multi service business in southeast asia

Lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions have changed customers’ shopping preferences. The tech-savvy customers are more likely to shop for anything from an all-in-one solution. Be it food, appointing professionals, or any other services, they want everything from a single app. This has increased the popularity of multi-service businesses and encouraged many business owners to get their venture online with the Gojek clone that helps them satisfy individuals’ growing demands.

Multi services apps have gained immense popularity these days, and Gojek is one of the favored apps in Southeast Asia. This is because Gojek offers its customers a broad spectrum of services under one roof. Be it ride-hailing, payment, or any other service, users can get all the things done using one app, which makes this platform stand out from other on-demand apps in the market.

Gojek Expansion in Southeast Asia: Have Deep Insight into it!

Launched with twenty motorbike drivers in 2015, Gojek has expanded its service to food, ride-hailing, appointment booking, and more. As a result, it is giving hard competition to Uber and other tech giants like Grab in Southeast Asia.

The number of Gojek monthly active users in Southeast Asia is increasing steadily. It has more than twenty-nine million users in Indonesia alone, followed by Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. As the platforms provide quick access to customers over comprehensive services, many people love and use them.

Southeast Asia’s ruling multi service company, Gojek, launched more than twenty services to ease people’s lives. Gojek has more than a million app downloads. The platform has provided tremendous value to its customers and is always searching for ways that help them to cater to changing preferences most effectively.

Advantages of Launching a Multi Services App for Your Business

In today’s tech-savvy business world, having mobility solutions is essential for business owners. Hence, if you’re looking for an opportunity to join the rising multi-services app market, you have made the right decision ever. Get your app deployed today, and enjoy various perks like:

  • Boost your brand reach;
  • Improve leads and revenue;
  • Increases loyal customer base;
  • Automate multiple activities of your business

There are a lot more perks you can get when you choose to launch a multi service app for your business. It helps you automate business and provide different services to customers right under one roof.

Now you don’t need to invest in multiple apps to manage different business verticals as you can manage various business services right from one platform. You can build an app that helps you have complete control over various business operations.

Steps to Follow to Start Multi-service Business in Southeast Asia

Smartphone users are growing globally, and so is the use of mobile apps. Be it for listening to their favorite songs, chatting with friends, satisfying their cravings, or finding a beautician for beauty treatment, they love to do everything with a few clicks of their smart device screen.

Increasing customers’ demand for convenience has resulted in the rise of super apps globally. Looking at the growing popularity of such apps and the increasing demand of individuals to have anything delivered at their place, many entrepreneurs are choosing to automate their multi-service business with digital solutions. If you are among them, then follow the below-listed steps to successfully launch your multi-service venture.

Understand the Market

Jumping to a market without proper information is similar to tasting uncharted waters. If you are thinking of launching a multi-service business in Southeast Asia, then it is wise advice to understand the market before jumping to the unknown market. This can help you avoid the risk of financial loss and save your efforts.

Choose The Right Business Model

Once you are aware of the market, your customer’s expectations, and competitors’ business strategies, it’s time to choose the perfect business model for your venture. Having insight into Gojek’s business model can help you understand how this multi-service app serves its services and meets the growing demand of individuals in the region.

Check Ways for Earning Revenue

There are lots of ways to generate revenue through the multi-service app; you need to find the proven one to bring a great amount to your table. You can follow a revenue model similar to Gojek; you can charge a commission from merchants/service providers, delivery fees from customers, or choose to enable third-party brands to advertise their business on your platform.

Complete All Legal Requirements

Many enterprises miss this step; as a result, they face lots of legal issues in the region they are serving their brand service. If you don’t wish to face legal issues in the future, it becomes crucial for you to complete all processes systematically. You can contact government authorities to know what you need to start your multi-service business in Southeast Asia.

Develop Your Branded Website and App

How can you think of launching a business without a branded website and app in today’s tech-savvy world? You can take the support of an app development company to launch your multi-service brand online. Integrate all essential features and functionality in your branded solution to provide a smoother experience to your potential shoppers.

Promote Your Multi-service Business

Developing and launching your multi-service business online is not enough. How will your customers know about your multi-service business when you don’t focus on promoting the same? Find and implement the right marketing strategy to create awareness about your company and make more individuals know about the same. The more people comprehend your firm, the more sales you can make, which ultimately results in increasing business profits.

Considering all the above-listed features can help you start smart in Southeast Asia. There are many more you need to consider when it comes to starting a multi-service business online; we have listed the basics that help you start a multi-service business similar to Gojek without hassle.

Parting Words

Tech-savvy people of today are ready to pay more for the convenience that enterprises offer them. They don’t have time to download lots of apps to perform different processes. Instead, they love to have one single app that enables them to get anything with a few clicks. This growing need of customers to have everything in a single app has given a boost to the multi-service app concept. Thus, many entrepreneurs are looking to launch multi-service businesses similar to Gojek. If you are one of them, this guide will surely help you start smart.