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Mobile apps have a constant presence in our lives; we have a lot of dependencies on them. Besides, apps have a lot of dependencies on their designs. There are a lot of things that could go wrong and contribute to a lousy design despite an app that has a great motive to serve; an app design must go right. So here comes the picture: Wireframing. Mobile app wireframes are about a plan of what an app will look like and what users will experience using them.

In other words, app design is how people operate your service and products to meet their needs and requirements. The app UX has to be clean and subtle to turn users into loyal customers. And in order to make a good design, wireframing provides a clear base and a skeleton for your app development. In this blog, we will confer what is wireframing and learn how to create mobile app wireframes. We also see some of the remarkable app tools to create wireframing.

What is Mobile App Wireframing?

Mobile app wireframing is the rough sketch of your product app that says how it will look and be used. It is a pre-plan of how the app screens and places and how the elements will function. It describes how your users will use your mobile app, which includes the infographics, images, icons, buttons, redirections, fonts, animations, logo, theme, and a lot of other things included in the app design.

In all, it’s an app model design prepared before the actual design starts. It is a multiple-step process that needs to go step by step, considering all important design aspects of a mobile app, including the UI and UX. It is like creating an app before actually creating the app. Wireframing makes it easier for the designers to format an app design. The long list of tasks is better performed with the graphic design company that has the expertise to execute each of these tasks and gets the best results as they understand each idea and concept.

Next, we will comprehend what to consider while creating mobile app wireframes.

Guide to Create a Mobile App Wireframes

Wireframing is like knowing the recipe before you cook, which makes cooking easier. Under this title, we will discuss the guidelines for creating mobile app wireframes. Here is the most basic process for that.

Target Audience

When you think of an app, the idea or purpose of the app can be a primary or secondary process. Whatever the case, knowing the purpose of app design is imperative. Consequently, wireframing’s first step is to know the purpose of the app.

You are designing an app for an intention, and you should then also know for whom you are making an app. You are solving a problem, providing convenience, entertaining users, or any such purpose; be clear with it and plan to design it that way.

Decide User Flow

Now you know the purpose, you should decide the flow in which you want your users to be served. Decide the frames, elements you want in the app, and different app screens. Decide the sequencing and interfacing you want between screens and between the buttons.

Note the flow of the app. Be aware of the trends, user preferences, conveniences, and analyze your competitors. Also, gather all necessary requirements to create wireframes. You can also decide the flow of the app while creating the wireframes.

Sketch Layout

A middle step between the ideation and wireframing is to sketch a layout of the core design. A layout that would be rough planning of the wireframes. This layout could help the wireframing get a proper plan. You can even take feedback for the layouts before actually designing the wireframes and thus can enhance the quality of the wireframes.

You can also mark the importance of the purposes, screens, and elements in the layout and decide to add or eliminate them accordingly. This will also help the content in the app designs to relate with each other accurately, creating a design in terms of hierarchy.

Build a Wireframe

Then draw out the wireframes for your mobile app. Frame all your mobile app screens with each of their elements, features, designs, and content, and then connect the frames in the sequence you planned. At times placeholder content will be the best for the accurate design, and it also goes well with the trends. There is no disadvantage in them as they are planned well for the purpose.

Always ensure that the design is compatible and familiar with the OS you are designing it for. If you are designing for Android users, you need to keep some designs they always prefer. Adjustments and confusion could be a headache to the app users, and a designer never would want that.

Review, Update and Iterate

Now, as you are ready with the wireframes, test them practically. Check the shifting of screens; details are kept in each frame and an overall flow of the app. Make the necessary changes. If possible, take the help of the experts and users for the design. They will make sure that the design is accurate and relevant.

Tools Used To Create The Mobile App Wireframes

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is an easy-to-use tool to create the wireframes for the mobile app. It has a subtle interface that makes it easy for beginners to create professional app wireframes. The toolkits are for responsive content orientation, steadiness, and simple duplication of the characteristics.


Figma is a cloud-based tool for creating wireframes – for all premium and free users. The features work well to create the wireframes quickly without many complicated features and eliminate the repetitive tasks in the process. Your final designs, artboards, and elements are also stored in the cloud.


InVision is the most basic app to create mobile app wireframes. However, it can create the most interactive design, which is even easy to share in the form of text. Multiple users can design the wireframes simultaneously and store the stages for the later references for themselves and collaborators.

The Wrap-up!

App wireframes are an imperative apparatus for app development. Throughout the blogs, we have learned a lot about app designs. It lets you create the app design with a substantial purpose, and while you create the final app design, you could reference the structure to know the design, sequence, and details.

If you are in need of a designer, contact us, we will offer mobile app wireframe design services to alleviate concerns and create substandard mobile designs.