Uber For Carpenter - On-Demand App Solution

white label uber for carpenter service app

Extend your carpenter business support with Uber for carpenter app ensuring to increase business revenues by serving excellent service to end users

white label uber for carpenter service app

What is the Uber for Carpenters App? Serve Customers in New Way with Excellent Solution

Reach more customers and increase your customer base by considering choosing online service reservations for the customers. On-demand services are the best idea nowadays to gain a higher customer base and emphasize your business standards.

Uber for carpenter services app is an excellent tech stack that consists of all essential modules and features that ensure effective business operations supporting your carpenter business dissemination. This advanced solution helps you serve customers with faster and quicker service right away at their doorsteps.

Elluminati’s on-demand carpenter services app helps to make your business levels touch the sky and extend to any location. The apps and panels are customizable, proving to be an apt choice for a business range handling it efficiently within it.

Exquisite Features Of On-Demand Carpenter Services App

Payment Statement

Users can receive payment statements to get to know the complete details about the service request along with payment details. Admin is allowed to check the payment details along with the pending amount and can request users to pay the amount

Remain Idle

Service providers have the authority to decide whether to accept or reject service requests. Even they have the right to switch their availability as per their preference. If they want to remain idle, they can switch to the off option to disable their availability accordingly.

Queue Service

Users can choose to leverage the service instantly or can schedule it by entering the time slot. They can set the date and time on which they want service providers to offer their service, admin can view this request and can manage to allocate service providers accordingly

Stakeholder Management

Feature-rich admin panel helps admin to manage users, sub-admins, and carpenters with the right to decide their rights through the panel. They can change and remove any of the rights of the stakeholders as per their preference

Customization Support

We provide customizable on-demand carpenter app solution to vendors supporting them to make any changes as per their needs. They can change their brand name, logo, theme, color, etc to develop a unique identity in the market

Launch Your Venture in Market with Uber Like Carpenter Services App

  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • Live Tracking Facility
  • Multi-Country & Cities Expansion Support

Start Offering Your Business Service Online with Uber For Carpenter App

Satisfy service demand of your potential customers by considering opt for carpenter app development, providing you with a business and user-centric app to serve customers, keeping them on top priority. Uber for carpenter app includes all the essential features providing you with new opportunities to reach a broader audience base in no time. The app follows a simple flow to ensure customers receive demanded service on time without any hassle

  • Customers can search for nearby service providers through the app and web console
  • Once the customer places the order, the particular service provider will be notified about the incoming job alert with all details
  • The service provider can accept the customer’s request as per their availability
  • Particular service provider reaches customers’ location to offer their service
  • Customers make the payment for the service they leveraged through the preferred mode of payment

Offer Convenient Service To Audience With On-Demand Carpenter Services App

Our on-demand carpenter services app consist of all the essential modules and features providing support for building a loyal customer base and generating more profits by managing everything effortlessly

Customer App

Profile Settings

Customers can add, edit, and update their profile details like the picture, address, etc whenever required through the profile setting option

Filter Support

Customers are allowed to filter data according to price, ratings, and much more as per their convenience with filter options

App Language

Customers have the right to choose a flexible language offended by the business admin to use the app in their preferred language

Notification Support

Customers are notified about the request update through notification option, they can even get the latest updates for discounts and offers

Carpenter App

Recover Password

Carpenters are allowed to reset/recover their password by following a few simple steps using the forgot password option

Schedule Request

Providers can make use of a calendar to schedule job requests to organize and complete it systematically to earn more

Update Document

Service providers can easily update their uploaded documents that verify their identity by adding a new document within the app

Wallet Amount

Providers can view their wallet amount and also their payment status along with details of payment received from other customers

Admin Dashboard

Add Multiple Countries

Panel admin can add and manage multiple countries from a single platform and efficiently run their business in all countries

Earning Details

Admin can check providers earning to know all the details like a number of requests completed, amount earned, etc

Installation Settings

Admin can define install privileges, version updates, and many more settings through the installation settings

Sort Data

Admin is allowed to sort data as per any of the parameters to analyze each business information efficiently

User Website

Service Availability

Users can check the availability of service as well as providers, along with reviews and ratings through the system

Favorite Address

Users are allowed to add their address as a favorite address and can use the specific address as per their requirements

Invoice Generation

Users are facilitated to view all the details related to their booked services like invoice number, promo discounts, payment method, etc

Card Details

Users are allowed to save their card details to use it for paying for the requested service, the authorized person can use these details

Company Panel

Accept/Reject Request

Companies can accept or reject the service request placed by customers by considering the availability of service providers

Generate Invoice

The company owner can generate the invoice of the service, including the service price, tax added, and a total

Filter Payments

Company owners can filter out the payments history based on different modes, like cash, card, or e-wallets in the platform

Set Service Price

Customers can set the prices of the services as per the business norms and also can update them in the future

Customer App

Get an instant response to your service request from the apps fulfilling it in desired time

Provider App

An impressive app dedicated to providers answers all their requirements of getting more requests accurately.

Check Out The App Modules Included In E-Services

Go through the live app demos to learn more about the functionalities integrated into the apps.

Customer App

Get an instant response to your service request from the apps fulfilling it in desired time

Provider App

An impressive app dedicated to providers answers all their requirements of getting more requests accurately.

Acquire Our Relentless Platform For Your Business After Trying Our Demo Products

User Panel

Panel for the customers is the additive facility for the convenience in booking a service

Admin Panel

The entire business is manages from the panel, including user’s apps features

Company Panel

A venture that provides carpenter service can appoint service providers from the panel

Apps Serving Business Driven Results

Fulfill your customers’ demands with an advanced app designed according to your business type

Experience Superior Business Control With Uber For Carpenter App Solution

Elevate your business reach with an Uber for carpenter app, ensuring to meet your customer expectations by delivering excellent support. Opt for white label carpenter app development guaranteeing excellent business support with complete control over each operation

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Frequently Asked Questions On Uber For Carpenter App

Do not hesitate to contact us if you got more queries regarding the Uber for carpenter app.

No, there is no need to have any prior technical knowledge to develop Uber for carpenter apps. We provide you a ready-to-use platform, uploading the apps on the respective application stores and installing the panels on the servers. Also, you can get a complete guide about our products and tech support three months after purchase.

Yes, we can integrate the payment gateways other than those integrated defaults in the panel as an addon service.

Yes, you can allow any number of customers to request the services and complete them at their desired time. It is also possible to add different business locations from the solution and oversee all of its tasks from the app.

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