Snapp Clone - Diverse Services Organized In Single Business

Persuade your business with a Snapp clone that provides multiple services within a platform like ride booking, food or grocery delivery, and telemedicine across Iran at competitive prices and enables vendors to reach a large audience.

What is the Snapp Clone? How does the Platform Ensure Efficiency with Multiple Services in the Business?

Snapp clone is a versatile platform delivering multiple services to consumers on one platform. It makes every service easily obtainable and is a cost-effective method to seek all of them. It has all the required feature integration to execute the solution with ease. The platform is crafted with an advanced tech stack to make it a cutting-edge solution.

The customizable solution leverages the business and accomplishes this business perspective. An app like Snapp provides a wide range of verticals to be added within and each with multiple services. We develop the platform with the best technologies integrating the soundest features to get the finest user experience.

List Of Services Implemented To Snapp Clone App

Entitle your business with a Snapp clone app integrating numerous verticals and numerous services which are managed within it effectively.

Ride-hailing Services

Customers can reserve rides (for bike, car, scooter, bicycle, etc.) through the app, which connects them to the ride partners; both get separate modules for the same, giving end-to-end services.

Taxi Booking







Delivery Services

Manage delivery requirements of consumers efficiently in a completely customizable platform with its excellent attributes, all combined to let any type of delivery service.







Water bottled

Home Related Services

Proffer expert support for services required at home with our application serving both customers and specialists with the paramount features that promote business growth.

Car Repair




Beauty Service

Car Wash

Gadget Repair

House Cleaning

Road Assistance

Tow Truck



Fitness Coach




Appointment Booking Services

Consumers can ask for appointments for the service providers, set the duration, day, and the desired service, pay with the desired method and also follow the service status within the app.




Any Consultant

Parcel Delivery Services

Ordering parcel delivery services by entering starting and destination address, the period received the parcel, and selecting desired vehicle type.

Single Store

There is room for more than 70+ services as Elluminati has the experience to work for a diverse list of services. If you have other requirements, contact us and share your requirements.

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Scalable Modules Of Snapp Clone Script

Here is the list of all the modules of Snapp clone script, leveraging the best experience for the respective users consisting of all required features.

Customer App

Vast Menus

The app users can access the vast menus of the merchants to make an order, save items in the cart and edit the items within the cart.

Generate Invoices

Before final order placement and payments, users will generate an invoice of the complete orders describing all the charges applied.

Extra Benefits

Users can endure extra benefits like discounts, referral code profits, and promo coupons while ordering through the app.

Instant/Schedule Service

Customers can order any required service for an instant or even book it for the future by filling out the date and time.

Customer Panel

Reviews and Ratings

Customers are allowed to convey feedback in terms of ratings and comments for the service providers and merchants.

Order History

The service requests from the past are stored on the platform that the customers can examine anytime, whether online or offline.


Customers can register by entering the required details like name, contact, and email or can use the social media app’s account.


Customers can complete the orders by completing the expenses with desired methods like cash, card, or e-wallets.

Merchant App

Allow To Schedule

Merchant can allow the customers to schedule the order and also can decide to pre-schedule to get it on the desired date and time.

Add SubStore

Sub-merchants are given a particular task, allowing them to access a particular screen to access their respective data.

Order Cancellation Setting

Merchants can set the order cancellation settings where it can enter multiple reasons and allow the users to choose one of them.

Set Delivery Radius

Merchants can either allow it to offer services everywhere in the area or can set the radius in which it is offering the services.

Merchant Panel

Set Time to Schedule

Merchants can set the time to schedule the services before; time can be set in terms of slots for each day of the week.

Set Time Slots

Merchants can set the time of services in terms of different slots or full-day availability of services for each day of the week.

Set Price Rating

It is the total number of digits that the maximum item price of their store; for a max price of $99, the price rating will be 2.

Import or Export Menu

Merchants can export the entire menu in an excel sheet or import it from an excel sheet to set up the menu directly.

Partner App

Add Vehicle

Partners can add the vehicles in the app, with all vehicle details and documents, which the admin will verify and approve.

Set Availability

Partners can set their availability in advance, marking which day and which time of that day they will be available for conducting services.

Order History

Delivery partners can view their completed order history and check for the amount they earned from each order.

Social Sign up

Partners can sign up to the platform using the social media account, which will eliminate entering all the details on the platform.

Admin Panel

Wallet Request

Merchants and partners have to send wallet access requests to the admin, which on verification, can be approved by the admin.

Running Order

Admins get the list of orders separately with complete details that include items, charges, partners, merchants, etc.

Add Service

Admin can set the various service for any of the given verticals and edit that anytime required or can remove it.

Earnings Details

Admin gets the details of earnings separately for merchants and partners. Also, the admin gets the earnings for all the orders.

Graphical Flow Of Snapp App Clone

Get through the graphical flow of the Snapp app clone utilizing its attributes in the best way possible and giving a straightforward functioning.

User App

Users are leveraged with a highly interactive app to get multiple services from different verticals.

Play StoreApp Store

Merchant App

Merchants can set up an online store and manage the incoming request from the customers within the app.

Play StoreApp Store

Partner App

Partners have the simplest workflow to offer services as assigned by the merchants or business admin.

Play StoreApp Store

Merchant Panel

The merchant panel has the same graphical flow as the app maintaining an online store made easy.

User Panel

Users are facilitated with the web app to order and pay with more convenience at required times.

Admin Panel

Admins get the omnichannel view of the business from the panel, which makes it easy to maintain it.

Pricing Strategies

Opening the broader range of possibilities to our clients allowing to multiple packages to connect with us with mutual benefits.

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Multi-Service Business Flow With Snapp Clone App

Make the most use of the Snapp clone app, understanding the multi-service business flow between users, partners, and merchants, separately for all the verticals. It consists of the most required features and flows to conduct business services in its smooth and easy-to-understand working flow. Here all the flow is explained separately. Users can start by registering on the platform and then selecting the category they want in their locations.

Taxi Flow

  • Riders are supposed to enter the address for pick up and drop off.
  • Opt for the type of service type listed as per the availability.
  • Refer to the pricing details and time estimation
  • Confirm the ride and move to the payment screen
  • Pay with the desired method and track the driver through the app.

Delivery Flow

  • Choose the type of delivery and explore the stores listed
  • Then select the stores and items from that one as per requirements.
  • Move to the checkout screen and edit the delivery details if required.
  • Choose the payment method for the delivery service
  • Can track the delivery service for all the status through the app

Courier Flow

  • Select the address for the parcel delivery pickup and drop-off locations.
  • Enter the details of the parcel, like the name, and contact information about the sender and receiver.
  • Move to the checkout screen and verify the details about it.
  • Pay with the desired method of payment
  • Track the order till it is delivered.

Services Flow

  • Choose the type of services and dig through the service provider list
  • Then choose one of them and services from that one as per requirements.
  • Proceed to the checkout screen and edit the delivery details if required.
  • Choose the payment method for the delivery service
  • Can track the delivery service for all the status through the app.

Appointment Flow

Choose the appointment type from all those are given

  • Choose the type of appointment which is required
  • Then from the given list of service providers, find the one that is the best suited.
  • Book an appointment at the required time and date
  • Finalize the bookings and time, also review the cost
  • Pay with the desired method of payment as given on the platform.

Remarkable Features Of An App Like Snapp

Take the benefits of some outstanding features of an app like Snapp to streamline a multi-services business pushing to the heights of success.

Referral System

Referral benefits are for all customers and partners who can engage new users and earn benefits as allowed by the business admin.

Promo Offers

The promo offered by merchants and admin to the customers gives benefits, and ultimately avails a business to retain them.


In the user module, the business admin gets the space to advertise merchants and their services charging fees to rent the space.

Feedback System

The feedback from customers and partners allows a business to identify the service quality and thus make improvements accordingly.

Detailed Reports

The detailed reports for the orders, earnings, users, and transactions are all auto-calculated and stored in the platform, accessed anytime.

Currency Conversion

Businesses get the benefit of auto currency value updates, and the administrative person can use a default currency for its profits.

Why Choose Elluminati For A Snapp Like App Development?

Snapp like app development with us gives a range of benefits to the business reaching a higher level from their business and stiving the competitive industry.

Complete White Label

Elluminati customizes the solution with a complete white labeling solution so as to ensure a brand identity for the customers and engage with a unique presence in the competitive market.

Avant Grade Development Process

The team of developers follows the most versatile process to build the solution such that it is ready to execute the solution with ease in effort and can be managed for the rest by the business owners.

Intriguing Tech Stack

We use brilliant technologies to develop the platform, making the platform ready to launch in the technologically ruling markets and has all the latest trends that can be perfectly executed.

Customizable Solution

All the modules are customizable to embrace business requirements easily at any stage of their growth and without any restriction to integrate new features and update the code hassle-free.

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Requisite Features For Multi-Service Business In Snapp Clone App

Set of features in the Snapp clone app that are essential for a multi-service business to manage a huge customer base easily by fulfilling their diverse requirements.

Chatting and VoIP

The Snapp clone app has the facility to chat within the app and call masking option that allows the customers, partners, merchants can be connected within the platform.

Analytical Results

For business owners, there is a dashboard that allows them to analyze automatically drawn results depending on the activities going on the platform.

Mass Notifications

The admin can send mass notifications to the customers, partners, or merchants to the users of particular countries and app users (like Android and iOS ).

Integrated Map

The map is integrated into the modules of the Snapp clone so that users get to track the order of partners or respective stakeholders of the business.

Multiple Languages

There are multiple language scripts integrated into the platform allowing the business to for exposed to new countries without language restrictions.

Multiple Payment Method

Multiple methods to receive payments allow a business to offer convenience to the customers, for payment also ensures reliability and security.

Experience Working Panels Of Snapp Clone

User Panel

It gives convenience to the users for ordering services made up of an advanced tech stack.

Merchant Panel

The panel has a wider view of the business and easy handling to oversee orders and partners.

Admin Panel

Admin panel gives a broader range of features to manage the entire business with automation.

Merchant App

Facilitate merchants to business through an app operating every task online.

User App

Users can easily register, order, and pay through the dedicated app.

Partner App

Partners can signup and conduct services with the help of determined app features..

Take A Tour To The Demo Of The Snapp Clone App

Explore the live demos of app modules and learn more about its functionalities

Merchant App

Facilitate merchants to business through an app operating every task online.

User App

Users can easily register, order, and pay through the dedicated app.

Partner App

Partners can signup and conduct services with the help of determined app features..

Additional Platforms Designed By Us

Elluminati proffers industry-specific apps for entrepreneurs to upgrade their business in this digital market.

Benefits of Snapp Like App Forging Elevated Prospects

Get a Snapp like app to fulfill your perspective of the business of providing multiple attributes through a single source.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Snapp Clone App

If you have any kind of queries regarding the Snapp clone app, feel free to contact us, we are here to provide the right assistance.

An app like Snapp operates a business offering numerous services within a single platform, ensuring consumers’ convenience.

A Snapp clone allows right-to-left languages like Persian, Kurdish, Arabic, etc., for coherent communication between all the users of the platform.

Developing a Snapp like super app costs between $10000 to $50000+. Depending on the customization, technologies used, and services that need to be integrated, the cost varies.

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