What is a Rappi clone? How can Your Business Leverage Higher Profits?

Ordering and delivery management through online apps and panels is what a food business finds the best idea to survive in the technological market. After the Covid-19 crisis, the online platform has become a necessity for food stores. Further, it is an opportunity to expand the store locations.

Rappi Clone is a turnkey solution that automates restaurant operations like ordering, delivery, and management with the readiness of customization and alluring features that cater to modern patrons’ demands and help food delivery business owners to be a part of this emerging market.

We offer solutions that provide earning analytics and live tracking of service status that help you compete with stiff competition and improve overall business productivity. Rappi has a worth of $7billion in Latin America which makes it a leading on-demand company. An App Like Rappi is incubated with a modern tech stack that allows entrepreneurs to streamline complicated tasks and opens up new doors to revenue generation with expanded business reach.

Advanced Offerings of Rappi Clone Script

Customizable Product

Get a complete customizable rappi clone script to deliver services and customize it according to their business needs to create the user experience your way

Choose Payment Gateway

We furnish our client’s wish of integrating their preferred local payment gateway while we use Stripe as the default payment gateway

GPS Integration

With GPS integration, add real-time tracking, optimized routes, and convenient navigation features in the application to provide a better user experience

Estimated Delivery Time

With the integrated GPS, the estimated delivery time also gets displayed to users to offer increased convenience for order placing and delivery monitoring

Why Choose E-Delivery As Rappi Clone Script?

  • Extended Delivery Support
  • Scalable App for Business Expansion
  • Secure Payment Gateway Integration

How Rappi Clone App Works?

Rappi clone app has well-featured modules for apps and panels to grant a decent workflow for the restaurant business. All the users get a personalized experience while contributing to the business operations. The following steps explain the workflow:

  • Customers log in to the app or panel and browse the nearby stores to place an order for the items
  • Stores will receive the customer orders and prepare the order
  • They will place a delivery request to the delivery man or choose to assign one from the panel/app
  • On approving the requests, the driver can receive the parcel from stores and start delivering to the customer’s address
  • Throughout the process, customers can track the delivery process

Produce Excelled Outcomes with Dedicated App Support

Each module of the Rappi clone holds significance and excellently delivers required results to users and ensures business upbringing

User App & Website

View the delivery provider on the map during live-tracking to track the order on the way with the integrated map facility

Store App & Dashboard

Edit the store profile and change the description if needed to provide more accurate information when users search for a store

Admin Dashboard

View all added stores on the integrated map and track the ongoing delivery procedures from all these stores

Delivery Provider App

Before a provider logs in or accepts requests, the SMS verification using their registered mobile number gets performed

Get Started With An Excellent Application To Support Your Business Online

We Offer Excellent Rappi Like App to Support Your Business Needs. Run your operations efficiently to generate the best results with great app offerings for every stakeholder. Launch your delivery business online with an app that guarantees scalable business support

Remarkable Features provided by Rappi Clone App for the Customers

  • Favorite Stores

    Customers can mark their favorite store from app and panel, from which they can order instantly from their next time, saving the time of searching it every time

  • Search with Filter

    Using the filters, customers can order swiftly. It helps them to search the stores based on the delivery time, pricing, or distance.

  • Schedule Orders

    Customers can schedule their order at their desired time. This improves the user experience allowing them to get the order at the time they want

  • Currency Conversion

    Customers can pay through their local currency, and admin can convert that in their default currency, offering customers convenience

  • Tack Orders

    Customers can track orders in real-time and starting from the order accepted, and the start of delivery until the order is reached the entered location

  • E-wallet

    E-wallets are linked to the customer's bank account, which is used for paying for orders directly from the bank accounts. The transactions are also stored in the app for later use

Go through the Modules of Rappi App Clone

Customers App Flow

Customers can register to the app with a social ID and order their favorite food from nearby food stores. It offers multiple payment methods that make easy and quick payments.

User Panel Flow

Customers can order and pay through the panel, online, and easily from their desired food stores with instant login and secure payments.

Store App Flow

Stores are easy to manage through an app that includes a detailed menu, delivery tasks, payments, and many more.

Store Panel Flow

Food stores can use the panel to manage their online stores, analyze all the business tasks using data sheets provided in the panel.

Delivery Provider App Flow

Delivery man app receives the delivery request from stores, tracks the customer’s address.

Admin Panel Flow

customer panel for order grocery online

Overall, business tasks can be performed from the admin panel, tracking the store, customers, and driver’s tasks.

Newest Features Of 2021 in the Modules Of E-Delivery

Light and Dark Theme

Users can choose to keep the theme of the panels in between dark or light themes, as per their choice. They can change it whenever they want.

Panel’s Theme

E-Delivery panels are updated with the various themes colors. Users can choose from dark colors or light color themes for the panel.

Admin Can Dispatch from Panel

Admin can dispatch delivery orders from the admin panel, selecting the vehicle and delivery man.

Activity Log in Admin Panel

Customers can check all the activity from the entire platform, getting its details in the admin panel. The logs are categorized as high, medium, and low based on their priority.

New Panels and Apps Designs

E-Delivery’s apps and panels are now available in a new design that is more attractive and interactive.

New Payment Gateways

(Available From November, 2021)

Paystack and PayU are the two newest payment gateways added to the platform for businesses ’ convenience supporting multiple countries.

Order By Scanning the QR Code

(Available From November, 2021)

Food customers can place an order by scanning the QR codes in the restaurants and pay online, ensuring the safety and hygiene of the customers.

Table Booking From App or Panel

(Available From November, 2021)

From the panel, customers will be able to book a table in their desired restaurants and also can place orders. They can select the time provided by the stores.

What are the Earning Channels in the Rappi Clone App?

Rappi clone app allows the business to earn through various channels improving the business methods and a better user experience

Platform’s Charge

The business can earn from charging the users for registering to the platform. Customers and stores will be allowed to use online platforms for which they will have to subscribe.

Delivery Charges

Customers will be charged for the delivery service they get from their favorite food stores. These charges could be shared by the stores and admin.

Profit Share

The overall profit per order will also be shared per order. The extensive online order’s profits are shared with the admin also.

Advertising Profits

The admin can also use the platform for advertising the brands and items. They can take charges and show ads on the apps and panels, saving a significant amount.

How Our Online Delivery Panels Ensure Extended Support

A user-centric panel facilitates users to place delivery requests and make payments online.

Dive into Working of Online Delivery Apps

Developed to facilitate every requirement, the customer app is integrated with all essential features.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rappi Clone App

1. How does Rappi clone automate the business tasks for restaurants

Rappi clone apps provide the applications and panels for the restaurant business, which works as a virtual space to handle all the business tasks through the internet. It draws out analytical reports for the business, gets the order requests, assigns the deliveries, and performs other business operations from it.

2. What are the earning channels in an app like Rappi?

Businesses can earn from providing delivery service to the customers. They can also charge the stores, providing a promotional platform to them.

3. What are the payment gateways provided on the platform?

The platform is integrated with stripe as a default payment gateway. However, a business can ask to integrate desired gateways; we provide add-on services for the same.

4. What is the time to develop the app script?

We can prepare the solution in 7-8 working days to launch the platform.