Tata Neu Clone - Scalable Multiple-Purpose Platform

Establish a multi-service business with a Tata Neu clone with flexible and determined modules for all the users offering an impactful working experience and giving all the advanced features for admin to boost their business.

What is the Tata Neu Clone?

Tata Neu clone is a multiple services solution that can assist customers in accomplishing multiple tasks within one application instead of switching between different ones. Entrepreneurs can incorporate multiple categories in each of the verticals present in the flexible solution developed with an advanced tech stack.

The platform makes it easier for entrepreneurs to target the audience for their various requirements giving a mass audience to attract with multiple services. Get our app like Tata Neu that allows performing business operations seamlessly over extended regions anywhere around the world.

Services Integrated Within Tata Neu Clone App

List of categories and services integrated into Tata Neu clone app

Ride-hailing Services

Customers can reserve rides (for bike, car, scooter, bicycle, etc.) through the app, which connects them to the ride partners; both get separate modules for the same, giving end-to-end services.

Taxi Booking







Delivery Services

Manage delivery requirements of consumers efficiently in a completely customizable platform with its excellent attributes, all combined to let any type of delivery service.







Water bottled

Home Related Services

Proffer expert support for services required at home with our application serving both customers and specialists with the paramount features that promote business growth.

Car Repair




Beauty Service

Car Wash

Gadget Repair

House Cleaning

Road Assistance

Tow Truck



Fitness Coach




Appointment Booking Services

Consumers can ask for appointments for the service providers, set the duration, day, and the desired service, pay with the desired method and also follow the service status within the app.




Any Consultant

Parcel Delivery Services

Ordering parcel delivery services by entering starting and destination address, the period received the parcel, and selecting desired vehicle type.

Single Store

Well-Structured Modules Of Tata Neu Clone Script

Explore the modules and the features included in Tata Neu Clone Script

Customer App

Language Option

Buyers can choose the language to browse the menu and place requests with the favorable ones, selecting from the available option.

Change Address

Users can alter their address to receive orders before ordering and also update the address on the checkout page if needed.

Order Status

The live state of their request can be traced by the buyers beginning from when it is accepted by the merchants till it is served by partners.

Schedule Order

Users can choose to schedule their order propositions with the merchants, and they will decide the day and time to schedule.

Customer Panel

Social Sign Up

Customers can sign up to the panel using social app accounts like Facebook or even log in directly with Google ID.

Reset Password

Customers can easily reset passwords if they forgot the old ones to reset them with the help of the ID and email address.

Search Filters

Users can use search filters like tag, price, distance, and time to browse the merchants they seek easily.

Share Referral Code

After registering, customers get a referral code that they can share with new users and get multiple benefits.

Merchant Panel

Set up Menu

Merchants can set and update the menu, which includes subcategories, categories, items, and modifiers.

Associate Modifier

Merchants can associate modifier groups for different items and set charges based on the size and type of modifiers.

Set Radius

Merchants can set the delivery radius from the merchants where the services are offered and accordingly can set the prices.

Analyze Reviews

The merchants can analyze reviews and ratings given to the orders and services by customers to take action for improvements.

Merchant App

Add Submerchant

Stores can insert their substitutes to execute specific chores, to whom they can give entrance to particular screens of the website to conduct.


The shop owner can choose to allocate incoming order requests to the available partners, choose the fleet type, and then determine the delivery partner.

Import Menu

Either the store owner can select the menu by entering the necessary data about it or can import the prepared file of the menu and set it up accordingly.

Order Details

Merchants can view the service attributes even after that is ended with the details like invoice, status, and partners, and also can chat with the consumers.

Partner App

Customer’s Details

Partners can examine the customer’s requests, including their details like address, invoice, and entities, and chat with them if required.

Track Location

Partners are facilitated with an integrated map feature in which they can trace the location of the store and users for delivery purposes.

Change Profile Details

Delivery partners can modify their profile details like name, profile picture, and even service type, which they can propose to the admin.

Order History

Partners have all the saved records of the order demands they received, orders they concluded, and the orders that were rejected.

Admin Dashboard

Add Services

A business owner can prepare their own services, including the menu and prices separately set for the regions, and conduct the service partners for that.

Wallet Request

Store owners and partners have to ask for wallet access from the business admin, which on verification, can be approved by them.

Earning Reports

Owners get the particulars of revenues individually for stores and partners. Also, the admin gets the earnings for all the completed requests.

Edit the Menu

Business admin can modify the menu of any store; they have a select business type and then category and store and update any info about the menu.

Explore The Graphical Flow Of Tataneu Clone App

All the modules of Tata Neu Clone app consist of an simple and adaptable graphical flow.

User App

The user app is integrated with cutting edge features which makes it feasible for consumers to shop for their everyday essential products.

Play StoreApp Store

Merchant App

The flow involves carrying out the duties of the merchant seamlessly, managing orders, consumers, collaborating with partners, and monitoring earnings.

Play StoreApp Store

Partner App

Partners can easily register themselves under the app in few simple steps, afterwards they can perform on the specific tasks and start earnings.

Play StoreApp Store

Merchant Panel

The graphical flow of merchant panel proffers a user-friendly approach so merchants can efficiently manage business tasks and keep track of profits.

User Panel

A dedicated web panel for consumers that is incorporated with high functionalities so consumers can easily shop for their desired goods and services.

Admin Panel

The graphical flow of the Admin panel offers a comprehensive view, and extensive monitoring capabilities to manage the entire business operations.

How Does Tata Neu Clone Work?

Comprehend the steps that work for the multiple-purpose platform where customers can determine the app to serve multiple purposes. An app like Tata Neu serves the users with an appealing user interface and the workflow to order services seamlessly. Down are the steps in which the platform allows users to seek services.


  • Foremost, customers have to insert the start and end addresses for transportation.
  • Then pick the fleet and affirm the payment levied for that.
  • Determine the duration to ride – either instant or pre-book on the selected day and time.
  • Fulfill the payment using the favorable mode from those given
  • Can pursue the status of the taxi within the platform.


  • Prefer the courier delivery category.
  • Enter the start and receiver’s address, including all the parcel information.
  • One can also enter the particular request and the parcel’s photo.
  • Move to the payment screen and pay using the advantageous payment gateway.
  • Track the courier delivery status from start to end.


  • Customers can select the kind of store they want to order from
  • Select the entities and update them with the modifiers if required, dropping them into the cart.
  • Proceed to the checkout screen and ensure the correct details about the orders and address.
  • Pay for the order with the favorable method.
  • Follow the order and delivery services status from the merchant and partners’ side in real-time.


  • Opt for the desired kind and then the provider for that service.
  • Choose the desired services from the service partners.
  • Finalize the service and address details to get it done on
  • Pay for it by choosing one method from those which are given
  • Follow the service provider until it is done from the app.

Remarkable Characteristics Of An App Like Tata Neu

An App Like Tata Neu built by Elluminati leverages entrepreneurs’ many remarkable characteristics.

Dedicated App

Customers, merchants, and partners can leverage a reliable app that has an appealing user interface and dedicated features.

Customizable Modules

Admin can choose to customize features of applications that are dedicated to customers, merchants, and partners from the panel.

Real-time Status

All the data within the platform is updated in real-time so as to allow the business admin to track the business reports without manual work.

Push Notification

For all the activities in the platform, a push notification is sent in all the modules to keep track of updates and results of the activity.

Earning Reports

Earnings from orders are stored within the platform to keep track of sales, earnings, profits, most sold-out items or most booked services, and so on.

Real-Time Currency Conversion

Payments from different currencies can be converted to the admin’s major currency, allowing them to do business in multiple locations seamlessly.

ESuper Panel Demo

User App

Users can use the website for all the same purposes as the app.

Merchant App

Merchants can conduct store operations from the panel provided with helpful features.

Admin Panel

Admin can supervise the operation of the entire business within the platform and make updates whenever required.

Merchant App

Dispatching and managing processes are all done seamlessly within the merchant app.

User App

Sign up and get multiple services within one solution easily.

Partner App

Partners can register with their service details and start earning hassle-free.

ESuper App Demo

Go through the app demo sessions to learn more about the specific app functionality and its working.

Merchant App

Dispatching and managing processes are all done seamlessly within the merchant app.

User App

Sign up and get multiple services within one solution easily.

Partner App

Partners can register with their service details and start earning hassle-free.

Have A Glace At Our Robust Solutions

Elluminati provides development support to build advanced platforms suiting your specific business needs.

Set Of Technologies Used

BE Backend
  • Nodejs

FE Frontend
  • Javascript

  • AngularJS

  • JQuery

  • Java

  • Kotlin

  • Xml

  • Swift

  • OBJ-C

DB Database
  • MongoDB

  • Firebase

  • Room

  • Sql Lite

PM Project Management Tools
  • Slack

  • Jira

  • Gitlab

  • Trello

QA Testing
  • Manual Testing

  • Postman

  • Jmeter

  • Cypress.io

DO DevOps
  • C1 CD

Take Charge of the Advantages of Tata Neu Like App Created By Elluminati

Get Tata Neu like app from Elluminati that is built by our team with an agile approach utilizing the most advanced technologies.

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The cost to develop an app like Tata Neu relies on multiple characteristics like customization cost, user interface, the complexity of the platform, third-party app integration, etc. However, the average cost range is between $10000- $50000.

Yes, our Tata Neu like app comes with upscaling attributes and also allows you to run your business smoothly across multiple cities.

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