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Everything seems to move online these days as most consumers are getting habitual to shop everything online. Starting from food to clothes to groceries, people prefer to purchase everything online. Online food and grocery ordering business has experienced a tremendous rise during the pandemic. And one such platform is Cornershop, hence check everything about Cornershop business and revenue morel, also explore the article to know why Cornershop clone is the best option for your delivery business.

According to the online grocery sales growth report 2020, the online grocery industry experienced high demand during the COVID 19 pandemic. The online service increased by 40% in 2020, the sector experienced a downward graph during the pandemic initially emerged, but later the safety and hygiene made them famous during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Due to COVID 19 pandemic, there is a drastic increase in online grocery shopping fueled amidst the stay-at-home orders. By 2025 the online food and beverage sales are expected to reach around $143 billion. In 2018 alone, the global Online Grocery market size reached about 27.500 Billion USD, and it is forecasted to reach 129.540 Billion USD by 2025; this will grow at the CAGR of 24.8% between the year 2019 and 2025.

The modern generation is the primary driver of the eGrocery sector, but situations like the COVID-19 outbreak have encouraged older generations to adopt an on-demand form of grocery shopping. Online shopping platforms such as Instacart, Shipt, Cornershop, etc. have transformed the grocery industry.

Developing a grocery hyperlocal marketplace platform can give a kick start to your business. Most grocery delivery giants are working on the hyperlocal delivery model, including the Cornershop. The platform creates the local online ecosystem that customers can access to order the needed groceries and other items from nearby stores. The primary area of a hyperlocal grocery store is to render rocket-speed grocery deliveries to the customer.

You can also set up a hyperlocal grocery delivery platform similar to Cornershop. Check our home page to explore how our delivery solution satisfies all your delivery business needs systematically. Explore to know which features and modules are integrated into the tech stack to ensure your business expansion.

Cornershop Clone – Plunge into the Booming Grocery Delivery Business?

Cornershop clone is a fully automatic delivery platform that builds with the latest tech stack and enables grocery retailers to transform their business in no time. From real-time tracking features to multiple payment options to social sharing, an app like Cornershop consists of some streamlined features that help business owners to deliver an amazing experience to their customers.

Know Bit About Cornershop

Recently, the Latin American grocery market is experiencing a huge surge and Cornershop is a fantastic platform that connects you with city shops and helps you get everything delivered right to your place in 60 minutes. Founded in Chile, Mexico, Santiago City in 2015, the company successfully currently operates in more than eight countries across the Americas.

In July 2020, Uber launched a supermarket shopping service by acquiring a majority stake in Cornershop. The ride-hailing giant’s investment provided primary capital that enabled the company to expand its resources to continue building, ensuring to improve the service over the upcoming years.

Cornershop Mexico was not part of the acquisition and continues to operate independently; the company is waiting for the Mexican antitrust authorities (COFECE) approval to expand its delivery business. Besides this, the company is trying to provide people with an easy-to-use, innovative, and on-demand experience. The platform has made it relatively more comfortable for people to shop their to-do lists with simple taps.

Major Expansion Story of Cornershop

How Cornershop Work?

Cornershop provides its users with an easy and quick way to shop groceries on its website and mobile apps. They can download the app from the Android or iOS store to get a to-do list to your doorsteps. Have a look at the buyer journey to have a glance over the online grocery marketplace:

Step 1: Choosing a Grocery Store

Step 2: Loading the Cart

Step 3: Making Payment

Step 4: Getting Order Delivered

The personal shopper is allocated for the order once the payment has been made. The shoppers specially trained to pick the products with delivery within one hour, or any of the individuals can schedule the delivery later. If you plan to set up a platform similar to Cornershop, look at apps’ graphical visual flow to know before coming to any conclusion.

Cornershop Business Model: Dive to Know How it Acquires the Grocery Delivery Market

Cornershop has a fantastic business model that enables users to get their to-list delivered at their place. The primary stakeholders of Cormarketplace are as follows:

  • Grocery Marketplace
  • Buyer
  • Seller/Vendor
  • Shopper

How Does Cornershop Benefit Buyers?

  • Buyers can shop groceries right through their doorsteps.
  • People with a hectic schedule can get their to-do lists easily and speedily.
  • Now buyers don’t have to worry about driving to retail shops as they can get all the items delivered to their place.

How Does Cornershop Benefit Shoppers?

  • The shopper can enhance their business visit easily by registering their business on the platform.
  • Local retailers can enhance their business reach.
  • Enhance customer base

Cornershop Revenue Model: Figure Out How Delivery Giant Raise Money

Drastic growth is experienced in online grocery shopping; it has evolved from traditional shopping methods. According to the report, global eCommerce sales reached around USD 29 trillion in 2017.

Moreover, online shoppers have increased globally; it has reached around 1.34 billion compared to 1.20 billion, measured in 2016. The number is expected to jump higher shortly due to technological advancement. Adaptation of online platforms by retailers is rising; technological development has resulted in market rise; explores grocery delivery statistics right away before setting up your grocery delivery business online.

There are various ways through which helps you to generate money for your grocery delivery business. Hyperlocal grocery business like Cornershop makes it easier for you to effectively satisfy all shoppers’ growing requirements. Check the revenue model which you need to follow to generate money for your delivery business.

Subscription Fees

Subscription fees are considered one of the most essential and primary revenue streams for an online grocery marketplace. You can set monthly or yearly subscription fees from the customer, ensuring to increase your profit margin to a great extent.

Delivery Fees

Just like other grocery delivery platforms, you can charge delivery fees from shoppers for every order. The delivery charges may differ based on subscription plans and the location of customers from the store.

Banner Advertising

You can enable different brands to advertise on your platform and can charge for the same. Brands can pay nominal charges in exchange for advertisement.

Featured Listing

You can even host numerous grocery vendors and products. Sellers who want to differentiate their product can pay to feature their grocery products on the website and app.

How Much It Cost to Launch a Cornershop Clone Script?

You can get started with a Cornershop clone script to boost the grocery delivery business online. The ease of shopping and convenience power the popularity of online grocery platforms. However, many players attempted multiple models of grocery retail in the digital expansion.

But only those who achieved success opt for a lean business model; it mostly relies on a convenient mix of cash-&-carry and warehousing. This business model reduces the startup mainly depending on capital-intensive operations, enabling it to put a thoroughly effective supply chain. If you want to assure successful operation, then you need to have:

  • Online Grocery Website
  • Mobile App for Buyers
  • Mobile App for Shoppers and Delivery Staff

The cost of development differs on various factors; hence it becomes essential for you to make the smart choice to get your Cornershop like a delivery app developed at a pocket-friendly rate. Get in touch to know how much it cost to create a user-friendly and feature-rich app guaranteeing success for your grocery delivery business.

How Does Cornershop Clone App Delineate Your Grocery Delivery Business?

In the present mobility era, it becomes vital for grocery delivery businesses to have a mobile app and website, respectively. It ensures to increase your business reach and makes it easier for your ideal customers to shop from your brand. This is the primary reason you need to invest in grocery delivery app development; it makes your business future-ready by enabling you to address all customers’ needs.

According to an eMarketer, grocery app usage increased by 50% in 2018; the number will grow more in the coming years. It’s found that one in five adults use a grocery app to order groceries at least once a month, while more than 30% of adults will use an app to order groceries till the end of 2022.

Numerous reasons justify why you must invest in an app like Cornershop, check all to make profitable decisions for your business.

  • A digital platform is time-saving
  • Enhance business reach & customer base
  • Order tracking facility to ensure the effective functioning
  • Manage and handle complete business smartly.

Hyperlocal Marketplace Solution: Check Why An Apps Like Cornershop is the Best Choice?

Grocery ordering and delivery is a new eCommerce business to witness growth all over the globe. And if you want to thrive in the market, in that case, you need to incorporate an app like Cornershop as it can convert your buyers into loyal customers, focus on user experience, powerful features, design, etc., to achieve success in no time.

Nielsen report shows that around 26% of digital consumers purchase groceries online; this shows an increase of 15% between 2016 & 2018. The number is growing speedily, contributing to overall fast-moving eCommerce growth.

However, you need to choose an excellent platform to get started. Invest in an e-delivery platform to ensure future proof business launch. The customized solution includes all essential features and modules that systematically manage and handle all your business activities.