What is the Grofers Clone App? Why is it a Good Choice to Expand the Business Reach?

Elluminati’s Grofers clone app is one such app solution that leverages businesses to offer delivery services to the customer’s desired address. It ensures a stable and easy-to-adopt workflow through the dedicated modules and features to generate great customer response.

In the grocery delivery business, the next horizon penetrates to double in the next five years. With that intuitive delivery solutions, businesses are on their way to success in the upcoming years. Stores are looking forward to solutions that offer advanced customer ordering and delivery processes reducing the burden of manual work to manage.

The modules and tech stacks integrated into the Grofers like app development are solutions built to operate on any mobile device. Elluminati offers a versatile platform that fits your segment and dimensions for convenience delivery business, providing scalable features and functions.

Explore Epic Modules and Features of Grofers Clone Script

Get through the well-functioning modules of the Grofer clone script and its integrated features and functionings.

User App & Website

Order History

Users can view their order history, including the details of canceled, paid, processing, and completed orders.

Store App and Dashboard

One-Tap Registration

Stores can register using their social media account and later login using the same within a single tap.

Admin Console

Delivery Rate

Admin can define the delivery charges for the doorstep and contactless deliveries they empower for ordered grocery items.

Delivery Men App

On/Off Delivery Service

Providers can choose to serve when they are free. They can flip their availability for delivery on/off as per the need.

How does White Label Grofers Clone App Work?

By empowering deliveries across the world, the white label Grofers clone app can establish a unique mark of your business in the competitive industry. With an interactive admin dashboard to control and manage the business operations, you can rely on getting the best at least efforts put into action. Remote access, easier management, and real-time tracking ensure you can control the business thoroughly. The workflow of the app solution follows the same:

  • Customers can choose a store, then items and their modifiers, and then place an order for an instant or scheduled delivery.
  • Stores acknowledge the order, prepare it and then assign delivery services to providers either manually or auto-assigning.
  • Providers will be allowed to accept or reject the order and will then pick order and deliveries to the customer’s address.

Our Primary Points Empowering Our Grofers Like App

  • Cross-platform Support
  • Technical Prowess
  • Reliable Deliveries

Essential Features Defining Uniqueness of App Like Grofers

Watch out for the unique features of an app like Grofers embracing a delivery business to reach heights of profits.

Excellent User Experience

Enabling online delivery is one of the primary intentions behind deploying a grocery delivery app. Our Grofers clone script includes a user interface that is entirely user-centric and makes it easier to place a delivery request.

Real-time Delivery Tracking

Delivering parcels on time is not enough when all other app solutions are enabling powerful and faster delivery experience. With the real-time delivering tracking feature of the app solutions, customers can track the order status and track the deliveries in real-time.

Reliable Delivery Service

Users can get reliable delivery services with features like real-time tracking and other functions, which ensures the users and admin receives updates of every status update in the delivery process. From order placing to final delivery, the tracking facility gets extended for the reliable delivery experience.

Dedicated Store Support

The solution stack includes dedicated support for stores by including native Android and iOS apps for stores. Also, a store panel gets included to allow them remote access and deliver support for managing operations efficiently.

Integrated Wallet Facility

This grofers app clone solution includes an integrated wallet facility, which makes it easier for users to pay for the placed orders. They can quickly pay for the orders using the integrated wallet by adding balance in it. The bill amount gets deducted every time a user chooses to pay the bill using it.

Completely Customizable

The app solution stack offered by us is entirely customizable to suit your business needs. Not only the theme, brand name, and app logo, but the admin can also change the language of apps and panels to operate the solution in their desired manner and deliver excellent results.

Achieve Exponential Business Growth With Grofers Clone App Empowering Your Customers' Demands

Make order placing and grocery deliveries faster than ever with Grofers clone app combined with reliable delivery support, which powers up the growth of your business regardless of the business size.

User App’s Epic Features giving With an a user-centric approach

Referral Benefits

Users can access the referral code to share it to the new person and in return will receive exciting referral benefits.

Promo Codes

Customers can access to promo codes offered by the stores and admin at the time they place order from the app or panel.

Schedule or Instant Orders

Buyers can either schedule delivery services with the date and time or can place a request for instant ones, getting in the estimated time.

In-app Chat

Users app are integrated with the in-app chat feature that they can leverage to chat with the providers about the delivery service.

Admin Panel’s Some Profound Features In Grofers Clone Script

Get benefits of the features incorporated in the admin panel of Grofers clone script that eases their efforts and enhances business methods.

Track Revenues

Admins can set the track of the revenues from different prospects like stores, delivery men, and customers. It would help automate the revenue tracking of the whole trade.

Customer Data

Store data about the shoppers for better delivery and personalized engagement which ultimately directs to a higher retention rate.

Store Management

Keep a list of shops from which buyers can demand. Either you can add them manually or through an API for the product list.

Manage Item

Add and manage commodities of the outlets to keep updated with the stocks so as to eliminate customer retardation.

Know-How Seamlessly Apps Works For Your Business

Easy to use app for customers to order their requirements from nearby stores

Try The Panels And Know It Reduces The Business Tasks

Order the items and also customize them with available modifiers from the panel

Testimonials Proving Expertise of Our Developed Solutions Delivering Excellent Results

Our Prized Development Efforts Earning Global Recognitions and Awards

Frequently Asked Question on Grofers Clone App

1. How does the Grofers clone app work?

White label Grofers clone app is an online platform that grants ordering, delivery service management, and various business tasks through mobile devices. Customers can shop for groceries from their favorite stores and get home deliveries within the estimated time

2. What is the cost to build an app like Grofer?

The cost to build an app like Grofer is variable based on the business’s requirements, time of development, location and a lot more. However,on an average it falls between USD 7000-1500 or more

3. For how many users is the license valid?

We offer one user license on the purchase of the solution. Only one business can use the platform

4. What type of applications do you develop?

We build native apps for Android and iOS mobile phones for all the apps provided in the solution

5. How much time do you provide technical support?

In our package, we grant three months of support. However, for more support, an addon service is also available. Contact us at: [email protected]