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Transmute your pioneering multi-service business with Careem clone, fulfilling the customers’ daily needs, which is a robust platform made with the finest tech solution adopting the contemporary methods for business owners to execute tasks.

careem clone

Careem Clone App - Aggregate Different Services in a Single Solution?

Careem clone app is a specialized multi-purpose solution that consolidates food delivery, ride-hailing, home services, booking appointments, and many other purposes, fulfilling customers’ needs. It has well-crafted scalable modules integrated with gravitating features allowing easy performance, and business owners get to leverage quickly from the intelligent screens.

The overall solutions enhance the user experience with the personalized modules for each stakeholder and enable transparent business processes. For a business person, it is super effortless to gain enormous customers as comprehensive options to serve with instant acknowledgment. An app like Careem will help you effectuate a definite image in the competitive business world and earn profits through multiple channels.

Careem Clone Script - Services That Could Be Integrated

Encounter Careem clone script conceding the higher business opportunities to grow, offering all in one infusion of different services needed in the daily life of the customers

Ride-hailing Services

Customers can reserve rides (for bike, car, scooter, bicycle, etc.) through the app, which connects them to the ride partners; both get separate modules for the same, giving end-to-end services.

Taxi Booking







Delivery Services

Manage delivery requirements of consumers efficiently in a completely customizable platform with its excellent attributes, all combined to let any type of delivery service.







Water bottled

Home Related Services

Proffer expert support for services required at home with our application serving both customers and specialists with the paramount features that promote business growth.

Car Repair




Beauty Service

Car Wash

Gadget Repair

House Cleaning

Road Assistance

Tow Truck



Fitness Coach




Appointment Booking Services

Consumers can ask for appointments for the service providers, set the duration, day, and the desired service, pay with the desired method and also follow the service status within the app.




Any Consultant

Parcel Delivery Services

Ordering parcel delivery services by entering starting and destination address, the period received the parcel, and selecting desired vehicle type.

Single Store

ESuper is integrated with 70+ services, allowing the clients to merge desired combinations of services. Share your list of services.

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Go On-Board With Finest Components Of Careem Clone Script

Check out all the modules of the Careem clone script, and know its important features and functionalities.

User App

Paying Mode

Users can pick one of the reliable payment methods like cash on delivery, e-wallets, or card(debit/credit) payments.


Users will be informed of all the processes while service is provided; they will also be notified of the offers and discounts.

Save Bank Details

Users can add more than one card detail and save them for the future so that they can pay instantly with just a few clicks.

Add Multiple Services

Users can add numerous service entities in the cart to place requests from the screen in one go and pay for them together.

User Panel

Social Login

Customers can register to the platform using the social media app linked to it, eliminating the long process of entering details each time.

Track Order Status

Users get notifications of order status to know about the status at each stage, from receiving the order from the merchant until it is accomplished.

Chat With Merchants

After the merchants accept the order, users can chat with them about any queries regarding the order with the in-app chat feature.

Digital Invoice

The invoice for all the services received is generated after the user moves to the checkout screen; the digital invoice is saved permanently.

Merchant App

Manage Menu

Merchants can form a streamlined menu utilizing categories and subcategories to sort the items, simplifying for customers to find the items.

Set Promo Offers

Merchants can form promo offers to provide extra perks to the users for the entities or services, setting up all the inclined conditions of the offer.

Analyze History

Customers, partners, merchants, and admin can get the past service completed or incomplete requests with entire information.

Save Bank Details

Merchant can add the credit/debit card info to settle their earnings within it, requiring all the details about the bank account and inclined documents.

Merchant Panel

Add Partners

Merchants can add more than one partner from the panel to assign them the service requests directly and manage them through the panel.

Add Sub-merchants

Sub-merchants help the merchants to get through the specific tasks as allocated to them; they are given the necessary access within the app.

Dispatch Orders

Merchant can dispatch the orders by allocating them to the partners based on the algorithm to the nearest ones or by directly assigning particular partners.

Keep Service Time

Merchants can set their service time which is for customers to make online orders; they can set in terms of slots or full-day basis and do it for a whole week.

Partner App

Order Confirmation

Partners get the request for the services, which they can decide to accept or decline for a reason conducting online preferable services.

Add Multiple Cards

Service partners can add multiple bank card details and choose to connect any of them to the e-wallet payment settlements with the admin.

Feedback Customers

Partners can give reviews to the customers for the experience they had in the entire process in the form of ratings and reviews.

Past Service Details

All the past service records could be analyzed by the partners, which has all the info about services or items, price, and date.

Admin Panel

Comprehensive Dashboard

Business admins get a comprehensive dashboard about the details of the business like earnings, profits, number of users, etc.

Create Ads

Admins can create ads for merchants and businesses related to show up in the customer’s modules for a particular duration and select various customizing factors for the ads

Set Fees

Business admins will be given rights to keep the service charge leaning on the type and zone and set the profit percentage for each.

Expand in Cities

The business region can be expanded by adding it to various cities and all of business operations can be easily handled using the interactive dashboard.

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Get Through The Graphical Flow For All The Modules Of Careem Clone Script

Here are all the modules mentioned to understand and explained with graphics from the app and panels.

User App Flow

Users get abundant choices to get the services, with simple steps and easier-to-pay methods as explained in the graphical flow.

Merchant App Flow

Merchants get the finest working of the app to handle the tasks inclined to it and get automated results in many places also.

Partner App Flow

Partners register themselves in the app in just a few steps after verification and can start earning and conducting the services with it.

User Panel Flow

Users also are facilitated with the panel to strive for their required services within it. It has similar working and features as the app.

Merchant Panel Flow

Within the panel, it is a cakewalk to manage the business tasks relating to the customers, payments, orders, partners, and all such.

Admin Panel Flow

The business administrator gets to tackle all the necessary tasks through an intuitive admin panel with automation and advanced features

Business Model

Here is the complete business model of the Careem clone app to render the mind-blowing strategies and revenue channels.

Explore Business Model

Pricing Details

Track down the pricing of the Careem clone, referring to various packages offered and inclined features and facilities within.

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Grasp Workflow Of Intuitive Careem Clone Script

Understand the steps that work for the multi-service platform; Careem clone facilitates the customers to probe many of their requirements in one place. Besides, merchants are benefited from getting a huge customer base by automating their interaction with them. Partners, at the same time, can conduct the services using the dedicated application. All the stakeholders first have to sign up on the platform first. Down are the steps in which the working is explained for an app like Careem.

Taxi Flow

  • Users first have to enter the source and destination addresses.
  • Then choose the vehicle type and verify the amount charged for that.
  • Choose the day to ride – either instant or scheduled on the preferred day and time.
  • Pay through the desired method from those given
  • Can track the services within the app

Delivery Flow

  • Choose the type of delivery services required and then opt for the desired store
  • Select the items and modify them if required adding them to the cart.
  • Checkout from the screen and confirm the details about the orders
  • Make payments with the desired method of payments.
  • Track the delivery services from stores and partners’ sides.

Courier Flow

  • Opt for the courier-type delivery service.
  • Enter the pickup and drop-off parcel locations, including all the delivery details
  • One can also enter the special request and parcel image.
  • Confirm the details and enter the payment using the desired payment gateway.
  • Track the delivery services from start to end.

Services Flow

  • Opt for the desired kind, and then the provider for that service.
  • Choose the desired services from that providers
  • Finalize the service and address details to get it done on
  • Pay for it by choosing one method from those which are given
  • Follow the service provider until it is done from the app.

Appointment Flow

  • Customers can book the appointments for required service providers
  • Choose desired providers and choose the service they want from them.
  • Book the appointment at the preferred time, selecting the date and time.
  • Pay for the booking with the desired method
  • Track the service from the app

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Eminent Features Of Careem Clone Script

Careem clone script has preeminent features, which makes it stand out from others.

Easy Analytics

Careem clone script allows business admins to analyze the performance, users, revenues, profits, and all such aspects in the form of graphical and numerical forms, making it easier for businesses to draw down certain decisions.

Live Tracking

Live tracking functions are proffered in all the modules for users, merchants, partners, and admin to track their status and act accordingly and notify respective stakeholders, and also guide them to perform services.

Digital Invoice

In all the modules, a digital invoice is generated for each order that includes all the details about the items or services. These digital invoices are also saved in the modules to refer to it as and when required.

Payment Preferences

The payment methods options are cash payments, card payments, and using e-wallets that are linked to a particular bank account of the users; they can save multiple accounts and link the desired ones.

Transaction History

All the transaction history is stored in the platform with all its necessary details, which can be analyzed anytime, and that is too for all the users, merchants, and partners. Also, admins get the details about all these.

Manage Profiles

For all the stakeholders, profiles can be updated, created, and maintained. The details, including name, email address, contact details, address, and profile picture, all could be updated within the platform.

Why Elluminati For A Careem Clone Solution

Elluminati Inc finely crafted Careem clone script such that the modules are scalable enough to materialize as per the business’s requirement.

Perfect One-Stop Solution

As per a business’s requirements, any number of services from different verticals could be finely attached to the solution without compromising the workflow in the app.

Dedicated Apps and Panels

All the stakeholders have a dedicated app and panel to execute the tasks within it, making a seamless working flow and thus enabling users to perform their tasks personally.

Fully Customizable

The platform is finely drawn to integrate multiple verticals of services within one solution, properly attached to each of the modules, and make a straightforward working flow.

Non Disclosure Agreement

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients to ensure the privacy of business ideas and inclined information between us, precisely pursuing all the policies cited in the agreement.

Merchant App

Dispatching and managing processes are all done seamlessly within the merchant app.

User App

Sign up and get multiple services within one solution easily.

Partner App

Partners can sign up with their service details and start earning hassle-free.

Demo Of Apps In ESuper Solution

Learn more about our readymade apps for customers, partners, and merchants dedicated to performing the actions without any hassle.

Merchant App

Dispatching and managing processes are all done seamlessly within the merchant app.

User App

Sign up and get multiple services within one solution easily.

Partner App

Partners can sign up with their service details and start earning hassle-free.

Demo Of Panels In ESuper Solution

Customer Panel

Users can utilize the web panel for all the same tasks as the app to request services.

Merchant Panel

Merchants can conduct the delivery services from the panel provided with helpful features.

Admin Panel

Admin can oversee the functioning and also perform business updates whenever required.

Learn more about our other readymade products diving into different industries

We have ready-made apps for various industries that are customizable, offering huge opportunities to thrive in the respective industry.

What Technologies We Use

BE Backend
  • Nodejs

FE Frontend
  • Javascript

  • AngularJS

  • JQuery

  • Java

  • Kotlin

  • Xml

  • Swift

  • OBJ-C

DB Database
  • MongoDB

  • Firebase

  • Room

  • Sql Lite

PM Project Management Tools
  • Slack

  • Jira

  • Gitlab

  • Trello

QA Testing
  • Manual Testing

  • Postman

  • Jmeter


DO DevOps
  • C1 CD

The Perfect Careem Clone Allows Integrate All The Services Seamlessly Just In One Space

Buy and customize a Careem clone for your business and make a unique presence in the respective market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to common questions regarding our product, and in case you still need to get the answer feel free to email us by filling out the contact us form.

The Careem clone includes five verticals dedicated to performing significant tasks. They include vertical delivery services, ride-hailing, appointment booking, couriers, and home services.

Yes, the Careem clone app is fully customizable. It could be updated anytime required in the future to meet the customer’s and market needs.

An app like Careem clone can cost a business around $5k to $25k or beyond that provides a complete solution to handle a business. Considering further customization in the platform or using the particular technology may cost a little higher overall.

Businesses of any dimensions that serve multiple types of services like delivery or ride-booking, services, etc., desiring to start online services.

Yes, customers can change the address anytime; they can even save multiple addresses as favorites. The address can also be updated on the checkout screen.

Customers can track their services by getting live status from the merchant and service partners within the app.

Yes, customers can change the profile details whenever required. They can change the details using the login password. Also, they can change their current password from that.

Customers get a list of current orders and past orders, which includes the details like items, price, tax, delivery time, and end order status.

There is no limit on the number of services a merchant can offer. It can be categorized into verticals depending on the common factors, which allows the customers to select the desired ones easily.

Merchant can give promo offers to the customers as offers applied to the entire store, in an entire subcategory of the services or items, or to a particular item. These offers type depends on the same factors like recursion type, number of uses, complete orders, and so on.

Merchants can create an account for the sub-merchants where they are given access to start the assigned tasks from the app.

Merchants can add their own providers and assign them the service request anytime. They can manage them anytime.

Partners can choose to get the money from e-wallets to the desired bank details or can opt to withdraw in cash.

Partners can add their vehicle with its details and necessary documents for verification by the business admin. And then use that to perform the services.

After accepting the service request, partners can call customers to get the answers to the raised questions. The call is a VoIP call in which the contact details won’t be shared.

The partners can see their service history, including the tasks they completed or rejected, which also has all the details about the service.

Admin can analyze the order history, getting a list of them that can be categorized using filters like business types, dates, order status, etc.

Business admin can disapprove the customers, marking them from the admin panel in case there is any irrelevant activity. They can also change the address for the customers.

Yes, the admin can track the partners through the map view when they are on their way to perform the service tasks.

Yes, the admin can add their own services from the panel, entering all the details of the services, country, and cities it is available in, and so on.

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