Bicycle Sharing System

The demand for public transportation utilities is growing like never before. The entrepreneurs have a good chance to run a personal bicycle sharing system to grab the chances to earn more with this totally new field. An online bicycle sharing solution would be an ideal choice. An eco-friendly and affordable solution will help to attract more users. Easy navigations and route optimization are the experience enhancement elements of this system. The GPS based navigations and route optimization facility keeps updating the location to have the real-time location every time. This easily scalable system can be scaled up with the business expansion.

Significant Features Of Bicycle Sharing Software Solution


The system is totally customizable and you can include the features and functionalities of your choice. It provides a chance to stand out with a unique system.


This system is easily scalable. With each step of business growth, you can scale up the system as per your need and manage everything from a single place.


The system provides reliable payment options to users. The online payment system is more secures and safe with our well-protected payment system.


This system is affordable for the owner and the user. The pricing of this system is pocket-friendly and cost-effective services will make it affordable for the users.

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A Bundle Of Completeness

We offer multiple apps and panels for your business

User App & Panel

Map View

The user can see all the nearby service providers in the map view. The map view is easy to identify and use option for the users instead of checking the distance.


Navigation facility is an inbuilt feature of our bicycle sharing system. The user can find the path to the destination very easily with the help of navigation.

Get Notifications

The notifications keep each user updated with the news, changes happen in the app, any new offer or deal launched or even for the discounts.

Payment Options

Multiple online payment options provide various choices to select the most preferred payment option. They can pay from the cards or e-wallets.

Provider App

Manage Vehicles

The provider can manage the vehicles by adding or removing any vehicle into the app. This amplifies the possibility of business growth in a good manner.

Add Details

The provider can add details of every vehicle type. The model number, model name, vehicle type and other more details can be added by the provider.

Earning Details

The provider can manage the earnings and the earnings in the app. Payment for each ride would be recorded with the total amount of the ride.

Referral Codesharing

The person who is sharing the referral code and the person with whom the referral code has been shared both can enjoy some deals or discounts.

Admin Panel

Promo Code

The promo codes are a good option to promote the business. Admin can share promo codes on multiple platforms and with app users as well.

Manage App Feature

The admin reserves the right to add, edit or remove any feature from the app. New more useful features can be added and old features can be removed.

Multiple Payment Gateway

The admin can add or remove the online payment options. He/she can add any popular payment card or e-wallet to the app or can remove any.

Add Cities

For a prosperous business, this feature is really good. The admin can add new cities to the app and manage all the cities from the admin panel.

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