience.


Step 5: Identify Critical App Features

grocery app features

Every grocery delivery platform has basic features for all components such as for customers, stores, admin, and delivery providers. For a top-notch user experience, you need to integrate modern features such as

  • Social login
  • Quick search
  • Rating and feedback
  • Secure and swift payment options

Integrating the above features ensures a smooth ordering experience for your customers. Now you must be aware of business models, types, and features, now let’s understand grocery app development from a technical point of view.


Types Of Grocery Delivery Apps

If you have decided to build a grocery delivery app, you must be aware of how many grocery delivery business models right now rule the market. Let’s have a look at major types,

Inventory Model

In this model, business owners store the items, receive orders from end-users, mean customers, and deliver the same through their in-house delivery partners. Most of the single product store owners follow this business model.

Multi-vendor Marketplace Model

In this business model, the owner does not have to maintain stocks. It connects customers with retail grocery store owners. Customers place an order through a website or app and the owner transfers the order to the particular store. Amazon Fresh follows this business model.

Store-pick Up Model

Customers can order the grocery through the website or app and collect the order from the store at their convenience.

Now you must be aware of types of grocery delivery solutions, choose the best that suits your business standards and requirements.


How Our White Label Grocery Delivery Platform Works?

By putting all the required features together, an excellent white-label grocery delivery app ensures the best experience is offered to customers. It enables you to expand your business reach, ensuring outstanding customer outreach. It makes it easier for grocery stores to cover more market share and promote their products by managing them accurately through the platform. It follows a simple process helping you to enhance your business profits:

  • Customers can check categories and subcategories to make a purchase of groceries they need
  • Stores get the order details of the selected items and prepare the parcel
  • Stores send a delivery request to delivery providers, a particular provider accepts the delivery from the app
  • Providers follow the details to deliver the order to customers’ destinations


What We Offer in Grocery App Development Solution

Our grocery delivery app developer makes sure to provide excellent grocery delivery app development to help you address all the requirements of your customers by providing them with the best service

Customer App

Set-up pickup and destination location for your ordered product through the map to get the order delivered right at your doorstep

Provider App

Delivery service providers can upload all the essential documents through the app for verification

Store App/Panel

Store owners can update and manage all the details of their service and product effectively

Admin Panel

Add multiple countries with other details like currency, country code, etc to sign in their business

User Panel

Users can create their own profile and can add all the essential details like name, images, address, and much more


Team Structure For Develop Grocery Delivery App

In order to develop a robust grocery delivery app, you should have a well-versed team of developers and designers who can comprehend your requirements and put in efforts to build your grocery delivery app in a unique way. Here we have enlisted a list of people your team should have:

  • Project manager
  • Android app developer
  • iOS app developer
  • Back end app developer
  • UI/UX designers
  • Tester


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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Grocery Delivery App Platform?

Building a customized grocery delivery solution requires lots of things. From research to planning to budget and much more. First of all, you must be aware of the “must-have” features in your grocery delivery app, then you can brainstorm how much time and finance you need to have all the above features.

Developing a grocery delivery app requires actually three different apps, one for customers, one for delivery providers, and one for the store. The technology partner you choose will give you an estimation including all these apps and panels for the following services:

  • App designing
  • iOS and Android native app
  • Backend development
  • Web development
  • Testing
  • And quality assurance

And for this, you also need the above-mentioned resources such as a team of skilled developers, designers, and testers. Along with features and functionality, the overall app development cost is based on your service provider’s location and hourly rate.

Usually, the company charges a $25 per hour development rate based on PayScale’s latest study. The development cost varies from location to location, if you consider the UK, USA, and Canada, the per hour development rate would be higher as compared to Asian countries.

Moreover, this is only a rough estimate, here we have not included planning and designing, if you want to integrate more advanced features, the development cost would go higher. To know the exact cost, share your idea with us and we will prepare a more detailed quotation as per your business requirement.

However, if you are looking for budget-friendly solutions, you can also opt for white label solutions.


Required Tech Stack For Grocery App Development

While creating an online grocery delivery app, it’s imperative to use modern tech tools to provide a seamless customer experience. Below we have listed essential technologies you should use for online grocery app development.

List of Third-party APIs

  • For the registration process, you should have Auth0 as they provide a secure authorization process with SMS and email.
  • For a safe and secure payment process, you will also need SDKs of PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, etc.
  • To detect live location, you need Google Maps
  • For push notification, you will also require Firebase cloud messaging

Benefits of Choosing White Label Solution For Grocery Business

white label app for grocery delivery business

There are many entrepreneurs who want to automate their business but are hesitant to spend a huge amount on development, for them choosing a white-label grocery app development solution is the best alternative.

Startups and even SMEs opt for the white label grocery app solutions as it is cost-effective and does not require major planning and can be deployed within hours not months. However, this solution comes with endless customization options that enable entrepreneurs to personalize their brands.

Grocery delivery platform helps in every term, from managing online orders to offering convenience to customers to real-time tracking, this solution offers an extensive range of benefits such as:

Enhanced customer loyalty

Customer loyalty plays an important role in business growth, if you allow customers online order placing facility, it is added as an attraction. Once they start using your app, they will become more loyal to your business.

Make sure your solution delivers an impeccable user experience with all the modern features. You should also launch promotional deals that excite customers, it will increase loyalty and keep them hooked with your business.

Makes Order and Inventory Management Easy

The grocery delivery app comes with a powerful admin and store panel that makes order management easy. You can also keep an eye on inventory and access other stock-related data. You can also check past and upcoming orders, based on that you can manage inventory and orders.

Build Brand Loyalty

Provide your customers mobility solutions with exclusive features. Automate your business by investing in your own grocery delivery platform and fulfill the rising needs of customers. It will grow your business and foster brand loyalty.

Get a Competitive Edge

The grocery delivery app keeps you ahead in the competitive race as the solution comes with review and rating options, positive reviews and ratings can give your business a competitive edge and help your business to succeed.


How Does White Label Grocery Apps Make Money

how does white label grocery app make money

There are several ways grocery delivery app solutions make money. Few of them we have enlisted underneath,

Advertisements:Advertising is one of the great ways to make money with grocery delivery apps. The online grocery delivery app can serve ads to retail grocery stores for a certain period of time at an additional charge. App owners display certain stores at the top of the search results and for that, they charge extra money. By doing this, stores can increase visibility while app owners can boost profitability.

Delivery charges: Store owners which lack delivery teams and fleets can partner up with your application and reduce the burden on stores and for that consumers need to pay a certain amount of delivery charges based on distance and order rate. If the customer's location is far, the owner can charge additional delivery fees, this is one of the most popular sources of revenue generation.

Commission:This is the utmost way to earn money from serving customers. The online grocery delivery app makes a bridge between stores and customers. And thus app owners charge a commission on each order that takes place on the platform. Each order placed by a customer is converted into revenue for the business owner.


Things to Keep In Mind Before Choosing Grocery Delivery App Development Company

Choosing the right grocery app development company for your business is not as easy as you think. In order to stand out in the competitive business market, you need to hire an app development company that has an impeccable record in the on-demand app development sector.

Take into account the following important things before choosing any company,

  • Check their portfolio
  • Know the company’s expertise
  • Go through reviews and ratings
  • Check client’s testimonials
  • Discuss development cost
  • Sign NDA
  • Discuss the support and maintenance policy

Above are several points that you need to consider before selecting the grocery app development company.


FAQ For How To Develop Grocery App For Your Business

1. What is a white-label grocery app and why is it best for supermarkets

The white-label grocery app is the readymade solution that you can deploy for your supermarket business, endless customization and branding options allow you to streamline your business operations.

2. How to develop a grocery delivery app for my retail grocery business?

Conduct market research, identify your business needs and get started. If you have no clue about technical aspects, contact the grocery delivery app development company and the developers team will assist you immediately.

3. Can I customize the features included in the grocery app development solution?

Yes, features can be customized as per your business requirements as the white label grocery app platform is completely scalable and designed to meet your business standards.

4. How would I ensure I picked the correct grocery app development company?

There is no one-line formula when it comes to choosing the on-demand app development company, all you need to choose is the best that addresses your issues, supplements your qualities, and has vast experience in this particular field.


Embrace The Finest Grocery App Solution And Go Online

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