Enance – Binance Clone Script

Establish a crypto trading dashboard by taking charge of the White label Binance clone script that authorizes trading numerous cryptocurrencies holding coins of the amount in secure e-wallets, all swiftly conducted in one place.

Enance - White Label Binance Clone Script
What is binance clone script

What is an Enance – Binance Clone Script?

Elluminati’s Enance, Binance clone script is cryptocurrency trading platform that enables the purchase and sells coins, fundraising, and delisting of cryptocurrency. It focuses on altcoins. It allows crypto-to-crypto trading between hundreds of currencies and virtual tokens. The platform enables to conduct of various trading like peer-to-peer, margin, limit, stop limit trading, etc., through an intuitive mobile app or also get a dashboard. Admin gets to manage all inclined actions of the crypto exchange corporation through a dedicated dashboard.

There is an extent to divulging numerous coins like Bitcoin, Galaxe, SHIB, Litecoin, etc. Moreover, there are other earning opportunities like pool, liquidity farming, launchpad, etc. Binance clone app development gives venture a white-label solution with all the vital and top-class features integrated. The dashboard is maintained to perform secure trading of crypto coins as formed with the finest technologies.

How Does Enance – Binance Clone App Works?

Crypto coin trading is one of the emerging trends that is forming enormous opportunities for businesses to raise funds and enter into the blockchain world. We proffer a whole serviceable Binance clone app that permits the integration of all security attributes and easy coin listings, attracts traders with the finest functionality, and easily acceptable working flow, as explained below.


Users can register by filling in the required details like email address, number, and confident password in the mobile app or dashboard. The account will then be verified through email and phone assurance.


Then, for security pursuits, traders have to perform KYC, adding ID proof and other required documents. Admin will go through the uploaded documents manually and verify the account.

Deposit Crypto

Users can also deposit crypto or fiat money from any third-party site platform to their Binance clone’s wallet. They even can buy new coins using the existing crypto, for which they have to add tokens to the platform.


After all the validation and approval, crypto vendors can then can start swapping crypto coins and earn profits. They can have a BID/ASK for the coin(s), and when a receiver accepts that, they will be paid through the mutually acceptable method.

Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange Business With Enance

Instigate a crypto exchange enterprise with a pre-built Enance – a white-label Binance script.

Modules Incorporated in White Label Binance Clone

White Label Binance clone has various modules compatible with different devices for coin exchange.

User Mobile App

Enance includes a user app for Android and iOS devices, permitting to purchase, deal and hold crypto coins within the secure e-wallets. Traders are accessible to perform various kinds of crypto trading like limits, markets, P2P, etc.

binance clone user app

Users have to upload documents for verification of the crypto-exchanging account through email and/or SMS on the attached phone number.

Web Portal

Users also get a descriptive and interactive web portal for purchasing and selling currencies and operating the wallet amount within the Enance wallet. It has all the same attributes and functions, with the edge of accessing all those on the broader screen.

Users get rewards and compensations for trading, the value of the currencies, and so on, all of which will be set by the owner.

Admin Dashboard

In the admin dashboard of the Binance clone, owners can control the entire business. They can list innumerable coins which users can deal with. For each order, admins can set up their commissions relying on the location, the currency’s demand, and other considerable factors.

enance binance clone app admin dashboard

Admin can ascertain the user's details to avoid any unfair practices and protect the deals and its users from caving to ill exercise.

Why Choose Elluminati's Enance - Binance Clone Script?

Elluminati assembles the finest Binance clone script for crypto trading, yielding benefits for traders and owners.

Secure Transactions
Enhance Trading Experience
White Label Platform
High Trade Volume
Best Technologies
Scalable Platform

Security Features Integrated Within the Binance Clone App

Elluminati's Binance clone app is integrated with numerous security attributes


Users have to perform KYC to operate the exchanging module from the dashboard; this KYC identity is verified by the admin through its panel.

Two Factor Authentication

For each login process, users can opt got two-factor authentication and preserve the account from infringements.

User Account Monitoring

The user's account will be monitored for every multiple device login, password change, update in profile details, and transaction, all for security.

SMS/Email Verification

The users have to share their email ID and contact details which will be verified by SMS or mail to log in securely.

Anti-phishing Code

For every account, the anti-phishing code will be sent to the respective email ID, which is a combination of unique numbers.

Crypto e-wallet

The e-wallets are secured to store multiple cryptos and fiat money and which is also easily accessed to trade through those.

Are You Looking for the Best Binance Script?

Get Enance - Binance script from Elluminati to embark on a coin exchange business that is scalable and feature-rich.

Advanced Features of the Enance

Enance - Binance clone has some most advanced features - all according to a business's needs.

Exclusive Design

The user app and panel have an exclusive sleek design that engages mass users.

Referral Network

Every user gets a unique referral code that users can be shared to connect with new users.

Multiple Payment Methods

Users get multiple payment methods for the transactions like online transfers, cards, or purchasing USD.

Push Notifications

Users to get push notifications for every update, and activities within the app keep traders engaged.

Technologies Utilized for Binance Like App Development

We build a Binance like app development with the most efficient tech stack.

Languages &
Libraries Used for

Tools Used For


Premier Features Of the Enance

Some of the premier features of the Enance - Binance like app script are integrated, making it easy and secure to trade coins.


The platform leverages multiple languages within the platform, so users can choose the one to trade and communicate conveniently.

Real-time Updates

Users get real-time updates on the cryptocurrency market price information and coins price information.

Initial Coin Offering Module

The platform incorporates the module of initial coin offering, allowing the addition of new coins after their Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Initial Exchange Offerings Module

The script streamlines the launching of IEO, which permits the traders to list cryptos on the Enance to raise their coffers.

Endow Multiple Altcoins

Binance like app script authorizes the register of numerous altcoins that are new and emerging, other than major crypto coins.

Live Trading Charts

The exchange charts consist of all the facts of the crypto coins, including the highs and lows of the day, the maximum, the difference in worth, and so on.


The platform is secured with tight security, which includes 2FA for the singing process and KYC for the transitions.

Liquidity Farming

Users can earn through liquidity farming, converting the coins to fiat money without many restrictions through the platform.

Reviews from Our Clients

"Elluminati has performed its best to get us the crypto trading platform, Binance clone Script, that is versatile to list multiple altcoins. "

- James C. Lucas

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Binance Clone Script?

Binance clone script entitles one to trade cryptocurrencies and virtual tokens instantly and can store their payment in the e-wallet securely. It ensures faster and safer transactions as the script is constructed with the best technologies.

What is the cost of Binance clone app development?

The average price is between $10000 to $50000. However, the exact price is only defined by the factors like customization of addon characteristics, the complexity of the project, time duration of development, etc.

What is the time of development of the platform?

The time period for the development of the Binance like platform depends on the addon features integrated, technologies used, etc. to know more about the development time, you can contact our sales team.

Do you offer support after the launch of the platform?

We offer support for the platform after the launch as our add-on service. To know more about this service, contact our sales team.