Gojek Clone – Launch A Multi-service App Investing in ESuper

Get a promising Gojek clone, our prebuilt platform ESuper, with high-grade features for multi-service businesses fulfilling the diverse requirements of the customers coherently.

ESuper - Gojek Clone App By Elluminati

What is gojek clone app

What is Gojek Clone? How Does It Support Your Business?

Gojek clone is an on-demand multi-service app offering 110+ services like taxi booking, food ordering, home services, and many more to customers eliminating the hassle of finding diverse services over different platforms. The platform has all the required functionalities impressive features, and an incredible user experience to seamlessly place orders for any service and pays reliably for it.

Gojek clone script consists of the five different categories of the benefits that a business can interweave for its customers, each of which further is subdivided. Depending on a business’s directives, the modules are customized and designed to attain a significant position in the competitive industry, remarking growth, themes, features, and automation. It combines multiple business models under one roof effectively. For entrepreneurs and businesses, a super app like Gojek, built by Elluminati, is the perfect solution to start their multi-million dollar company with a budget-friendly investment.

Why Choose ESuper?

Users are increasingly soliciting apps allowing more than one benefit satisfying their requirements and getting them answered on time. There comes into play an excellent solution, ESuper, a Gojek clone app that can give your noteworthy expansion opportunity in the on-demand sector where the competition is increasingly becoming tough. Further, it gives the added advantage of earning a reputation among consumers and providers.


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Services Incorporated Within ESuper – Gojek Clone Script

Serve customers with multiple facilities through the Gojek clone script in the most straightforward way by integrating numerous verticals within it.

Ride-hailing Services

Customers can reserve rides (for bike, car, scooter, bicycle, etc.) through the app, which connects them to the ride partners; both get separate modules for the same, giving end-to-end services.

Taxi Booking







Delivery Services

Manage delivery requirements of consumers efficiently in a completely customizable platform with its excellent attributes, all combined to let any type of delivery service.







Water bottled

Home Related Services

Proffer expert support for services required at home with our application serving both customers and specialists with the paramount features that promote business growth.

Car Repair




Beauty Service

Car Wash

Gadget Repair

House Cleaning

Road Assistance

Tow Truck



Fitness Coach





Appointment Booking Services

Consumers can ask for appointments for the service providers, set the duration, day, and the desired service, pay with the desired method and also follow the service status within the app.




Any Consultant

Parcel Delivery Services

Ordering parcel delivery services by entering starting and destination address, the period received the parcel, and selecting desired vehicle type.

Single Store

Besides, Elluminati offers 70+ categories of services to incorporate within the platform. Share your requirements with us.

Examine Gojek Clone Modules And Features

Track down all the sorts of modules that are merged in the Gojek clone app with each of its important features.

Esuper User App

User App

The app lets the users get more than one benefit from a long list of categories for each vertical. All the absolute elements and sections are incorporated, making it customer-friendly and giving an articulate workflow to access the benefits, which is also compatible with any device. Here are a few characteristics of the user app.

Choose Service Category

Schedule or Instant request

Checkout Screen

Invoice Generation

Track Service/Delivery

Customers can choose their desired service vertical in the app from the elongated list and choose one service from that as offered by the merchants and admin.

User Panel

ESuper User Panel

Users are given the panel with more than one access to their account to order or reserve as per their requirements by accessing the merchant’s menu within the panel. All the traits are equivalent to the app and, therefore, can determine any of them. Here are a few of the user panels.

Repeat or Customize

Order History

Favorite Merchant List

Edit Delivery Details

Manage in Cart

Any services or items selected by the customers can be repeated or customized the item with different modifiers given in that item.

ESuper Merchan App

Merchant App

Merchants are the stores that give services like grocery, medicines, alcohol, etc., those who offer home services like cleaning, electricians, etc., and also those companies that allow booking appointments online. For it is a separate module to handle the orders and delivery services assigned to providers and record all the data about it and the consumers. They can control the entire business within it. Here are a few features of the merchant app:

Accept Or Reject Orders

Edit Order

Order History

Assign to Provider

Analyze Feedback

Merchants can accept or refuse orders from users based on their choices or the availability of the items and deliveryman.

Merchant Panel

ESuper Mechant Panel

For more convenience in managing merchant’s tasks online, one can take charge of the customers, orders, service lists or menu, etc., within the panel. It gives permission to perform the tasks any time they want. Keeps all the records in the platform eliminating manual work and the errors due to that. Here are a few attributes of the merchant panel.

Order List

Add Documents


Order Cancellation Setting

Merchants get a separate list for orders they obtained based on their category of instant orders or scheduled order which they can act on accordingly.

ESuper Partner App

Partner App

Partner app is for those who facilitate delivery, conveyances, or services, where they can receive order requests, perform them with the inclined characteristics, and settle the payments with them. The apps give real-time status for the updates of the notifications. Here are a few traits of the partner app:

Accept or Refuse Requests

Set Availability

Submit Invoice

Reviews to Customers


Partners can select to accept or decline the requests from the merchants depending on their availability and preferences to fulfill the tasks.

Admin Panel

ESuper - Admin Panel

The entire business is tracked in one dashboard, whether it is governing all the tasks online like users, earnings, prices, services, locations, and many more. It automates business tasks such as handling the business in multiple locations all in one platform no matter different city or country.

Assign Requests

Add Country

Set Fees

Approve Users

Approve Wallet Requests

Admins can assign the deliveries or services to the partners, whether automatically or manually, determining the sort of service from the panel.

Start Your Business with Reliable Gojek Like App For Instant Success

Get in touch with us to get the ready-to-launch ESuper - Gojek like app to manage a complex business without much hassle and witness the impact in not much time.

Understand The Graphical Flow of Gojek Clone App Modules

All the modules of the Gojek clone app have a simple and adaptable graphical flow.

Customer App

Explore the complete flow of the customer's app to understand the working with the step-by-step details of the customer app.

Merchant App

The flow includes the execution of the merchant tasks within, handling the orders, partners, customers, and earnings.

Partner App

Partners can individually perform the assigned tasks using the app, which is explained via the graphical flow of the app.

Merchant Panel

All necessary features required to perform the merchant's tasks are included and explained in the workflow of the web panel.

Customer Panel

The workflow of the customers within the panel is similar to the app; understand its working with the graphical representation.

Admin Panel

The admin panel has a 360-degree view, complete monitoring, make updates, and thus handles the entire business.

Gojek Business Model

Explore the Gojek business model learning about its strategies, revenue channels, funding rounds, and a lot more.

Pricing Page

Figure out the pricing of the Gojek clone app offered in various packages, each of which has its conditions and features allocated.

Skyrocket Your Business by Getting An Intuitive Gojek Clone

How Does ESuper - Gojek App Clone Works?

ESuper, as a white labeled Gojek clone app, expands the reachability of a business to different services allowing customers to eliminate installing different apps for different services. All the modules consist of essential features to carry out business tasks effectively and efficiently. Moreover, the workflow appears to be customer-friendly and easily discernible even with the multiple categories of services. For opting for any kind of service, customers first have to enter their current location, which then will list the types of available services there. Afterward, they have to select the type of service. Also, registering or signing up on the platform before accessing the services is always better. Here they are explained separately.

  • Riders enter the address for the pick and drop-off location.
  • Based on this, the customers will get a list of the types of transportation services available for that zone.
  • Riders then have to opt for the desired type checking the charge on each of them
  • Distance and the estimated time of traveling are also shown.
  • They also get an option to reserve an on-the-spot ride or can schedule
  • Users can choose the payment method from the ones that are given and pay conveniently
  • Riders can also track the drivers within the app and place the ratings and reviews at the end of the ride.
  • When customers opt for delivery, they can opt from the given types of delivery like food, grocery, pharmacy, etc.
  • Based on the location and delivery type, the stores will be listed from which the customer can choose one.
  • Then adds the desired number of the items in the cart from that store.
  • After finalizing items and their quantity, customers can move from cart to checkout screen
  • Then they can confirm order and delivery details and select the desired payment gateway.
  • Track the delivery status within the app until it is delivered to the desired address.
  • Place the reviews and ratings for the delivery providers and the items received.
  • After selecting the courier service type, add an address to pick up the parcel and then the delivery address.
  • Select the type of courier delivery which is the type of vehicle in which the courier has to be delivered.
  • It will then generate the price, estimated time, and distance.
  • Then add pickup and delivery details which also included the photo of the parcel.
  • Check the invoice, choose payment methods, and pay.
  • Track the parcel for live status.
  • In the end, can add the reviews for the deliveryman
  • Customers can choose the type of service offered by the admin
  • Then subtypes as available in each of them in that area.
  • Then choose the particular service(s) adding them to the cart
  • Set the date and time to get it done, and also enter the required details asked for that service.
  • Move from cart to checkout screen, where you can see the details about the order, service providers, and prices
  • Invoices are generated, and then choose payment methods and pay.
  • Track the service status for live updates.
  • Customers can choose the appointment booking type
  • Each of which can also have sub-types available in that area,
  • They can book multiple appointments from one type, setting different times for each and add them to the cart
  • Afterward, they can add items further or move from the cart to the checkout screen.
  • Then confirm the order, delivery, and pricing details
  • Choose payment methods as allowed by the admin, and pay.
  • Track the service status for live updates.

Here Are Some Premium Features of ESuper App Solution

ESuper solution is crafted with the prominent features listed in the given list below

Set Preferences

For any type of service, users can set special preferences. Like taxi services, preferences to drive with extra luggage, in delivery service type for packaging or extra accessories, etc.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The platform is integrated with the payments gateways like Stripe and Paystack so as to support transactions from the multi-country business reliably and securely.

Integrated Map

In all the modules, a map is integrated, which allows the respective business admin to locate merchants, and service partners; they can also track partners when in the service.

Live Status Tracking

Customers can track their order/service status in addition to the live updates of delivery partners and service providers; also, they can review orders and chat with merchants.

Multi-Country Support

Business owners can enlarge their functions in various regions by adding the business in several countries and cities, managing the business within the platform.

Multi-currency Integration

Various types of currencies are integrated within the platform allowing the customers to pay via their respective ones, which are converted then to the admins.

What is the Process We Follow for the Gojek Clone App Development

For Gojek clone app development, we assure a subtle procedure:

It starts when the clients approach us with their business idea and requirements they want us to help with. Clients can reach us through multiple methods, like filling up the form for their requirements and email to our sales team through Whatsapp.

Depending on the requirements of the project, clients can choose the package that is effective depending on their requirements and investments. Then the contract is set up, mentioning the total cost, tasks, and timeline to be served in.

A project manager will guide the updates of the project as soon as the team starts the development and is also there to answer all the queries related to the development. We use tools of project management tools for easy handling.

The solution we prepared will undergo all necessary testing procedures, and clients are allowed to test it out at all levels of development. It is fixed for all the issues and bugs and maintains the standard of the platform as the clients expect it to be.

Why Choose Elluminati for Creating a Gojek Clone App?

Our ESuper app platform acts as an intuitive Gojek clone app. Ready to deliver high-class performance for businesses and ready to serve the customers seamlessly. Here are some prominent reasons to adopt the platform from Elluminati.

Customizable Modules

All the modules are customizable from the Gojek clone script so that a business of any dimension can meet its requirements and is upgraded accordingly. Also, the future aspects of the growth are all possible with all these scalable modules.

Advanced Technology

For the development of the entire platform, cutting-edge technology that makes it modernized and digitized so as to act with utmost breather and easy to handle the source code to perform any kind of upscaling in the solution.

Non Disclosure Agreement

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients maintaining the privacy of business ideas and any confidential information that concerns them, strictly following all the policies mentioned in the agreement.

Complete White Label Solution

The entire script is customizable and has room to design it with the brand's logo, name, theme, and feature, making it a completely white label such that you can engage the customers with your business' identity.

Avant-garde Features of White Lable Gojek Clone Solution

In-app Chat Support

Customers can connect delivery partners or service providers with the in-app chat facility messaging each other for any kind of inquiry.

Call Masking

When customers and partners call each other, they cannot see their contact details, maintaining privacy as of call masking.

Integrated E-wallets

Users are given integrated e-wallets in which they can attach their bank accounts which are further used for easy payment and settlements.

white label gojek clone features
Business Statistics

In the admin panel, the data about the business is expressed in the form of statistics and numbers so as to analyze easily.

Generates Referral Codes

Users on registering to generate a referral code which is shared with the new users and, as the admin sets, benefits can redeem them.

Import or Export Data

Customers can export data like menu, orders, earnings, etc.; one can also make an offline list and import that into the platform.

Added Benefits Of ESuper

ESuper - Gojek clone solution is designed with added benefits besides the basic features.

ESuper - gojek clone app demo

Customizable Payment Gateways

The Gojek clone solution allows integration of more than the mentioned payment gateways as the addon services so as to ensure secure and simpler transactions that users can rely on.

Unlimited Language Integration

Admin has the scope to allow multiple languages to the merchants, which is further leveraging those options to the customers to eliminate the language differences and interact effortlessly.

Native Nature of the Apps

The apps built are native to Android and iOS that function without any hurdles, making them more interactive with all the required feature sets for the respective audiences of the platforms.

Automated Analytics

The platform generates business analytics for both merchants and an admin having a thorough analysis reducing the burden of the manual work, so the errors are eliminated at their peak.

ESuper Panel Demo

Esuper Gojek Clone Script Panel

Panels for customers are to make ordering and booking easier with the same flow as an app.

ESuper - gojek clone app demo

ESuper App Demo

User App

Merchant App

Partner App

Users can opt for the desired services to order or book services through the app.

We Offer A Readily Operated Gojek Like White Label Software

It gives access to stunning features and a top-class user interface that allows the seeking the services with utmost ease to the customers and so that you take off your business to the highest levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of business incorporated within an app like Gojek?

An app like Gojek, being a super app, build to offer various classes of services as added by the business admin, like a taxi (car, bike, e-scooter, auto, etc.), delivery(daily essentials, meals, beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc.), parcel delivery, marketplace services(home cleaning, car washing, plumber, electrician, etc.), and appointment reserving (doctors, advocate, beautician, etc.).

How much does Gojek clone app development costs?

Gojek clone app development costs depend on the factors like customization in the platform, services integrated, technologies preferred for the development, and a lot more of them. On average, the cost may fall between $15000 to $50000. To know about our packages, check our pricing page or can contact our sales team at [email protected].

What is the concept behind a super app like Gojek?

An app like Gojek aims to merge multiple services, relatable and unrelated, within an app so as to reduce the efforts of the customers to get services from a separate one.

Can I possess the source code of the entire platform?

Yes, when the entire source code is prepared as per the client's requirements, the entire code would be owned by the clients.

Do you offer post-launch technical support?

Technological support after the launch depends on the package, a client prefers to partner with us. Each of them has separate ones. To know about our packages check our pricing: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/esuper/pricing/.