ui of multi service platform

Although marketing is one way of gathering an audience for your business, if you think a bit out of the box, then the design must be another way that gains the trust of application users. As people’s need for solutions keeps on changing, the recent ones on the tongue are multi-service solutions. So for entrepreneurs, a mobile-based platform becomes a quite suggestable solution that comes with an attractive user interface. Although, during the design and development of an app like Gojek, almost every design fundamental is followed. Now, to know the fundamentals of interactive UI of multi service platform, you need to refer to the below section.

Designing Fundamentals You Need To Consider:

The crucial element for a multi-service app help is making its interface easier to understand for its users as there are numerous services and functions to be considered integrated within. Those elements play a vital role in making the application popular among users. The designers of mobile solutions are working on an edge as they need to convey information on smartphone screens consisting of limited space.

Simplicity and Clarity

Users always like simple and explicit designs of applications. Therefore, the platform’s design should be helpful to users for quick execution of the functions. Alongside, clarity helps the designers to differentiate the elements necessary for keeping them directly available to users and the ones that make a solution untidy and are not necessarily to be displayed.

Easy Understanding

The applications that are mostly preferred by the people and are on top of all demands must consist of a UI that enables users to easily understand through icons, graphical animations, and other such stuff. Besides that, a second essential aspect is the logo of your solution, which must be able to convey the niche of your business clearly to the people. It helps the targeted audience identify the solution they are searching for.

Easy Grasping Typography

It is the art of arranging text, line spacing, and various elements in a way that provides a good reading experience to users. No doubt that illustrations and images lay a considerable impact on users, as they can easily understand the motto through pictorial and illustrational representations. But, the textual format helps them to grasp information quickly. In fact, users gain more details about your services in a precise and detailed manner, and when those wordings are presented in an appealing way, this is when typography comes into play. It would add a finishing touch to the user experience of your platform.

Proper Navigation

Navigation is about making users know, where every function would take them. It is a factor that decides the priority of your solution among users and how much time they require to learn about operating it. Users must be easily able to use your platform by utilizing the flow of execution you have designed. Now how can you create the clear-cut navigation of an application?

It is by using the standardized app navigation patterns utilized in almost all OSs. Most users are convenient with those designs, and if you implement them into your solution, then it will become easier for users to navigate through a platform. And also, using the same pattern throughout your application would probably make it consistent enough.

Recognizable Animations

Animations describe the changes made by users in a creative manner in the form of relevant actions. These are the ones that make your platform interactive with users. Also, the designers apply them to solutions, as it helps people understand several function transitions. Besides, users can recognize the updates made and swipes performed easily. They also assist them in thoroughly knowing the navigation mechanism of your application, as mentioned in the above point.

Now, as an individual, following all the designing fundamentals, besides a few ones mentioned above, is not an easy task. It demands a lot of toil to satisfy all the criteria of designing a platform. In such a case, designing a company can be an appropriate choice for you; that follows all the fundamentals aforementioned effectively along with knowing your purpose.


Thus, getting an interactive UI in the multi-services app would help your venture to look much more attractive than ever before. The users tend to stay on your application because they can easily understand the flow of functions and perform tasks rapidly. Better customer retention rates would result in your venture stretching its sales and profit margins considerably. In addition, before initiating, it’s always preferable to study the topmost contenders that are related to your field.

Hence, these fundamentals would help to get a platform that is easily understandable for users and can help your business to get on a continuous roll in the market very soon.