Rapido Clone – Online Bike Taxi Platform

Get an advanced Rapido clone for the customers to book two wheels transport services online and provide all convenience throughout the booking and payment process, exceeding notions of today’s market with scalable modules.

What is Rapido Clone ? How Platform is the Most Appropriate for Taxi Bike Business in this Era?

Online bike taxi service is one of the most emerging services worldwide, which provides several advantages to the riders like no parking hassle, pick up and drop in affordable price, overcoming the traffic easily and one most popular is online booking for the transportation. Thus, the business owner aims to search for the best platform that helps.

Rapido clone is a bike taxi sharing platform that provides commuters the convenience to book a bike taxi online anytime they want. The solution helps the business conduct operations with advanced features like pre-reservation, pay with multiple methods, and pre-estimation of the ride cost.

Businesses can expand their ride-hailing capacity with the solution. Anyone can use the platform to cope up with the changing standards of ride-hailing business and exaggerate their reach. An app like Rapido is the ultimate solution that any business horizon can choose to enhance revenues.

Durable Features of Rapido Clone Script For the Ride-hailing Businesses

Leverage enhanced business opportunities with the advanced features of Rapido clone script providing users conveniences.

Rider App and Website

Commuters can book an immediate bike ride or schedule for late traveling in the day or soon then for the transportation service.

Driver App and Website

Drivers can update their status every time they are busy or after completing the ride and mark their availability through the app.

Admin Panel

Business administrators can add various bike rental packages separately applied for the different countries or cities.

Dispatcher Console

Dispatchers can assign the instant and schedule rides to the drivers from the panel.

Partner Panel

Partners can analyze their earnings from the panel with all the earnings channels’ details.

Hotel Panel

Create requests for hotel guests entering their desired address and details like name, email, room number, floor number, etc.

Corporate Panel

Corporates can add and manage providers for the rides examining their details and trips they conducted.

Become an in-charge of a Rapido like App that Provides Intuitive business handling Functions?

Thinking of an Online platform to Provide Bike Rides Services Instantly to the Commuter? An Appropriate Choice can Rapido Like App that handles seamlessly every task and customers get excellent user experience. Discuss your idea, and we can craft the best one for you.

Features Integrated in an Rapido Clone App Creating Best User-Experience

Check out some of the valuable and user-appealing features of the Rapido clone app that make the business processes efficient and propel them to new heights.

Multiple Language Preferences

Users can choose to keep the desired language to use the platform; the admin can choose between multiple languages.

Surge Pricing

Admin and drivers can be benefit from the surge pricing structure; they can raise the fares in hot regions.

Multiple Admin

Admin can take the help of other admin creating their accounts and letting them use the partner panel to handle the business of multiple locations.

Real-time Responses

All the users can get real-time responses in their respective panels and the GMap to track the routes.

A Feature-rich Rapido Clone that Opportune a Better Business Position

  • Customizable Modules
  • Advanced Features
  • Online Payments

Try Our Live Mobile Applications to Experience the Working and Features

Riders can book rides from the app, choose payment methods, and can pay online with a prior estimation of the price.

Convenient Panels To Perform And Manage The Ride-Sharing Business

Admin can examine all the user’s tasks from the panel and update the settings whenever required.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rapido Clone App

1. What is Rapido like app?

Rapido clone is the bike-sharing platform where riders can book a bike for transportation; bike driver fulfills that ride in the desired time. An aggregator can manage riders and drivers from one platform.

2. What is the cost to develop an Rapido clone?

Developing an app like Rapido ranges from $6k to $10k. However, the customization costs are variable depending on the business verticals.

3. How much time does it take to complete the development process?

The minimum development time is 7 to 8. But that also depends on the customizable pr feature integrations required in the platform.