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Get our pre-built platform MYn clone - ESuper, which consists of top-tier features that seamlessly cater to the diverse requirements of multi-service businesses.


What is MYn Clone? How Can It Help to Boost Your Business?

The MYn clone proffers multiple services under the single platform, such as grocery shopping, meal delivery, taxi booking, package delivery, appointment booking, home-related services, and much more. It’s a multi-service business concept allowing entrepreneurs to launch multiple services under a single roof.

This can be incredibly convenient for users, as they can quickly and easily access a range of services from one central location on their mobile device. A well-developed multi-service app can provide entrepreneurs with a competitive advantage, increased market reach, and new opportunities for growth. By embracing the potential of an app like MYn, entrepreneurs can unlock new heights for success in today’s digital marketplace.

List Of Services Incorporated Into The Myn Clone App

MYn clone app encompasses various service modules so users can obtain their desired goods and services under a single platform, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms.

Taxi Booking













Water bottled

Car Repair




Beauty Service

Car Wash

Gadget Repair

House Cleaning

Road Assistance

Tow Truck



Fitness Coach







Any Consultant

Single Store

Apart from the above mentioned services, Elluminati offers 70 more services for an app like MYn. Drop us your list of services to be included.

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Feature List Of The Myn Clone Script

It becomes effortless to manage the multi-service business with the MYn clone script, where entrepreneurs can provide tailor-made services for clients by connecting with them in real time.

User App

The user app comprises advanced components, making it easier for them to book their desired services.

Create a Profile

The app offers a hassle-free process to create profiles for customers. The profile creation allows users to access various kinds of services.

Order History

Customers can keep a check on their previously made orders. This feature helps in repeating the same order in the future for convenience.

Mark Favorites

Using the app, consumers can mark their favorite products. This way, they can quickly and easily access the products and reorder them.

Track Orders

One of the crucial attributes of the app is that customers can track their orders in real time. It provides a complete overview of the delivery process.

User Panel

Users are provided with a comprehensive panel that gives easy access to their accounts and make orders.

Order History

An intensive order history is maintained in the user panel so users can access prior order details anytime. The previous history of orders and services allows users to order the same product in the future efficiently.


Consumers have the ability to link the e-wallets to their bank accounts and utilize them for making payments. E-wallet offers customers convenience and ease of use structure and streamlines the payment procedure.

Track Orders

This feature enables users to track their orders by getting real-time notifications. These notifications provide updates at each phase of the order processing, from the moment the order is received by the vendor to its completion.

Live Chat

Customers have the convenience of engaging in live chat conversations with merchants and delivery providers. This feature allows them to contact the merchants regarding their orders or services or to address additional issues.

Merchant App

Merchants can efficiently handle orders, partners, and users using the application.

Accept or Reject Orders

Merchants can accept or decline order requests from users based on their specific preferences or the availability of items and delivery personnel. This allows merchants to manage their operations efficiently and ensure smooth order fulfillment.

Set Promo Codes

Merchants have the ability to create promotional offers to provide additional benefits to users for specific products or services. They can set up the conditions of the offer and customize it based on their business objectives and user preferences.

Analyze Reviews

By tracking and analyzing reviews of consumers, merchants can gain insights into their business operations and make improvements to enhance the overall customer and partner experience.

Assign Orders

To facilitate order or service delivery, merchants have the option to select the partner or utilize the auto-assign feature manually. This enables merchants to streamline the dispatch process.

Merchant Panel

A specific panel allocated to the merchant allows them to easily address the menu, pricing, business history, and more.

Earning Reports

Merchants have access to comprehensive earning history, allowing them to track their earnings on a weekly or monthly basis. This history includes detailed order information, providing merchants with a complete overview of their financial performance.

Add Bank Details

To facilitate seamless payment settlements, merchants can easily link their bank account details. This enables them to receive payments from customers, partners, and the admin, ensuring a smooth and transparent payment process.

Dispatch Orders

When it comes to order dispatch, merchants have options to allocate orders to partners using the auto-assigning method, or they can directly assign orders to specific partners. This flexibility allows the smooth dispatching of orders.

Add Partners

Merchants have the authority to add multiple partners from the panel, enabling them to assign service requests to them directly. The panel comprises a smooth workflow between merchants and their partners.

Partner App

Partners can easily handle customer and merchant requests to fulfill the delivery service promptly using the app.

Accept or Reject Requests

Partners get the authority to choose to accept or reject order delivery requests from the store merchants as per their availability.

Offline Mode

Partners can easily go offline just by clinking on the mobile application, so merchants and users can know about their unavailability.

Feedback for Customers

Once the delivery services gets completed, delivery partners can provide their reviews and feedback to the particular user regarding their overall interaction.


Partners can check on the history of services they have accomplished on daily or weekly bases. They can also analyze hikes or decreases in the number of services by comparing the graphs.

Admin Panel

The overall business is consolidated and tracked within a single dashboard.


Business admins are equipped with a comprehensive dashboard that provides detailed insights into various aspects of the business. It includes information such as earnings, profits, number of users, and much more essential data.

Add Country

Owners have the ability to expand their businesses in considerable countries by easily adding them through the panel. They can then efficiently supervise all their business locations by utilizing the various components available in the flow.

Set Fees

Business admins are empowered to set service charges based on different types and zones. They have the flexibility to customize the profit percentage for each service as per their business objectives and strategies.

Language Setting

To ensure seamless communication, the admin can provide merchants and customers with easy access to multiple languages. This helps eliminate language barriers and facilitates effective communication channel.

The Graphical Flow Of The MYn Clone App

Explore all sophisticated modules of the MYn clone app with a detailed graphical view.

User App

The app for users is integrated with essential functionalities, making it easier for buyers to order all the everyday essential products and services.

Play StoreApp Store

Merchant App

The flow of the merchant app carries out the essential duties of the merchant and enables them to manage and oversee business operations efficiently.

Play StoreApp Store

Partner App

With simple steps, delivery partners can register their accounts under the partner app and start performing the given tasks to earn money.

Play StoreApp Store

Merchant Panel

The panel for merchants consists of all the advanced features just like the app, so merchants can easily manage their overall business tasks and keep track of earnings.

User Panel

Shoppers are also provided with an extensive web panel that has a user-friendly approach similar to the mobile application so one can efficiently buy goods and services as per their liking.

Admin Panel

A feature-rich web panel for the business administrator that proffers a straightforward approach so the admin can oversee the entire business operations.

How Does An App Like MYn Work?

An app like MYn facilitates users to shop for their desired goods and services by utilizing a single platform. All the modules of the platform are incorporated with essential functionalities, making it easy for the business administration to handle the business operation easily. Apart from business admin, the app flow is as well streamlined for the users to make use of the application. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through the different categories of services. However, it is required for the customer to register their account on the platform first to access the services.

Taxi Flow

  • Users first have to add the pick-up and drop locations.
  • Depending on the zone, a list of vehicles will be displayed.
  • Afterward, pick the vehicle type and verify the amount charged for that.
  • Now they can select the option to ride instantly or schedule an upcoming date.
  • Explore the overall fare estimation for the ride and make payment.

Delivery Flow

  • Users can explore all kinds of products from a vast range of delivery services.
  • Select the item from the particular store and add it to the cart.
  • Finalize the product quantities and move forward to the checkout screen.
  • Consumers can pay for the goods and services with their desired payment option.
  • Keep an eye on the order status within the app.

Courier Flow

  • First of all, choose the courier-type delivery from the list.
  • Now enter the pickup and drop off location and include necessary delivery details.
  • Users can also get a chance to select the vehicle type if the parcel is huge and requires special care.
  • Make a payment for the service with a preferred payment mode.
  • Consumers can keep track of the parcel delivery status from start to end.

Services Flow

  • Select the desired type of service offered by the admin.
  • Choose the service providers from the list or search for the service directly.
  • Now lock your desired service and move forward to the checkout procedure.
  • Pay for the service by selecting the desired mode of payment.
  • Keep track of the service status in real time until it is done.

Appointment Flow

  • Opt for the appointment type from the displayed list.
  • Select the service provider and examine essential details.
  • Book the appointment for the instant or schedule it for later.
  • Make payment for the booking and charges if applicable.
  • Check out the status of bookings displayed by the provider.

Prominent Feature List Of ESuper Solution

Earning Reports

The authorized personnel can check the Earning of business from all the orders, which provides a clear view of sales, earnings, profits, and much more. The earning reports can be exported for offline use.

Integrated Map

All the modules of the app comprise a map that enables the admin to locate vendors and delivery partners. Along with this, the admin can even keep an eye on partners whenever they are out for the service.

Payment Gateways

The platform is integrated with multiple payment gateways like Stripe and Paystack that facilitate multi-currency support to settle up payments under a safe and secure environment.

Multi-country Support

This segment enables business owners to add their business in multiple countries and cities so they can get more and more clients worldwide, which leads to great expansion opportunities.

Digital Invoice

In all the modules, it’s feasible to generate digital invoices that consist of all the essential details of the product and services. The digital invoice can also be saved on the modules for future use.

Theme Settings For Panels

The panel for merchants and admin comprises the theme setting; with this component individuals can change the theme and color of the website as per their liking for the tailor-made experience.

Why Work With Elluminati For MYn Clone App Development?

Elluminati presents a ready-to-launch platform – ESuper, that provides a streamlined workflow and high performance to handle the multi-service business. The below points describe why you should partner with Elluminati for Myn clone app development;

Customized Solution

The platform is flexible enough to integrate additional functionalities as per one’s requirements. Consequently, business owners can enjoy upgrading the platform as the business grows.

Advanced Technology

We perform with the advanced tech stack to craft all the platform modules so one can enjoy high-end functionality that leads to a way better-modernized experience for the end users and business admin.

Team of Professionals

At Elluminati, we have an experienced team of programmers that works to craft the most accurate solutions that meet client’s demands to bring their project visions into reality. The team of professionals works with modern tactics so one can enjoy the modernized experience.

Non-disclosure Agreement

We value and respect our client’s privacy, so to build a reliable and trustable partnership, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients to preserve the secrecy of their business concepts.

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Custom-Made Panels In MYn Clone Solution

Customer Panel

The web-based app for users comes with the same functionalities, just like a mobile application, so users can efficiently make orders and book services as per their liking.

Merchant Panel

The merchant panel is incorporated with essential functionalities; therefore, merchants can easily handle orders and manage their business tasks throughout the panel.

Admin Panel

Admin can monitor users registered under the platform and manage them according to the prerequisites to create a safe and secure app environment.

Merchant App

Merchants can easily streamline their business operations within the app and analyze the earning reports as well.

User App

Highly functional app with streamlined workflow so users can efficiently carry out tasks like order scheduling and real-time tracking.

Partner App

Delivery partners can create their accounts by adding the necessary details, and afterward, they can start earning.

Improve Your Business Efficiency With The MYn Clone Solution

Go through the live app demos and get a precise idea about the integrated app functionalities.

Merchant App

Merchants can easily streamline their business operations within the app and analyze the earning reports as well.

User App

Highly functional app with streamlined workflow so users can efficiently carry out tasks like order scheduling and real-time tracking.

Partner App

Delivery partners can create their accounts by adding the necessary details, and afterward, they can start earning.

Our Dedicated Platforms Serving Myrid Business Needs

Get the technological platform dedicated to your business type and fulfill all the growing business requirements.

Technologies Stack

BE Backend
  • Nodejs

FE Frontend
  • Javascript

  • AngularJS

  • JQuery

  • Java

  • Kotlin

  • Xml

  • Swift

  • OBJ-C

DB Database
  • MongoDB

  • Firebase

  • Room

  • Sql Lite

PM Project Management Tools
  • Slack

  • Jira

  • Gitlab

  • Trello

QA Testing
  • Manual Testing

  • Postman

  • Jmeter


DO DevOps
  • C1 CD

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Frequently Asked Questions

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MYn clone app is a super app that allows users to shop for multiple goods and services, from the meal delivery to home-related services; users can obtain almost every essential product via the app. On the flip side, the MYn clone app makes the best opportunity for entrepreneurs who wish to try their hand over a multi-service business.

Yes, surely it’s possible to make changes in the MYn clone app as our solution is robust and scalable; therefore, it’s feasible to extend the functionalities of the app.

Yes, we do sign the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with our clients to ensure the privacy and safety of their project ideas.

Clients can efficiently connect with the team members using Email or Skype to check on the progress of their projects.

Yes, consumers can choose to register their account by using social media accounts like Facebook, which eliminates the need to enter various details.

Yes, consumers can efficiently change the language of the app to their liking.

Yes, for sure, users can add or edit their profile details whenever required by login into the app, where they can even make changes to their login passwords.

Yes, consumers can receive live updates of their order or delivery status within the app.

Merchants can easily place an order for the consumers or even can schedule the order as per the requirement of the customer.

For sure, merchants can add their own service providers and assign them the order delivery requests.

There is no precise limit on the number of services to be presented. However, the services can be categorized into verticals counting on the common factors so consumers can easily search for the products.

Merchants can set the order cancellation policy by considering the level of services they offer. Here merchants can set the charges per the diverse factors of order processing.

Partners can add their own vehicles by adding the necessary details and documents. Once the admin verifies the documents, partners can start using the app to perform deliveries.

For sure, delivery personnel can accept or reject the delivery request as per their availability.

Partners can prefer to withdraw the money by making use of an e-wallet where they have to link bank accounts, or else they can opt for cash withdrawal.

Partners can easily connect with customers using the in-app chat feature. Moreover, they can as well call the customers regarding delivery queries (if any).

Yes, the admin can assign the order delivery request to the delivery providers either manually or by choosing the auto-assigning method.

Yes, the business admin can keep an eye on the partners by utilizing map view.

Admin can obtain the reports of the entire business, be it from merchants, orders, or partners. Admin can access the necessary details regarding the earnings.

Yes, business admins can choose to add their own services by using the panel by adding the necessary details regarding services.

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