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A powerful & dynamic Uber for laundry app allows your customers to get dry cleaning done at their doorsteps which are reserved from an app with just a few taps without any trouble.

What is Uber for Laundry? What are the reasons for adopting the platform to improve the revenue scale?

If you want to grab the market opportunity and become the local community’s hero, app development helps you generate revenue in no time. The small business secrets lie in the small steps taken by business owners. All you need to develop and execute the idea through which you can connect with maximum users and let them book for the services.

Uber for Laundry is the ideal solution that meets all the laundry requirements systematically for the laundry business. Dry cleaning business online builds a marketplace where you can engage with maximum customers offering them convenience.

Expand your business reach with a top-notch and functional online dry cleaning service app built with modern technologies to meet all your customer’s demands under one roof. Take your Uber for Laundry service app is built with cross-platform compatibility, so they are entirely user-friendly.

Remarkable Features Of Our Uber Like Online Laundry Service App

Invoice Generation

For each payment made by the customers, the invoice is generated within the application. Customers can also save this invoice with the job history for future purposes. An invoice will show the details of specific requests including the customer’s name, location, type of service, and payment mode

Multiple Booking Options

Users are provided with a facility to make bookings as per their requirements. Users are given two options within Uber for a laundry app solution such as books now and book later. This gives freedom to users as they can schedule the requests by mentioning the date and time.

Cancel Bookings

Customers can cancel the request anytime within the application by giving a valid reason. Once they cancel the service, a notification is sent to the service provider immediately so that they can manage their schedule accordingly. Moreover, users have to bear cancellation charges if they have paid money in advance

Master Reports

The business person can easily generate different types of reports using single features such as driver’s order history, total income earned, number of orders, and much more. These master reports will help them to make better financial decisions for their business

Real-Time Tracking

Once the request is placed, the customer easily tracks the service provider’s journey using Google Maps. Using this feature, customers can easily know the whereabouts of the service providers with an estimated time of arrival. Same way, service providers also use this feature to reach to customer’s location

Active Orders

Service providers can see the list of all active orders, and they can manage and prioritize it as per their availability. It shows all the accepted order lists in a chronological manner. Admin can also view the active orders list from their dashboard with all the details

Add Services

A provider can add multiple services by filling up the necessary details such as service type, rates, and further information about their service offerings. This feature helps them earn extra money, and it will be helpful for the users to get multiple things done from a single service provider

Find Nearby Laundryman

Uber like laundry service app connects consumers with their nearby dry cleaners who accepts the services. Users can check the estimate rates based on their requirements and can view the laundryman’s profile, including the number of orders completed, reviews, skills, etc.

Maximize Your Revenue Source With Laundry App Like Uber And know How on Simple Clicks a Business can Outshine

Give your customers a chance to fulfill all their laundry-related needs with a single application that acts as their service provider. The Uber For laundry app has become a common phenomenon that saves time, money, and efforts of the customers. Our Uber for dry cleaning app contains all the modules that help you to run smooth business operations fooling below working flow:

  • It has a customer app and panel that allows them to register and book the service when they want it to be done.
  • The company or a provider receives the service request according to the customer’s choice.
  • Providers will complete the service with the help of the app that has features like customer’s details, service details, payments details, and drive to Google Maps for tracking the fastest route to the location.
  • Admin can create the company, approve the providers and users, set service prices, settle payments, and do many more tasks from the panel.

Strengthen Your Business With Our Uber For Laundry Service App Solutions

Run your laundry business with power-packed features that can be customized and tweaked as per your requirements with Uber for dry cleaning app solution

User Application

Booking History

The customers can go through and manage booking history within the application where they find all the completed services lists

Service Status

Customers are able to see the service status of the service providers in the app to know where the process has been reached

Referral Sharing

While promoting the app with a referral sharing option users can earn bonuses and discounts on the service charges

Online Payment

Customers can pay their service charge either online with a debit/credit card or select cash on delivery option

Service Provider Application

Job Request Alert

Service provider is notified whenever any of the customers place a new request for laundry service

Request Management

Service providers are given a dedicated dashboard to manage and view the requests they have completed and pending

Switch Mode

They may change the availability status within the application if they don’t want to accept the new orders

Update Profile

Can update name, service type, bank details and other bits of information with ease

Admin Dashboard

Manage Service Providers

All the providers can be managed and view the information of all using a single command

Advanced Settings

From here Admin can manage all the settings including language, currency, email as per their needs

Advanced Backend System

Admin can generate reports, manage reviews, manage providers, and customers from the powerful dashboard

Multiple Payment System

App supports multiple payment integration modes, you can configure any of them as per your business requirement

User Website

Browse Service

Customers can browse multiple services before making bookings and schedule them as per their needs

Cost Estimation

Customers can easily get to know the estimated cost of the services before they place a service request.

Single-Click Signup

Consumers can easily sign up for the platform by using their contact numbers or with social media accounts.


Users can view reviews given by other folks, and they can also submit feedback once the service gets completed

Company Panel

Wallet History

The company can refer to the wallet’s history, which has the transaction done through it and linked to the bank account.

Create Providers

The company can create the employees for their services and allow them to access the app with the credentials generated by them

Track Earnings

Earnings of each service from the panel is stored in the tabular form, which is also could be saved in the form of an excel sheet for offline use

Assign Services

Companies can assign services to the particular service providers manually by checking the availability status of them.

Customer App

The expertly developed app ensures the best service offering to users, helping them to get their daily chores done accordingly.

Provider App

An impressive app dedicated to providers answers all their requirements of getting more requests accurately.

Check App Modules

Learn more about the working flow of apps by exploring the live demos

Customer App

The expertly developed app ensures the best service offering to users, helping them to get their daily chores done accordingly.

Provider App

An impressive app dedicated to providers answers all their requirements of getting more requests accurately.

Manage Laundry Requests, Create Providers, Track Earnings, And Much More Using The Dedicated Company Panel

User Panel

A supportive user panel makes it easier for users to get their daily chores done in exchange for some amount.

View Web Flow

Admin Panel

A dedicated admin panel helps you to get all essential updates about the system status and operations.

View Web Flow

Company Panel

A supportive user panel makes it easier for users to get their daily chores done in exchange for some amount.

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The minimum cost to develop a laundry app like Uber is $5k. However, this could even reach $16k while you customize the platform to create a personalized brand in it.

As the panel’s business admin, the charges could be set as the fixed price for the service. You can even keep the hourly charges with the fixed price.

We offer tech support for three months and resolve errors you face in the platform with our package. Also, if required, you can access our add-on service for extended tech support.

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