what is kotlin

Are you even confused about choosing Kotlin over any other language yet? You landed on the right page. This blog explain in depth what is kotlin and why to use it? To explore more and everything about it and which may assist a business to come to a conclusion quicker of switching to the Kotlin platform.

Coding languages are continuously evolving, and one is being substituted by newer ones, offering more features and saving time while writing code. Well, Kotlin was formed for the same reasons, driving the Android development process more adaptable and effortless. It can be composed properly with Java or can also rewrite Java code efficiently. And so, it becomes a question: Java or Kotlin?

Earlier, Java held an assertive role in the tech stack when it arrived at building apps. That was until the d-day. Google, in 2017, proclaimed Kotlin ‘the official Android coding language,’ side by side with Java. It has seen huge acceptance after this announcement. It is adopted by huge well-known businesses like Netflix, Pinterest, Square, etc.

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What is Kotlin?

It is a cross-platform, statistically organized, general-purpose, high-level coding with type interference. It is composed by JetBrains. Kotlin has improved assistance for Android development than Java. It sustains the characteristics like null safety and extensions of Android, which cause the process to build solutions much more effortless.

Getting Started with Kotlin

It can utilize to construct cross-platform solutions setting up the environment for Android and iOS. One can think of Kotlin Multi-platform as a library that you integrate into your normal app logic. In the end, implement one Android app and one iOS app, the UI code for Android with Android Studio, and the iOS code with XCode.

What is Kotlin Used For?

It is a general-purpose coding framework which indicates it could be applied to an assortment of spheres. Usually, it is selected for cross-platform apps, Android, JavaScript, and server-side development.

Cross-platform apps

It was devised in such a way that it could allow innovators to create cross-platform apps. It facilitates coders to devise solutions step-by-step, initiating with a single module or characteristic, testing it, and only then proceeding to other facets. Such a technique results in less code, lesser bugs, and lesser cost to create an app considerably.

Android Applications

With the arrival of Kotlin, the era of assembling Android solutions with Java faced tough competition. The significant edge of Kotlin in Android development is its consistency with JDK 6, which signifies that programmers can create solutions for older devices. It can be utilized along with or instead of Java.

Server-side Development

The framework functions in two paths, Android and server-side developments. Many giant firms are already utilizing the language for the same purpose, like Hexagon, Google, Gradle, etc.

JavaScript Development

Kotlin code can be easily compiled into JavaScript, which will permit exploitation of the code for both client and server web development. Javascript is not an ideal option for creating large apps.

Kotlin and Android Development

It is a typed language that can run on the Java virtual machine. It is an open-source, multipurpose, and sensible language that incorporates both grasping and functional coding characteristics to permit swift compilation.

It has been a solution to Android programmers’ troubles for a while. It decrypts the queries that appear in Java, delivering IT engineers flexibility, security, clarity, and tool support. Some of the key concessions of it are

Coders love neat, concise code. Less code signifies a short time to compose, a shorter span to read, and less exposure to errors.

Kotlin adopts a sensible technique by not possessing attributes such as having its own create system or package manager because open-source tools such as Gradle and Maven already operate this well.

For Android apps, Kotlins makes the cleverer and more adequate choice for solving all the typical defects in Java. Some of the troubles of Java was the null pointer. Coding elements like parameter lists and variable declarations make it a perfect tool for trading with the weaknesses of Java.

Integration with Existing Systems

It enhances the experiences of coders while writing the code because of its flexibility; you can initiate by converting a single file to the Kotlin language and mid-project without having to rewrite the old Java code. One has not to compose the code all over again.

Maintenance and Support

Since Kotlin leverages the engineers to code less so it is also painless to preserve the source code. There is also an upsurge in the community of Kotlin with its massive acceptance and a long list of advantages. The majority of the innovators who utilized Kotlin are satisfied with their experience. And so, in the future, this community is going to broaden.

Source: JetBrains

Advantages of Kotlin

It is predominantly operated in Android development, further which can be explored in various employment cases too. It offers various advantages to businesses and developers.

Less coding

It has successfully managed to lessen the coding to produce the app. Moreover, it also enhanced the readability of the code. Kotlin is all about high comprehensibility, clarity, and the assistance of the app development process authorizing programmers to concentrate more on the intricacy of the assignment.

Adoption is Easier

The developers can easily adopt the language to streamline the solution’s upkeep or relieve the custom development procedure of Android apps. Also, as it is more leisurely to compose code, the resources can hassle-free construct solutions with it.

Kotlin is Compatible with Java

Kotlin engineers get full entrance to Java libraries and frameworks that assist them in preparing code that is succinct and explicit. They get a choice to transfer the app to Kotlin or can also utilize both of them to build apps. Any larger project can be leisurely transformed into Kotlin.

An Extensive Community to Improve

JetBrains is continually upgrading Kotlin, which can readily work on huge assignments. It is also, therefore, adaptable tech for assembling Android apps.

Kotlin Assesses No Runtime Overhead

The definitive library is compact and tight, and it comprises necessary and concentrating extensions to the Java standard library.

Offers More Safety

Proposes more protection for building apps. It authorizes the integration of the semantics of the principals that preclude myriad typical blunders during implementation.

Business Benefits of Kotlin

As we are exploring these Guide, we will also throw light on some of the benefits it offers to businesses. Since it is a fault-proof option over Java, it gives a business a solution that could have a lesser possibility of failure or error. It allows the business to make an app affordable and simpler to maintain.

It can also utilize less code, and it also helps in maintaining the code easily. Business gets to invest leers and get higher returns on Kotlin apps.

Kotlin is a flourishing technology that is gaining wider acceptance than other tech stacks, so that will have wider resourcing and opportunities in the future too.

Examples of Kotlin Applications Of Profound Companies

There are many names that have either transferred to Kotlin or have started their business app development with it. One is Uber. Despite millions of users around the world operating many of them at the same time, there is no downtime. That happened because they switched to Kotlin to manage their internal purposes. There are some more examples:


It embraced Kotlin before even it was declared by Google as its first-class support. It allows its coder’s squad to save time for coding. The application’s user experience, as well as its usability, has been increased significantly.


Netflix earlier used to crash due to the massive amount of users. That also provokes the problem of lagging. After changing to Kotlin, these aren’t the trouble any more to them.


Users of Evernote faced a delayed start time, no data sync, and crashing the app. All these issues are addressed by Evernot switching to the Kotlin platform.


Airbnb, an American company that operates an online marketplace for housing and homestays to rental holidays, also performs with Kotlin for their Android framework (MvRx) for a seamless experience.


There is no hint that Java is going away. Though we also see Kotlin becoming a prevalent alternative among creators and also for businesses. With its coding-friendly characteristics and constant elaboration because of its huge community, It is here to endure and improve its performance even more. This guide is here to mention all the substantial aspects to be preferred over any other option.

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