Foodpanda Clone - Effective Solution For Ordering Business

foodpanda clone script for deliveries food hasslefree

Serve Unlimited Users with White Label Foodpanda Clone to Empower Your Food Deliveries with Reliable Tracking Facilities.

foodpanda clone script for deliveries food hasslefree

What is a Foodpanda Clone? Why is it an Efficient Solution for Food Deliveries?

Foodpanda clone is an excellent food delivery app that lets restaurants fulfill their customers’ demands by serving delicious cuisine at their locations. A proficient delivery solution turns profits and helps in collecting users’ appraisals. With the app solution stack supporting the online ordering, processing, and delivery services, stores prefer and encourage the use of this solution stack. Foodpanda app clone offered by Elluminati includes the following solutions under the single roof

A native customer and delivery provider app solution for Android and iOS devices. An admin console that can be accessed remotely to manage the business operations well. Also, the registered restaurants and stores get a dedicated app and panel that let’s manage business operations well.

Novel Features Of Our Foodpanda Clone Script To Streamline Delivery Business

Made Deliveries Contactless

  • The Foodpanda clone script favors contactless deliveries as it empowers online ordering and deliveries.
  • With support for enhanced deliveries, businesses can promote their operations by introducing comfort and convenience for users.
  • With real-time tracking and delivery status updates, it generates trust in their efforts.

Order Pickup Confirmation

  • When a customer places an order, the food store receives an incoming order notification and starts preparation.
  • And when the delivery provider reaches the store to pick up the order, the users receive a pickup notification.
  • It helps provide real-time delivery status to users and ensures transparency in the delivery service.

Stores Can Customize Orders

  • The solution stack includes a dedicated store app and panel that makes it easier for them to serve customers.
  • By using the panel, stores can customize the customer’s orders. They can later send it for confirmation and deliver the order as per changes done.
  • From ingredients to toppings to item quantity, order customization allows stores to deliver a personalized customer experience.

Sort Products Into Subcategories

  • The store’s supportive app and panel allow for managing their products in different categories.
  • It helps users search through their stores efficiently. However, if a store wishes, they change it further and distribute the products even in subcategories.
  • Organizing products in subcategories ensures a fast browsing experience for customers.

Change Solution Language

  • This feature is for admins to control. The users can choose to change the language of their entire module.
  • It helps interact with all users in the common language that they want to use.
  • Multiple language features make the business expansion faster and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Stores Manage Deliveries

  • The store panel and application support include many features and functions, including manual delivery addition.
  • Using this feature, stores can manage the deliveries manually by assigning a delivery man by themselves.
  • In case the driver cancels the delivery services, it could also be reassigned by the store owners to another delivery partner.

Empower Delivery Business and Offer Various Services to Customers Using Foodpanda Like App

  • Online delivery and takeout
  • Digital menu
  • Restaurant details
  • Restaurant’s operation timings
  • Referral benefits

How White Label FoodPanda Clone App Works?

The workflow indulges all the sections provided in the white label Foodpanda clone app to produce excellent results. When a customer first downloads the app or uses the user website to place the order, they must have an active internet connection and a registered account. Stores who want to get the chance of selling their items on the app need to register with the admin first. The list of registered stores is shown in the app when users are finding their meals. Using sort, filter, and search options, they can find their delicious cuisine. After which the workflow follows the below-mentioned process:

  • Customers place the order and pay the total amount by choosing either of the payment options.
  • The store receives it from the customer and starts preparation. And they place the delivery request.
  • The delivery provider who accepts the request gets the order details and pickup location update to pick up the order
  • And finally, deliver it to a customer’s specific location on time

Switch Your Food Delivery Business Online With Foodpanda Clone To Encourage Extended Reach

By making it easier to serve unlimited customers across borders seamlessly, our Foodpanda clone guarantees extended business reach and support to deliver everything that your business ever needs irrespective of your business size.

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Robust Features To Make Your Foodpanda Clone Stand Out

Capitalize with Foodpanda clone on the growing online food delivery market with amazing features built with the modern stack.

User App

Account Settings

Users can modify their profiles anytime required by updating their name, email address, contact number, address, etc.

Ingredient Choice

Before checking out, users can add or remove the specific ingredient as per their taste buds. However, if they don’t find any ingredient as per their preferences, customers can leave the special instruction at the time of making payment

Multiple Order Placement

Let users place multiple products from multiple stores. Once customers add products to their cart, they can directly proceed to checkout and make payments separately. However, they can also track orders separately

Tip Delivery Providers

At the time of making payment for the orders, customers can enter the tip amount if they want to give it to delivery providers. However, they can pay in cash also at the time of delivery if they are satisfied with the overall delivery service.

User Website

Register With Details

Customers can register with precise details asked on the screen, like name, email, number, country, etc.

Get Details Of Stores

All the food store details like menu, contact details, distance, availability of stores for delivery, etc.

Unique Preferences For Items

While choosing the items and modifiers, customers can add special choices about the items other than modifiers.

Review For Delivery Man

Users can enter their feedback for the entire delivery service and the requested item quality after the order is delivered.

Store Panel

Create Subadmin

Stores can create sub-store profiles from which the sub-stores can access only assigned screens from the store panel.

Order List

Admin gets all the order lists divided by time, like today’s orders, tomorrow’s orders, scheduled orders, etc.

Chat With Deliverymen

Store owners can chat with the delivery partner for any questions about the order, delivery service, location, etc.

Deliver Parcel

Stores can order for the customers to deliver the parcel to their desired address and assign it to the drivers.

Store App

Secure Login

In order to protect business operations, the Foodpanda app clone script allows login to only authorized stores to access the panel. Stores have to go through some verification processes to get started

Product Management

Update and manage products with ease. Organize products in categories and subcategories with their images, pricing, and description for a smooth browsing experience

Set Multiple Selection

Let customers order more products swiftly. Stores can set multiple selection options using the panel to allow customers to select more than one item at once.

Order History

To make data-driven decisions, stores can view the list of completed, ongoing, canceled, and upcoming order lists with each detail within the powerful store panel.

Admin Dashboard

Add Cities

In order to expand business reach, the business admin can add multiple cities within the central dashboard. Although, the admin can as well set separate criteria for a specific city and manage operations seamlessly

Referral Discounts

To captivate user attention, the admin can share referral codes with customers, stores, and delivery providers in exchange for promoting their services. Shared code can be redeemed by users while placing an order

Manage Profiles

The admin can easily update and manage the profiles of stores. Using this feature, the admin can easily find out which store gets more orders and which is getting the least orders.

Manage Users

The admin can change the login credentials for the app users by providing them limited access to certain functions. However, they can on/off as per their requirement

Delivery Provider App

Manage Profile

Allow providers to manage their profile with mandatory details such as name, photo, and details related to payment, vehicle license number, etc., with ease

Service Online/Offline

Based on the availability and convenience, delivery providers can go online or offline. In order to receive new order request, they need to turn on the toggle

Referral Sharing

A referral code is shared by the admin in order to promote service; a delivery provider can redeem this code, and providers can earn extra benefits.

Contact Customers

For the smooth and faster delivery operation, the delivery provider can call or message customers within the app if they have any query related to the location or order

High-end Updates in Foodpanda Clone to Accelerate Business Growth

Numerous Themes

Keeping in mind the customer’s requirements, the solution comes with various light and dark theme options. Admin has the right to choose a theme and the same update stores and customers can access

Dispatch from Admin Panel

For fast order delivery, now Admin has the right to dispatch orders manually, or it gets auto-assigned within the app. Admin can also choose vehicles and assign delivery providers based on availability.

Book Restaurant Table

Get rid of errors and manual booking processes, and allow customers to reserve a table using the app by entering a valid date and time in addition to the food order and payment process.

Scan and Order

Offer a touchless experience to customers, from accessing the menu by scanning QR codes at the food store on the reserved table to exploring the menu, ordering, and making payments easily.

Activity Log

Offer a touchless experience to customers, from accessing the menu by scanning QR codes at the food store on the reserved table to exploring the menu, ordering, and making payments easily.

Payment Gateways

Allow customers to pay for the order through various payment options. Stripe, Paystack, Paytabs, and PayU are integrated for easy and secure transactions regardless of the amount to be paid.

Print Invoices

Enable storefronts to generate invoices for all the completed orders within the app. Additionally, a printer can be connected to the app with Bluetooth and command it to print a hard copy of the invoices.

Set Taxes

Set multiple taxes on individual items as well as for particular cities or countries and make it easy for stores and admin to calculate the total tax amount applied on the items or orders.

Delivery Providers

The delivery provider app helps delivery providers to offer fantastic service to customers as per their specific needs.


Enriched with advanced features, the customer app is developed to full all customer’s requirements.

Food Stores

The food stores app follows a simple process to ensure an excellent outcome is offered on users’ requests.

Explore How Each Module Of Foodpanda Like App Works

Explore the dedicated app for users, delivery partners, and stores provided in the EDelivery specially designed for streamlined business management.

Delivery Providers

The delivery provider app helps delivery providers to offer fantastic service to customers as per their specific needs.


Enriched with advanced features, the customer app is developed to full all customer’s requirements.

Food Stores

The food stores app follows a simple process to ensure an excellent outcome is offered on users’ requests.

Have A Look Upon How Our Foodpanda Clone Panel Works


Check how the customer panel ensures outstanding outputs for the user whenever they place a request.


Explore how the Foodpanda admin panel works, helping you manage each business activity systematically.

Food Stores

Check how the food stores panel of our Foodpanda clones helps you get the desired outcome.

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Save Your Precious Time, Hit the Delivery Market with Foodpanda Clone App

Get a customized Foodpanda clone app that comes with modern features and gives your food delivery business digital touch. So what are you waiting for? Disrupt the online food delivery service with robust solutions and allow your customers to order delicious dishes online

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Frequently Asked Questions About Foodpanda Clone App

In case you yet have questions about our product, you can reach us out

App like Foodpanda is a platform that grants online ordering and home delivery services for restaurants. It has enhanced the business ideals and pushed the business to new heights. Any business dimension can acquire the solution.

The cost to develop a foodpanda can be between $7000-$15000 and more. Further, it depends on the features, technology, and time you decide to develop your solution with.

Food delivery business is thriving in the coming years and significantly after the Covid outbreak. Surviving in this situation seeks an excellent online food delivery solution that allows your business to grow anywhere around the globe. It should comprise the latest features and a brilliant user interface.

Yes, drivers can earn tips from the customers. Customers can pay online directly to the drivers online or can pay them cash on completing the delivery.

Three months of technical support is provided with the package to purchase our product. We also have add-ons services where you can request extended tech support.

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