Uber For Dog Walking App

Uber For Dog Walking App

Give pet lovers the comfort of booking walks online with Uber for dog walking app offering extended support with real-time tracking for increased revenue generation

Uber For Dog Walking App

What is the Uber For Dog Walking App? Extend Your Services to the Online Platform

The long working days are exhausting for a person, and regularly looking after a pet isn’t included. Enable excellent dog walking and care experiences with an efficient app serving the user’s needs. Let the dog owners relax with the assurance of an excellent dog walker providing software with real-time walk tracking and dog walking forecast features.

Uber for dog walking is an online platform that allows you to cater to every user and pet needs by providing experienced and professional pet walkers to help their furry friends. The web panels and dedicated app solutions ensure every user of the system gets the same experience and service deliveries.

The on-demand dog walker app solution includes support for empowering the monitoring and control requirements with thorough business operations support. Elluminati can get you a perfect solution for your business aspects.

Praiseworthy Aspects Of Our Uber For Dog Walker

Dog Walker Verification

  • The dog walker registration makes it compulsory for the first to upload the required documents
  • The admin runs a background check and approves their papers and then allows access to the system
  • Walkers can secure their documents in the app and send an approval request to admin with complete details

Service Details

  • Walkers can add their skills and manage job profiles from their dedicated app solution
  • They can upscale their skills and experience, along with the uploaded document management
  • It helps them receive more relevant job requests from dog owners and earn more

Walking Status

  • The Uber like dog walker app includes all service status information that the walker can upload
  • They can find their path to the owner’s location using the integrated map facility
  • Also, they keep updating the walk status in real-time that dog owners receive in their app

In-App Chat

  • This on-demand dog walking app allows dog owners and walkers to chat privately
  • Without needing any contact info, walkers and owners can solve their queries by conversing through the app
  • They can also reach support agents for any questions by messaging them

Service Availability

  • Dog owners can only request walking services when a dog walker is online
  • Hence, when an owner places a service request, it reaches all nearby active walkers
  • And if a walker remains idle for a specific time, they stop receiving offers and goes offline automatically

Real-Time Walk Tracking

  • As the dog walker starts the walk, the dog owner can see their path on the map in real-time
  • They can monitor the activities of their dogs and the walker on the provided user app
  • It also helps them assess the expertise of walkers and keep an eye on their dogs remotely

Build Your Own Wag or Rover Like Dog Walking App

  • Offer Expert Assistance
  • Ensure System Integrity
  • Earn Increased Revenues

Offer Reliable Services With Uber For Dog Walking App

Choose Wag clone to offer excellent services. Explore the components of Uber for dog walking app ensuring consistent service support. Get your Rover clone app to work according to user demands and fulfill business goals as well.

User App

Review of Providers

All the past reviews of providers from customers are analyzed by the customers, helping them decide to choose that merchant.

Search Services

Users get the search bar to find appropriate service providers and services to eliminate the time to find them.

Search Sub Services

Customers get the search bar to browse appropriate sub-services to stop the time to discover them.

Select a Price Range

Users can filter the service list with different price ranges and get the most optimized results.

Dog Walker App

Set Time For the Whole Day

Providers can set the timeline for the availability to offer services on a particular day and throughout the week.

Payment Settings

Providers can add bank details to the platform and also link bank accounts to the wallet to send or receive amounts whenever required.

Service History

Providers can analyze order history with details like service details, prices, payment details, etc.

Add Documents

Service providers can add documents that are asked for and are required by the admin for verification.

Admin Dashboard

Limit Max Cash on Hand for Provider

Admin can limit the amount for providers above which they cannot receive the cash from the customers when payment mode is COD.

Add New Services

Admin can add and manage the services provided through the app within the admin panel, including the service description, price, taxes, pricing method, and so on.

Add Sub Services

Each of the services can have some sub-services that the admin can add to its description.

Set Service Charge

Admin can set the charges for each of the services, separating determining the tax if applied any, and also profit value admin.

User Website

Profile Updates

Customers can change their profile details like name, email, password, contact details, location, etc.

Fixed Price and Hourly Price

Customers can filter services into two types, fixed and hourly prices, and choose from the list an appropriate provider.

Update Passwords Anytime

Customers can update their password from the account setting given in user modules for security purposes.

Edit address

Customers can edit the address anytime required while booking a service and get it done on the address.

Company Panel

Service History

Service companies can analyze order history (if they have one) with details like service details, prices, and payment details for completed, accepted, rejected, and canceled orders.

Earning Reports

All the service requests that are served through the panel get recorded, and a separate sheet for the earnings is generated for the service companies.

Manage Documents

Company owners have to upload the necessary documents within the platform and can edit those when required.

Wallet History

The company can refer to the wallet’s history, which has the transaction done through it and linked to the bank account.

Apps Serving Distinct Business Demands

View our other apps built dedicatedly for various business types

Customer App

Dog owners can hire an eligible and trustworthy dog walker by reviewing their each and every profile details

Provider App

Dog walkers can add their required details, including the documents for the verification, and even can update them later

Thrive Into The App Demo Links

Comprehend the working of each app module included in E-Services

Customer App

Dog owners can hire an eligible and trustworthy dog walker by reviewing their each and every profile details

Provider App

Dog walkers can add their required details, including the documents for the verification, and even can update them later

Remark The Working Of The Brilliant Panels Of E-Services

Customer Panel

The panel, which is the same as the app can is compatible with all devices will let you find a dog walker at your convenience

Admin Panel

Admin can work online for their business using the panel with brilliant functioning

Company Panel

It will allow multiple dog walkers to use the platform to give away services and earn beneficial shares

Select A Customizable Uber Like Dog Walking Solution From Us

Create your brand name in the market with a white label dog walking app solution that delivers support for faster app launching in the market. Uber for dog walking enables you to earn user trust and credibility to promote and increase your business reputation

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