Grab Clone – Run Multiple Businesses Under One Solution

Deliver multiple services to users from a single place, implementing a quintessential Grab clone that will subsequently automate the operations of the businesses and present you enhanced control with multiple categories of business.

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what is grab clone app

What is Grab Clone? How does It Group Multiple-service for Online Businesses?

Grab clone is a platform integrating multiple services that enable businesses to offer delivery, transport, appointment booking, services, and courier delivery to the online platform users. The platform permits the surveillance and management of multiple services from a single place at any time with automated processes and advanced features.

The grab clone script has upmarket and modern features that authorize entrepreneurs to launch a firm identity on this mobile-driven planet. Propel maximum users to your conventional business by operating an app like Grab that facilitates business operations. It is the perfect solution for maintaining a large user base within the solution seamlessly.

What Category Of Services Associated With Grab Clone Script?

Grab clone script presents an innumerable number of services that allow startups to unwind faster than their competitors in the competitive industry seeking various opportunities to scale the business.

Any type of taxi service is integrated within the Grab clone script so that customers can book transportation services of their pleasing kind.

A customizable delivery vertical allows to fit numerous delivery services of distinct sorts and manage their tasks with automated methods in real-time.

Customers get a span of assistance for home care as decided by the administrators of business and by the merchants, which is allocated to the partners to fulfill them on time.

Users of the app can appoint the meeting for desired assistance they desire on the desired period and date, choosing reliable service providers.

Users can ask to send the parcel from one address to another with the convenience of tracking it down through the app.

Elluminati gives abundant options other than these mentioned lists as experienced in working in more than 70 kinds of services. Share your list of services to integrate them into the all-in-one platform.

Effective Modules of Grab Clone App

The modules in the Grab clone app solution are streamlined, giving personalized experiences to the respective users and connecting them in real-time, causing the multi-service business to be seamlessly managed.

user app of grab clone app

Customer App

Users can get the list of all prominent attributes that are required to get a service from an all-in-one solution with utmost ease. The entire user experience is simplistic such it gives an eloquent flow even with such a complex business model.

Instant or Schedule

In-app Notifications

Social Login

Share Feedback

Allow users to book or schedule services as per their selection. By keeping the valid date and time, they can be served at that particular time.

Customer Panel

The customer panel is to leverage users for more convenience throughout their experience to get the service from the Grab clone app. It gives border choice to the consumers to enlist service with the same category as the customer app.

Favorite Address

Promo Offers

Pay from E-Wallet

Live Chat

Customers are capable of adding more than one address, which is saved as favorite addresses; they can opt for one while placing a request.

grab clone script user panel
merchant app of grab like app

Merchant App

Merchants are able to conduct the services through the dedicated module such that they obtain automated business analysis on a daily and weekly basis. Also, the business control assets like orders, partners, and users get to manage with just a few clicks.

Order History

Analyze Reviews

Schedule Order

Create Requests

All the order requests are kept in the merchant app, which could be analyzed by the merchants for a considerate purpose.

Merchant Panel

The panel for merchants gives the broader facility to govern the operations of merchants through the same feature as an app but with a wider screen presence and convenience to handle tasks without much hassle as in the traditional method.

Menu Management

Enter Back Details


Past Orders

The merchants get the menu management system which consists of four different layers, including categories, subcategories, modifiers, if any, and items.

merchant panel of grab similar platform
partner app of grab like app

Partner App

Partners are all the services partners who are in contact with either the merchant or admin to offer the services and earn their decided part of the profit. Partners can fulfill the services with real-time status to track the status of the order, customer’s requests, and merchant’s requests.

Go Offline

Upload Document

Wallet Request

Service History

Partners can go offline from their app, which will mark the merchants of their service unavailability, and therefore, that allows efficient services.

Admin Panel

They are supposed to manage the complete business from the intuitive panel they get, which has a link to all other modules. Maintaining the features, users, payment, and business regions are all that an admin can operate.

Add Wallet Balance

Delivery Area

Language Setting


Admin gets the wallet request from the merchants and service partners, which they can confine to accept or reject and can decide the amount to add in.

admin panel of grab like platform

Escalate Your Business By Embracing Grab Like App

Convey your opinions to our professionals and fuel your entrepreneurial ambitions with a smart multiple-service Grab like app solution catering to all a business’s necessities.

How Does An Graphical Flow of Grab App Clone Seem?

Experience the full line of superlative attributes and functioning of the Grab app clone that causes it leisurely for users of the app.

User App

Loaded with many attributes and smart functionalities, users get a simple booking process for any of the verticals they book for.

Merchant App

Merchants get to handle the tasks within the app operating the most straightforward procedure and managing functions.

Partner App

Partners get to start off their tasks of receiving service requests, conducting the tasks, and tracking earnings all within the app.

User Panel

Customers can get a broader view of the service booking process within the panel with all the real-time statuses.

Merchant Panel

The graphical flow of the merchant panel shows up a more convenient way to conduct business tasks and track down the earnings.

Admin Panel

The panel gives a broader view of the entire multi-service enterprise conducting the tasks in a hassle-free manner.

Business Model

Learn Grab's business model to adopt the finest strategies and mark earnings channels to establish a similar profitable business.

Pricing Structure

There are multiple pricing packages to get the Grab clone that varies in terms of benefits giving a broader range to businesses to invest in.

Choose The Perfect Grab Similar App Solution That Fits Into Your Business

Refer to Working Flow of all Modules Grab Clone Script

Let’s see how a JustGrab clone causes it leisurely for customers to get a service with a seamless experience. Here is the workflow explained for all the verticals as given in an app like Grab. First of all, customers have to sign up before they start exploring the verticals of services proposed within the app. Next, choose the vertical they desire.

  • Search from the map or enter your source and the destination address to book a ride.
  • Depending on that, the list of vehicles options available will be shown to choose from
  • Check the price estimated for the entire ride as given
  • Select whether an instant rides or scheduled on a later date and time.
  • Pay conveniently with the desired method of payment.
  • From the extensive list of delivery services, users can explore the one they want.
  • Choose a merchant verifying its details and menu to order desired items.
  • Add desired items to the cart and confirm it on the checkout screen
  • Pay with the desired method for the request and service
  • Track the order status and give reviews and ratings.
  • Customers need to create a pickup and designation address.
  • One can also add the image(s) of the items in the courier.
  • They can also choose a vehicle if their parcel is huge and need special attention.
  • Then pay for the desired parcel request with the preferable method.
  • Track the delivered courier parcel with its real-time status.
  • Pick up the type of services required
  • Choose the provider listed on the home screen or can search directly
  • Pick up all the services required and finalize that from the checkout screen
  • Choose one payment method and pay through the desired method
  • Track the service request knowing the status in real-time.

    Choose the appointment type from all those are given

  • Select the time and appointment - schedule or instant.
  • Pick the service providers knowing its complete details
  • Pay for the booking fees and service charge is applied any
  • Refer to the service status as marked by the providers.

Most Essential Features Integrated Grab Clone App

Grab clone app is the perfect solution to start and gain massive popularity as of the presence of essential features.

Referral System

A business gets to utilize the referral system, which allows a business to proffer a simple way to share or recommend a business with their friends. This way, a business can grow to acquire new customers which get recommendations from peers.

Flexible Pricing

A business sets the pricing for the services in different ways, a base price method or service base related calculation; one can also set different pricing based on zone. It will ensure the maximum profits a business can seek from different services.

Integrated Map

The integrated map aids the admin in locating all the merchants and partners and following their services; likewise, for the partners, it helps track the customer’s address. The tracking is done in real-time, making it an efficient process.

Feedback System

Customers can give comments to the partners and services they receive, and partners can also place feedback for the users. This authorizes a business to improve the grade of the assistance and ensure transparency between all the stakeholders.

Earning Reports

Earning from all the orders is stored within the platform to keep track of sales, earnings, profits, most sold-out times or most booked services, and so on. This record has everything arranged in a sheet that can be exported for offline uses.

Real-Time Currency Conversion

This permits running the entire business based on the real-time currency conversion for regions in which a business works. Admin can also keep one common currency in which its profits will also be converted from all those currencies that a business is operating in.

Why Choose Elluminati for a Grab Like App Development?

Elluminati builds a fully scalable Grab clone app willing to begin a multi-service business appropriate for any extent. The platform doesn't limit the customer base so that it can be expanded to multiple regions.

White Labeling

The platform can be completely enhanced for the appearance by putting a business’s logo and brand name, theme, and other required aspects. It will be completely white-labeled so that acquiring and retaining customers becomes easier.

Best Tech Stack

We utilize the result-driven process and advanced technology to build a robust platform making it more manageable for businesses to handle the operations within and to incorporate multi-service conscientiously and handle the tasks fluently.

Expert Team

Elluminati has an experienced team of developers that utilizes the most suitable method to construct the method in the most efficient way. They are experienced and proficient in all the required technologies that are concurrent in the market.

Multiple Payment Gateway

For all the projects, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with the clients maintaining the privacy and all the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract. It is strictly followed by all team members of Elluminati.

Set of Features that Makes White Label Grab Clone App Perfect

Loaded with comprehensive attributes in Grab like app to simplify tasks for the business owners.

Intuitive Dashboard

Business admin gets to analyze related reports in terms of the charts., graphs, and digits, automating tracking down all the activating and calculations manually.

Add Country

Admin can add up considerable regions to extend the business in multiple countries and cities, tracking all the actions within one solution.

Service Zone

In all the cities, the admin can set service zones., which mark where the customers would be served, and for each of them, the prices can be varied.

Show Advertisement

Business admin can create the ads for the merchants shown in the user app and panel. It is an extra source of revenue, and the ads allow the merchant to acquire more customers.

Privacy and Terms and Conditions

Admins can set the privacy policies and terms and conditions for all the stakeholders from the panel depending on their business policies and which could be updated anytime.

Dispatch Orders

Admins can dispatch the incoming service request from the users to the partners who are available. The dispatching process can be done manually or by an auto-selection method.

Streamline Your Business With Powerful App

User App

Merchant App

Partner App

Superlative features allow customers to get any service they need instantly or at a scheduled time.

Tailor-Made Panels That Caters To Business Goals

Allow users to search, order, and track services in real-time within the app.

What Technologies We Use

Client Testimonials

Jom Rides

Usop Jidin (Founder)

We are grateful to Elluminati for their constant support and patience throughout the development process. They executed all the requirements as asked by us and in the same order and priority. It was required to be very specific and detailed to implement what drivers wanted, and their excellent support helped us achieve everything.


Abdi Qani Ahmed Mohamed (Operating Head)

I’m glad to work with the most versatile team of Elluminati, appreciate them for their support and for delivering their best to help us serve better. Every time we reach them for any query, they are always ready to help us out.


Kevin Jager (Founder)

Elluminati developed a perfect dedicated platform for my fast-food delivery business in the UK. They are indeed professional as they present expert support, and their developed solution is outstanding. I highly suggest them to businesses like mine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to build an app like Grab for my region in my currency?

We have vast experience in this particular category. Moreover, our solution supports multiple languages and currencies. All you need to choose the features and designs, and we will offer you tailored solutions that match your business standards.

How can I communicate with your team?

Clients can connect with us through email or Skype, and our skilled team members will contact you as soon as possible.

Can I integrate more payment options within the Grab clone?

Absolutely. You can add multiple payment options as per your business standards. However, we offer Stripe as the default payment gateway.

Does this solution help me to expand my business?

Yes, our Grab like app comes with exclusive features and also allows you to run business smoothly across multiple cities.