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What is the Justeat Clone? What Benefits Can a Business Get From Acquiring It?

The online delivery business is gaining huge popularity as it has made people’s lives easier. Besides, businesses leveraging different smart solutions to improve their operations and embracing digital food ordering solutions is one of those standards that meet customers’ expectations.

Justeat clone app is an innovative platform to recreate your traditional business in digital aspects. Takeaways businesses can have virtual stores acquiring these solutions. It allows customers to order their favorite food and get deliveries at their homes at their expected time. It aims to provide smooth business operation to any size of the food business.

Further, ensures a comfortable ordering place with all the latest features to order or schedule food order. Restaurant takeout and delivery have grown 300% faster since 2014 thus businesses can enlarge their reach with JustEat like app solutions as it has the ability to add multiple stores in different locations. With us, you can create a scalable just eat app clone to expand your business reach to any height serving any count of users seamlessly.

Functions of Justeat Clone App for Enhancing Overall Standards

Components included in the JustEat clone ensure the support for increasing efficiency of the delivery services and prove business proficiency.

User App & Website

While placing the order, the customer will get a brief invoice of their order, including all the charges applied.

Store App

store web apps

Stores can create orders for the customers from their respective app or panel, adding details about them.

Admin Dashboard

Admin panel has an intuitive dashboard incorporated with entire’s business details in figures, charts, and graphs.

Store Panel

Stores can dispatch orders either auto or manually, assigning the deliveryman from the app or panel.

User Website

Customers can use the promo codes while ordering and earn benefits in the entire order price.

Delivery Provider App

Customers can update the status from the app, either online or offline, as per their availability for services.

justeat like app workflow

How Does JustEat Clone Works?

JustEat clone ensures a business generates the best results with customizable functions and complete brand building facilities. It serves unlimited users irrespective of business size with the same and effortless services. The delivery process becomes seamless with coherent working.

  • Registered users browse the item list of all available food stores. They can select single or multiple items from a food store to place an order and pay from desired methods available on the platform.
  • The store prepares items and assigns delivery providers for the service, either manually or automatically.
  • Delivery providers will accept the order based on their availability and complete the delivery to the mentioned location.

Create White Label JustEat Clone Script For Meal Delivery Business

Ensure to create a seamless experience across devices with a dedicated solution stack. White label justEat clone script includes every user-centric feature that helps improve the user experience and earn more with users preferring the food deliveries powered by your solution.

Business-Savvy Aspects Of White Label JustEat Clone App

Consider ideal features of white label JustEat clone app that aids your business with enhanced features, providing fluent working.


  • From all the modules, users can monitor the delivery service using the integrated GPS tracker.
  • Stores can track the real-time status of the deliveryman. Deliveryman can also find the routes to the customer's address.
  • Also, customers can examine the whole delivery process in real-time through a GPS integrated into the platform.
live tracking opt in justeat like app
store ads opt

Store Advertising

  • Admin can choose to advertise a particular store in the user app and panel of the JustEat clone script.
  • Stores can choose to advertise either on the store list or delivery list.
  • Admin can charge stores for their advertisements earning extra profits in the business.

Order Cancellation

  • The store can allow customers to cancel their order with a rational reason
  • However, stores can set charges for order cancellation between the particular stages of the delivery process
  • They also set either absolute or percentage charge per canceled order
order cancel details
promo code add opt

Promo Codes

  • Stores and admin can create promo codes for the customers offering discounts in either absolute or percentage forms.
  • The promo codes can be generated for deliveries, stores, items, or products, and that too for a particular city.
  • They can set recursion for the promo codes and also set several terms and conditions for each promo.

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

  • Admin can set terms and conditions and privacy policies for all the modules involved in the platform.
  • These are created based on the admin's business norm that users have to read, understand and accept before using the platform.
  • Admin has rights to update conditions and privacy policy whenever they want and inform the user.

Comprehensive Digital Menu

  • Stores can create a descriptive menu of the store from app or panel, list all the items
  • Items can be grouped into specific categories and subcategories, which reduces the customers' item searching friction
  • Admin can also create a menu for the stores setting every detail about the items and their prices.

Get Just Eat Clone to Offer Efficient Food Delivery Services

Make it easier for your users to order delicacies online with the Just Eat clone app supporting their needs. Enjoy the benefit of earning from registered food stores and delivery providers along with promised management facilities.

2023 Updates in JustEat Clone Script That Improvised Its Overall Working

Multiple Themes

All the modules are available in the dark mode or light mode; users can opt for the desired one. Also, the store and admin panel can select from a set of dark mode themes and light mode themes.

Dispatch From Admin Panel

Admins can dispatch orders from the panel assigning drivers manually or auto. When stores are busy and cannot assign the delivery tasks, the admin can dispatch orders.

Order by Scanning QR Code

Customers can access the store’s menu, scanning QR codes provided by them in the store. They can then place orders and pay online. It maintains social distance and also offers convenience in dining service in restaurants.

New Payment Gateways

All the modules of the platforms are integrated with the new payment gateways, Paystack and PayU. These gateways offer secure transactions in multiple countries, allowing businesses to handle outlets at multiple locations seamlessly.

Book A Table

Customers can book a table in the restaurant through an app selecting the appropriate time interval and the table of the desired number of people. Simultaneously, they can place orders and pay online.

Activity Log

Admin can observe the ongoing failed and successful tasks of all the platform’s components performed by the users. These logs are marked as high, medium, and low priority to work on issues.

Multi Tax Setting

Business admin and stores can set taxes on the items individually like VAT or can set them exclusively. They can also keep taxes for delivery services for particular outlets located in different countries.

Stores Can Print

For all the orders, stores will generate an invoice including all the price and tax details. These invoices can directly be printed from the app commanding a printer using Bluetooth, and it could be kept for records or offered to the customers.

Empirical Features Involved in JustEat Like App Providing Better User-Experience

Contactless Delivery

Customers can opt for contactless delivery while placing an order. Deliveryman will perform delivery, maintaining social distancing and hygiene throughout the entire delivery process, following ideal safety norms.

Language Preferences

The JustEat like app can be accessed in multiple languages; users can select their preferred language for vivid communication and use the app in their local languages.

Currency Integration and Conversion

The platform has multiple currency integration allowing a business to accept payment from multiple countries. It allows the admin to convert the currency to their respective currency.

Multiple Payment Methods

The platform has multiple payment methods from which customers can choose one to pay with a suitable method. Also, there are multiple payment gateways provided in the platform for secure transactions.

Push Notifications

Customers, stores, deliverymen, and admin can get the push notification for all the tasks throughout the platform and notify them of the successful or failed actions.

Track Delivery Status

Customers will receive updates about the entire delivery process from the order accepted by the store until the order gets delivered.

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Frequently Asked Questions on JustEat Clone App

1. Can just eat like an app provides multiple item ordering?

Yes, justeat like an app allows customers to order multiple items from a single store. But it doesn’t facilitate the ordering of food from multiple stores

2. What is the main aim of the JustEat clone app?

JustEat clone app aims to provide digital business operation to any size of the restaurant business. It allows the customers to search for their favorite food and either order or schedule it from any mobile platform

3. What business model does Just Eat follow?

The model intends to provide value to customers, service providers, and stores. Stores provide food menus on online platforms. Customers can order and book delivery services. They are also allowed takeaway services

4. What is the pricing structure to develop JustEat clone apps?

The cost to develop the JustEat clone app variable depends on several factors. The average range of pricing can be $7000- $15000 and beyond. For more information visit: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/pricing/

5. For how long do you provide technical support?

As you purchase our advanced or enterprise package, you will be provided with three months of technical support. For extended support, we can also have an addons service where you can request extended technical support. To know more about the technical support, you can contact on: [email protected]