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The meal delivery business is undergoing rapid change as the demand for digital food is increasing. Newbies are investing in feature-rich Blot Food clone to capture the growing market in America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and many other countries. Due to reduction in delivery fees; customers prefer to order online, and modern app technology are some driving factors for the delivery industry. Numerous delivery platforms ensure to satisfy all the needs of customers efficiently, and one such platform is Bolt Food, check everything about Bolt Food business model, revenue model, and much more. Also, check why it’s beneficial for you to invest in an app similar to Bolt Food.

Statista’s report shows that the revenue in the E-services delivery market in Europe will reach about 9,356.9 million U.S. dollars in 2024. Digital Market Outlook estimates the actual performance and market insights indicators of the most significant areas of the “Digital Economy”, including multiple digital services and goods.

The global on-demand food delivery market is estimated to reach around US$ 164.5 Billion by 2024. It also shows that the restaurant’s digital orders have increased at an annual growth of 23% since 2013. The number is going to triple in volume by the end of 2020. It is forecasted that digital orders through the advanced platform have increased by 60%

A restaurant’s digital platform resulted in 70% in digital orders, while the delivery app market has covered around However, it becomes essential for the delivery business to invest their money in a smart solution similar to Bolt Food guaranteeing to drive more sales and profit for their business.

Bolt Food Clone – How Does This Scalable Solution Uplift Food Delivery Business

An app similar to Bolt Food consists of a plethora of advanced features that allow entrepreneurs to upscale their business from its roots. The platform offers a plan of action to be a part of the growing delivery business in no time and help your traditional business to drive the crowd towards them.

Explore Complete Bolt Food History to Know How it Achieves Success

Bolt Food is a food ordering and delivery platform launched by Estonian ride-hailing company Bolt. The company offers its food delivery service through a feature-rich app known as Bolt Food. Uber’s rival Bolt announced its food delivery launch in Tallinn, Estonia. Later Estonia concluded that it is going to expand its business service to South Africa, Latvia, and Lithuania before launching the same service in more markets in Africa and Europe in 2020.

The entire globe is looking for generous support during the crisis and ordering from a digital platform would prove to be excellent support for the local businesses. Hence, Bolt launched the food delivery platform to help local business and customers. It makes it easier for restaurants to get more sales while allowing customers to get their favorite meal at their doorsteps completely hassle-free.

Beside Bolt, many other food delivery apps are offering the best delivery service in Africa and other parts of the globe. Still, due to low commission and delivery charges, Bolt Food is the best option for food vendors and customers as well.

The company is set on the mission to help local businesses to self-sustain during the Covid-19 pandemic and eliminate the clusters of commission squeezing aggregators. More than 1300 restaurants and stores have partnered with the platform to offer fantastic delivery service to their customers and also to ensure their business survival in today’s touch time.

Bolt provides micro-mobility, vehicle for hire, and food delivery services. Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, Bolt operates in more than 150 cities in 35 countries, including Western Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa. The platform has about 30 million customers globally. In 2019, the company rolled out delivery service, Bolt Food in Tallinn, with plans to expand its food delivery services in Africa and Europe later in the same year.

In January 2020, the EIB signed a EUR 50 million venture facility with Bolt. The financing, supported by the EFSI, boosts Bolt’s product development in those areas where the technology can improve the sustainability, safety, and reliability of its services. The company also provides services like a vehicle for hire, food delivery, and new product development to meet the growing demand efficiently. The primary reason for the funding is to support Bolt’s product research and development where the company can use the technology to improve its business services ultimately.

Bolt Food Business Model: How it Offers Delight Deliveries to Customers of All Ages

The platform follows a matchmaking model to provide value to customers and local vendors. For food lovers, Bolt Food offers a convenient one-stop with deal meal options and local take-out. The platform enables local food vendors to keep their food menu update while providing customers with an easy payment option. Learn to know more about the Bolt food business model right away.

Customer Segments

Two interdependent are involved with the customer segments that are:

Food lovers: Those who love to get their food delivered to their place
Local restaurants: Vendors those who want to expand their business

Key Activities

Bolt Food business model entails handling a robust platform among the two parties that is restaurants and consumers. The platform includes Android and iOS apps along with a website that can be used by food lovers to order their favorite food right away speedily through a few clicks on the solution stack.

Key Partners

Bolt Food ensures to offer fantastic support to local restaurants; it helps them expand their business reach and customer base to a great extent.

Bolt Food Revenue Model: Dive into to Know How Business Giant Makes Money

Bolt Food has a value-driven structure that provides a premium proposition through frequent product enhancements and personal services. Its cost drivers are advertising expenses and fixed costs. Bolt charges around 5 Rs in order to enable outstanding service from local restaurants. It will be a steep cut of 25 to 35% that restaurants have to pay to other aggregators. More than 30% of food stores have shut down due to the crisis, hence to support food vendors, Bolt has launched a food delivery platform.

Most of the local restaurants are stepping to partner with Bolt Food as it has low delivery charges and has a business-friendly approach. It’s a trustworthy business model without any Chinese funding making it a perfect match for the local businesses to register themselves with the platform. If you are aiming to invest in the e-delivery app, then you can follow a fantastic revenue model approach to generate more revenue.

Connection Fees

You can charge one-time connection fees from customers to join the platform; pricing might depend on the different market level of maturity.

Transaction Fees

You can charge revenues generated from commissions that are set for each order which is carried out through the platform.

Advertising Fees

You can charge advertising fees from businesses allowing them to advertise their business on your platform. You can help local vendors to get the spotlight on your platform.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Bolt Food Clone?

New trends demand to expand your business online. Numerous mobile apps designed for a particular business act as an agitator and ensure to engage more customers with the platform. As the food delivery industry has taken an incredible rise, it becomes essential for you to invest in a dedicated solution that guarantees your business success and growth. Moreover, the cost of Bolt Food clone varies depending on various factors as follows:

  • Functionality
  • Smartphone Platforms
  • App Design
  • Using Visual Objects
  • Maintenance Plans

There are many others that affect the development cost to some extent. Get in touch to get your business solution developed at a pocket-friendly price, check how our development team works shoulder to shoulder to provide you with a fantastic solution that addresses all your business requirements efficiently.

Why an App Like Bolt Food is Perfect Solution for Your Business

The dynamic and robust technology of today has it easier for us to get our favorite meal delivered at the doorsteps. Most food delivery businesses are stepping ahead to make an advanced solution or getting partnerships with third-party apps. And if you are looking for the opportunity to boost your business and reach maximum customers in a shorter time then it becomes vital for you to invest in an app like Bolt Food, it will help with:

  • Managing online menu effectively
  • Drive more sales with loyalty programs
  • Address the need of your business branding
  • Helps to keep customers in the loop

Investing in the all-in-one solution will help you to manage and handle all the business operations effectively. But before stepping into the development process, it becomes vital for you to understand how the app works completely. Check the complete graphical flow to get a fair idea about how all in one delivery app works ensuring to offer you full control over each business activity.

Unique Experience Offering with a Bolt Food Clone: How it Ensures Business Expansion?

If you are part of the food delivery industry, then it becomes vital for you to launch a food delivery and ordering app. This decision will help you to boost your business growth. Some of the primary advantages which ensure your business expansion includes:

  • Scalable business model
  • Smooth ordering
  • Better customer service
  • 24*7 support
  • Improve business reach

Developing a similar app like Bolt Food helps you leverage competitive edges that you might haven’t imagined before. A considerable number of food outlets and restaurants are collaborating with one or other on-demand food delivery apps or making their own; hence you should hurry up and make a profitable decision right away.

Bolt Food Has Long Way to Go: Explore How?

Bolt Food has launched its business service in South Africa, Latvia, Europe, and Lithuania. As the food delivery market is getting more challenging due to emerging new players, Bolt Food is continuously trying to improve its business service.

The company is also planning to expand its business in many other countries and cities. You can even break into the delivery market with an app like Bolt Food. It’s worth a decision to invest your money on a feature-rich mobility solution, have a look at the landing page to know everything about the mobility solution we offer.