Snapp Clone – Diverse Services Organized In Single Business

Adapt Snapp clone that provides multiple services within a platform like rides booking, food or grocery delivery, telemedicine across Iran at competitive prices and enable vendors to reach a large audience.

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What is the Snapp Clone? How the Platform Ensures Efficiency in the Business with Multiple Services Conducted on a Single Platform?

Business through a mobile application is a new method of offering services to consumers. Additionally, the trend is that multiple services are offered within a single app. Consumers prefer to access services as easily as possible, which prospects a business to higher standards. They can leverage the platform that accomplishes this business perspective.

Snapp clone is an online solution delivering multiple services to the consumers on one platform. It makes every service easily obtainable and is a cost-effective method to seek all of them. The platform is crafted with an advanced tech stack to make it the cutting-edge solution.

Tech giants can utilize multiple services apps as of vast markets with massive users. Its market is already predicted to dominate in the future over services apps. An app like Snapp provides a wide range of products and services. We develop the platform with the best technologies integrating the soundest features to get the finest user experience.

List of Services Implemented to Snapp Clone App

Entitle your business with a Snapp clone app integrating numerous services and managing them effectively.

Taxi Booking App

Delivery App

Services App







Step Into the Most Competitive Market With Snapp Clone Script

Entrepreneurs can make the most use of the reflexive Snapp clone script to cater to the customary requirement of the consumers. The advanced app can be scaled up to meet the requirements to increase the business scope, managing all expeditiously through a single dashboard. The solution comes with the complete branding to business remarkably.

Rides Booking Facility Accessed Through an App like Snapp

An app like Snapp combines a facility of booking rides through the app with other services accessed via the internet at affordable expenses. The ride-hailing structure integrated into the app is the most widely adaptable service. Integrating it into the business solution creates a chance to acquire huge customers, and this platform is stable to manage them all.

Many numbers of rides and fleets will be dynamically managed on the platform. In addition, riders can access advanced features through the solution that allow convenient ride-booking and an enhanced rides booking experience through a versatile workflow flow. Some of the notable features like:

Riders can add pick-up and drop-off locations in the app, manually adding or selecting them directly from the app.

Understand How Users Can Conducts Rides Booking Facility

Permit users to get rides accessible through the platform utilizing advanced features and pay securely.



Taxi riders can register themselves on the platform with the required details or can directly sign up with social media ID.


Select Location

To book the rides, one can enter the location or select it from the integrated map for the pick and final address of the ride.



After confirming the rides, riders can pay with the chosen payment process; riders can save the bank details for easy payments.


Drivers Accepts

Drivers can get the rides requests, which they accept or reject, and also accomplish the rides with its features.


Track From Map

The Google Map in the app allows drivers and riders to follow the routes of the rides; helps drivers to easy-going paths.


Add Feedback

Riders give feedback for the rides, entering ratings out of five and reviews. Drivers can also share feedback with the riders.

Advent The Benefits of Snapp Like App Forging Elevated Prospects

Get a Snapp like app to fulfill your perspective of the business of providing multiple attributes through a single source.

Benefit Your Business With a Snapp Clone That Instigate Delivery Services

Delivery services for meals, groceries and other daily essentials are fulfilled by Snapp clone, making it easy for the buyers to reduce their chores. The automation in the business also benefits the business by securing a large shoppers base and managing them within a single dashboard.

It also facilitates the business to supervise multiple outlets, provokes the business in new locations, secure online payments, and a lot more amenities. With all these tasks, the solution is stable and renders a fluent workflow enabling access to the services and business in real-time, and also stores the data in the cloud, which could be retrieved anytime. Some notable features include:

Online buyers can access the vast menus of the stores to order, saving items in the cart and later make checkouts.

Persist Delivery Business Flow with Snapp Clone App

Make the most use of the Snapp clone app, understanding the delivery flow between users, drivers, and stores.



If registered, sign up to the platform to access numerous restaurants and shops to order from.



Select the stores and entities using the filters given in the platform, add the items to the cart, and then finalize by checkout.



Buyers can complete the orders by completing the expenses with desired methods like cash, card, or online transfers.


Store's Role

Stores will accept the orders, prepare them, and assign delivery services to the nearby drivers for pick up.


Driver's Tasks

Delivery providers can accept the request and accomplish the delivery to the customer's location with a verification code.


Share Feedbacks

Consumers and delivery providers can give ratings and reviews in their respective apps; stores can examine all those reviews.

Establish Services Offering Features in the Snapp Clone Script

Provide services with a streamlined Snapp clone script that help the consultation of doctors or psychologists or book appointments with them. Patients can check the ratings and reviews given to the doctors and can appoint them accordingly. They can take advantage of the best features available in all the modules.

Owners can handle the business hassle-free tasks conducted through the platform remotely and can supervise the entire business. In addition, they can generate sales reports and analyze stores, users, and providers' reports. Here are the most popular features of assisting users with enchanting consumers.

Patients can select the providers directly or choose a company(hospital) that can allocate required providers.

Access the Benefits of Adding Services in a Snapp App Script

Snapp app script consists of the most appropriate features and flows to conduct business services.



Service seekers can register to the platform entering the required details like name, contact, and email.


Choose Providers

Within the list of the providers, users can select the service providers directly or choose the company.


Pay for Service

After confirming the providers, they have to pay for the services with allowed payment methods.


Providers Responds

Providers will get the requests and can respond and fulfill their services asked by the services seekers.



Service providers and consumers can give reviews and ratings for received services for future scope of improvements.


Examine Records

Service providers and consumers can record their past finished services and examine them anytime with complete data.

Understand the Actual Working or Rides Booking Services

Riders can sign up easily and book instant or scheduled rides.

Confirm the flow of Delivery Business Through the Customizable Modules

Register, order, and pay through the app dedicated to the users.

Demos of Services Business to Experience Its Workflow

The app assigns services to the provider made with an advanced tech stack.

Frequently Asked Questions About Snapp App Clone

1. What app like Snapp meant for?

An app like Snapp operates a business offering numerous services within a single platform, ensuring consumers' convenience.

2. Does the platform offer right to left language integration?

Snapp clone custright to left languages like Persian, Kurdish, Arabic, etc., for coherent communication between all the users of the platform.

3. How much does it cost to develop a Snapp like app?

Develop Snapp Like super app costs between $10000 to $50000+. Depending on the customization, technologies used, and services that need to be integrated, the cost varies.