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Can you imagine all or many tasks being done on one platform? How simple is that? Yes, I’m talking about on-demand services. And how simpler it would be to get the many services through a single on-demand app. Well, it is simple for the customers because your buyer doesn’t care how you set it up. They just want to click a button on their phone and get things done with it. All they want is to be served for any of their demands (as far as it is possible) asap! But as an entrepreneur or a business owner, you know beneath this outward simplicity, there are a bunch of complex processes running in the background. The foremost is to get a solution that could incorporate various categories of services within it and automates the tasks of the customers to get the services done right and on time. Or, in other words, we could say to create a multi-service platform. Here we are taking an example of a platform similar to Gojek. We will learn how to build an app like Gojek, covering everything an entrepreneur is concerned about.

How is a Gojek or Multi Services Platform Popular?

Applications are now a core part of a person’s life. They are there in their requirements and a comforting time. Considering some statistics, we will see a significant hike in on-demand services usage by the customers. Here we look at the retail e-commerce sales worldwide as the statistics show, 2020-2025 sales. In 2025 it could reach $7.391 trillion.

Source: eMarketer

Super apps have gained a lot of success over the past few years. It is surely predicted that they will be more in need in the upcoming years too. That is not a vague prediction; we do have some solid proof for that. In Russia, the super app industry had a revenue of 51 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. In 2025, the market size is anticipated to grow by 163% and will reach up to 134 billion U.S. dollars.

And that growth in super apps is shaping the future of the finance sector. There is always something better offered, and the Super app is today’s best category in the on-demand sector. We have some prominent aspirations to prove, one of which is Gojek.

There is a lot more, but we will be now focusing on our major question: how to create an app like Gojek.

Steps on How to Build an App Like Gojek

Beginning a business right is always as important as it is being executed. And as far as a business like Gojek is considered, there has to be a lot more to offer.


Before you start developing, it is very important how it is heading to work. Have a look at all the competitors. Figure out what are customers’ preferences now and in the future with some solid references. There are no new things in these areas. All that could be accomplished is how well you can provide the services. It could be a method, attributes, user experience, or some other things like this. So you are required to get deep into this situation.

Plan for Benefits to Offer

Besides having a remarkable impression with the above-mentioned things, also take care of the essentials or basic services and features you do not forget to integrate into the solution. As we are taking Gojek as an aspiring model, we can take the services that are delivered by that business giant. It provides services like

It authorizes customers to book two-wheeler taxis with a wide network of drivers

Users can book cars to commute with the cities speeded across 50 cities.

It allows the users to place food items, order, and deliver services that have a huge number of restaurants listed within it.

It is the platform for ordering groceries allowing users to select the store and order items.

Connect pharmacies and customers to order medicines and get them delivered to the desired address.

The list goes on, and that too also in various different categories. It would be more manageable when services to be provided to the users are planned before the launch. One more thing that could be done is to plan and launch the services in different phases. You initiate with a few categories and their respective services first and subsequently plan to launch the rest in the future.

Think of Services To Linked to Your Solution

If you have an idea and want to get a multi-service business, contact us to know everything about it.

Create a Business Model

Further is how your business would work. Prepare a rigid business model including all the effective strategies. Identify all the prospects of the enterprise who is captaining to contribute directly or indirectly to the company. Such as key partners, resources, customer segments, value propositions of all of them, key activities, channels, the price structure of the business, and other things you can think of in your multi-services business.

Also, the strangle business model of Gojek has some brilliant strategies. There are three major stakeholders – customers, service providers (partners), and merchants or companies who offer benefits to the customers. All of which contribute to being a unicorn of Indonesia. And a prominent business in many other countries too.

Opt for the Right Platform

The next step is how to form an app like Gojek. That means selecting a platform where you have to create the solution. There are abundant potentials open. Which one is better than the other is all about what are the requirements and priorities of a business. The available options are listed below:

  • Native App
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Cross-platform Apps

Moreover, opting for the right technologies and techniques to build an app like Gojek is likewise important. What are your target end-users? That also depends on what platform to opt from, Android and iOS. It is also about which one is promising based on your budget. Here are also some features listed for a business that are important to integrate into the platform and some user-centric features.

List all the Features

For a Business:

Real-time Status
A business should get the real-time status of its operations to coordinate with all the prospects of the business that comes into play.

Multi-Country Support
It allows business owners to locate their business in multiple countries and cities, managing them through the platform.

Secure Payment Gateways
A business should integrate secure payment gateways allowing the customers to trust the payment procedures and that too in multiple countries.

Billing Module
It is an important feature a business should never miss out on. The billing module within the solution automates all the revenues and profit tracking channels.

Automated Business Data Configuration
A company, especially a multi-service business, has a lot of elements to track; an admin panel has a dashboard that tracks all the essential data about the business.

Next are a few important features a user application must have in their app like Gojek, such that it engages users and makes their tasks easy.

For Users:

Social Signups
When it comes to an application, social signups simplify the tasks of registering as it takes information that is already there in the social apps.

Multiple Payment Methods
Allows customers to choose multiple payment methods from which they will choose to pay with favorable ensuring their convenience.

Feedback Submission
Allowing the customers to add feedback for the services generates brand trust and also allows the business to improve its methods.

In-app Navigation
It would enable customers to track their order status or service provider’s status knowing the live status.

Language Preferences
When the business is in different countries, they will enable the consumers to choose their language preferences.

Since in a platform like Gojek, a business has to allow numerous categories of benefits, the feature list of different verticals also differs. You can refer to all features of various verticals that are elementary to integrate.

Get a Feature-rich Solution For Your Business

Serve customers with the fully featured solutions for your multi-service business.

Build and Design

You almost came half the way to your dream business. Congrats! Next is also an important step as many other steps or maybe a bit more consequential. It is to mind the development and design of your multiple services business solution. The development process would need abundant characteristics to think upon. What would be its workflow? Which features are to be aligned with which one? What would be the tech stack to build the platform with? The list moves on.

Your platform should have a solid backend and an interactive design that gives you a platform with an abstract insight. It is always profitable to rely on an experienced and expert development company to get the super app development that fulfills all requirements, getting an enterprise-ready solution.

Maintain and Update

Get your solution in front of customers. And it doesn’t end there. Keep on testing and updating your app for refinement. There is a lot to take care of after the launch of the application to keep engaging the end users. Moreover, your business data also has to be ensured to be accurately recorded. Also, getting something new every now and then would entice users, and they would love to stay connected.

Basic Workflow

There are abundant on-demand apps we might be using in the day to day life, and they are flourishing in the respective markets. All of them almost work the same way. However, an app workflow is a bit complex, as it has various categories of services. Customers solicit the services online, and providers fulfill them in minutes. Yet, we will look at the working flow again here.

  • Customers in their dedicated application and web panel opt for the service category, which is open in their area.
  • They then have to choose for exact service, say if they opt for delivery service and want food delivery. Select the store, then order from it and pay from it.
  • Merchants get the requests, prepare them and assign them to the partners – all of which they can perform within their dedicated module.
  • Partners fulfill the service using the app they registered in and got paid for that within the e-wallets integrated into it.

How Much Does it Costs To Build an App Like Gojek?

cost to build an app like gojek
The price of building an app like Gojek is not a static quantity, and that is not defined in a fixed range or price. There are a lot of characteristics to define the development cost of the app. And there are no such particular factors that also describe the exact price of an app, and here it is regarding a super app. Regardless, we could define some of them here parameters.

  • Platform, determining to build an app like Gojek makes a huge dissimilarity in the cost.
  • Then comes features integrated within the platform; more will be featured more will cost.
  • The design also impacts the cost. As complex UI UX is decided, it would take more time and money.
  • Location of the firm you decided to build the platform also matters as the price differs, which will be discussed in detail in the next section.

Charge Based on Time and Country

Here is a table mentioning the near to exact price for building an app like Gojek per hour for the Android and iOS platforms in different countries.

Location Android Development Cost/hour iOS Development Cost/hour
USA $60 $50
Eastern Europe $40 $50
Switzerland $60 $50
India $35 $30
Netherlands $38 $39
Canada $125 $110
Mexico $55 $50
UAE $110 $85
Australia $100 $85

This is all about how much a business, before earning, has to invest in devising an app like Gojek. Also, it is a lot different when one is opting to outsource a team or hire individual developers.

Possible Revenue Streams

Earnings channels for a business are one important aspect. Of course, it is. Assuming a business that earns through apps, generating customers, and offering any kind of services has some common sources and models to earn from.

Gojek, since it presents numerous services, has multiple sources of revenue. Here are some channels that Gojek has looped for their revenues. Also, which can be adopted by entrepreneurs who want to build an application for multiple services. No matter what the category is, it could be a huge source. Here are the stats showing the global mobile app incomes over the period 2017-2025. Predicting the earnings will increase by almost double 2020 revenues in 2025, reaching 618 million dollars.

Source: Statista

Commission from Services

Merchants or companies being Gojek’s partners who are listed in the Gojek platform, using it for business, would have to disburse a commission to Gojek. When the services or order is completed successfully, Gojek will receive a share of the profit.

Commission from Partners

In all the orders and bookings, patrons have to expend a small amount for any order they place from the solution, as they are accumulating numerous concessions to get from a single app.

Delivery Fees From Customers

Delivery or service providers have to pay costs to Gojek on every completed delivery. The amount is minimal fees.

Though there could be a lot of other ways, an app based platform can make it their channel of earnings. While creating an app and investing in its development and a lot of other things, it would be very significant to know to seek profit from it. Here is the guide on how much an app can earn, depending on numerous characteristics and business strategies.


That is all you can do to build an app like Gojek. At Max! Lots of mind hustling and wrestling too. Here is an enterprise-ready platform of Elluminati Inc, ESuper, that gives you extended opportunities to gear up your business from start to pro level. It is a complete script that enables customizing in all the modules so as to allow the business to launch a multi-service business seamlessly.