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Provide instant services with on-demand Uber for home services apps designed to connect your customers with providers.

What is Uber For Home Service App? What You Can Achieve an Advanced Solution

Nowadays, improving the business methods is transforming to an advanced platform. Taking up the on-demand business has significant results that business can indeed be benefited. A business can craft the platform to reflect the exact image, offering convenience to the users and customers providing online services.

Uber for handyman services app is a dedicated platform for the services companies to automate the service providing tasks online. Customers can search for any delivery from their bright screens and get it done in the desired time.

At Elluminati Inc., we aim to provide a customized solution with excellent opportunities for your business and service providers. Providers can accept more requests from the customers using the provider app to fulfill them to provide the utmost satisfaction to customers on their demand.

Unparalleled Features Of Uber For Handyman App

Add Service Category & Subcategory

  • We have integrated category & subcategory features to Uber for handyman app solution
  • It helps you to facilitate users with a list of all services you provide to them.
  • This advanced feature makes it easy for users to search and choose service through the app.

Add Multi Countries & Cities

  • Admin can add multiple countries and cities through an impressive dashboard.
  • It becomes easy for the admin to monitor and control their business efficiently.
  • Admin can decide to add and manage a new city or country to start their service.

Customizable Solutions

  • We provide a completely customizable on-demand home services app solutions to vendors.
  • Vendors can customize the solutions simply on their own in just a few steps to cater to all their needs.
  • They can easily change the app logo, color, etc., to cater to their business obligations within the platform.

Change Currency

  • Admin can change the currency in particular countries where they aim to broaden their business
  • Currency customization features help vendors to provide their customers with great payment experience.
  • This feature acts dynamically, ensuring your business inflation in multi-countries.

GPS Integration

  • We have integrated GPS in our Uber for handyman app solution to ensure exact location for service providers.
  • Providers can direct themselves to Google maps for easy navigation of customer’s location
  • Customers can prospect the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the technician using this feature

Manage Service Pricing

  • Admin can set and manage service pricing through the system.
  • They can switch between fixed or hourly based pricing as per their business requirement.
  • This makes it easier for providers to earn more by providing their service on customers’ demand.

Multi Payment Gateway

  • We have integrated Stripe as a default payment gateway in our Uber for handyman app solution.
  • Vendors can change the payment gateways as per their business requirements requesting us for add-on service of their desired gateways.
  • Businesses can choose to add any local payment gateways to cater to their customer’s demands in the platform as our paid service.

Multi Fare Option

  • Admin can set different service prices for the same service type based on location.
  • Admin can manage multiple fares as per KM or Miles as per their preference.
  • They can also set multi-fares as per the vehicle type to earn more from their ride-hailing business.

How Our Uber for Home Service App Work

Our Uber for home services app follows a result-driven and straightforward process to provide excellent results for your business in less time. It helps you provide convenient service right at customers’ doorsteps by improving your efficiency to monitor and control all the activities from a single place. Learn to know how Uber for home service app work:

  • Customers can use an app or panel for browsing services and registering to any of them whenever they desire
  • Providers and companies providing services can accept the service request and complete the services in the estimated time agreed by the users
  • Admin can oversee all such tasks related to the business from the admin panel and also directs the earnings and payments as per the business notions

Experience What Our Uber For Handyman Service App Can Offers

Have a Quick View at Features and Functionalities We Offer in Our Uber For Handyman Service App.

User App

Provide Feedback

Customers can provide feedback on the services received and give ratings up to 5 stars for the services.

Online Payment

We offer a secure payment funnel by offering Stripe as the default payment gateway to settle up payments within the platform.

Select Services

Customers can select the required service type from the available list and check for other details on services.

Track Provider

Once a provider accepts a request, the customer is notified and can track the service provider in real-time.

Service Provider App

Set Availability

Service providers can manage their service availability, they can mention the date & time on which they are unavailable.

Schedule Service

Service providers can make use of a calendar to schedule the service accepted by them through the app.

Map View

For easier navigation, service providers can make use of map view and know the Estimated Time of Arrival(ETA).

Service Details

Service providers can see the service history with all the essential details, including payment details through the app.

Admin Dashboard

Multi Admins Support

Multi admin can view and manage other admin’s access and can restrict access as per their convenience.

Multi-Language Support

Admin can change completely stack language as per their preference to provide better service.

Accept Providers Request

Admin is allowed to check the list and can accept the requests of unapproved providers.

View User Details

Business administrators can view registered users’ details, including their booking history, payment mode, etc.

User Website

Select Categories

Users can check and select service categories to solve all their daily chores issues from one website.

Cancel Appointment

Users are allowed to cancel any of the appointments after providing a valid reason for cancellation.

Add favorite Address

Users can add an address as their favorite address to make use of it to request service as per their needs.

Track Services

Once a provider accepts a service request, users can track the real-time location of a particular provider.

Company Panel

Track Service Status

The company can track the service status from the panel starting from the service requested till the provider completes the service.

Get Request’s List

The company can get the entire service request lists in the panel, which it assigns the provider manually, knowing their availability.

Payment Settlement

Companies can settle the payments of the providers using the wallet amount. If the payment mode is by cash, the wallet amount will be added, and if it is a card payment, it will be deducted.

Manage Request

Companies can accept service requests and manage the available request by editing specific time and date of services by considering the availability of the providers.

Customer App

Customers can search for any of the services as per their requirement for their home in the intuitive app by following a few steps

Provider App

Service providers can register and verify themselves by uploading required documents and can start accepting service request

Distinctive App Modules of E-Services

Go through the live app demos that proffer smooth functionalities.

Customer App

Customers can search for any of the services as per their requirement for their home in the intuitive app by following a few steps

Provider App

Service providers can register and verify themselves by uploading required documents and can start accepting service request

Get Full Supportive Panels Provided In Eber

Admin Panel

Business admin can perform all the admin tasks from the panel regulating all users apps and panels and make changes as and when required

User Panel

Customers can get the panel that is compatible with all smart screens, so they can access the panel by using the credentials to find and book a service

Company Panel

Companies can create their own employees and start providing the services by assigning the service request to the providers through the panel

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Frequently Asked Question On Uber For Home Services App

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Uber for home services allows a firm to manage its process from online through the online it provides in the platform. Customers can request an add-on service from a dedicated app or panel, which a company can accept and edit if needed. Companies can assign the providers manually. They can also settle the payment of the providers.

The cost of developing an on-demand platform for services business is $5k to $15k. However, it also depends on the customization you would require in the platform.

Yes, you can add the services from the admin panel. Also, you can create the subcategories of the service to clarify the customer’s choice and set prices accordingly.

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