what ubereats clone includes

What Our UberEats Clone App Includes for Online Businesses

The online ordering facility provided by numerous app solutions is ruling the entire business market. UberEats clone is one such app solution constructed to deliver efficient ordering and food delivery services to customers. Our ubereats like app solution stack includes all the required modules that help an admin run the online business seamlessly. Introducing excellent support for running the food delivery business online, the app solution makes its way through the tough competition to deliver excellent results. The modules include:

  • Dedicated customer app and delivery provider app with native Android and iOS support for platforms including all required features and functions.
  • Separate store application and panel that allows remote access and ensures secure authentication for managing incoming orders easily.
  • Dedicated admin dashboard to control and monitor each operation and activity of all registered users from a single place.

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Contactless Delivery

  • Users get the comfort of placing an order from anywhere and anytime with only a few taps using the app.
  • With the ability to deliver the ordered food as per request, we encourage contactless deliveries for safety.
  • Real-time tracking facilities ensure the customers are updated every time the delivery proceeds to the next stage.
  • It helps extend hygienic and safer delivery support for users during the times of COVID-19.
ubereats clone with contactless delivery
ubereats like order confirmation feature

One-Click Pickup Confirmation

  • The ubereats like clone app solution include the facility of pickup confirmation to ensure the user is well-aware and updated with the order state.
  • Stores assign the delivery to providers after the parcel is ready, and delivery providers are notified when a delivery request is placed.
  • As soon as the provider picks up the parcel from the store, they can click and upload a picture of the parcel to provide real-time updates.

Stores Can Edit and Confirm Order Details

  • The store panel and app receive a notification when a customer has placed the order.
  • Stores can view the order details and can choose to edit and customize the order as per the availability of resources and update the customer.
  • Once the customer confirms the changes made in the order, the order confirmation is done, and stores can also approve and start preparing the order.
ubereats type store edit option
categories option like ubereats

Divide into Categories and Subcategories

  • To provide ease of searching and faster ordering, the stores can categorize their items in different categories based on the user’s interest.
  • Later, the categories can be extended in a group of subcategories that makes it easier for customers to view and place an order.
  • The use of categories and subcategories empowers efficient sorting and filtering of items and provides excellent order placing experience.

Meaningful Conversations With Multi-language Support

  • Uber Eats clone facilitates multi-language support that introduces a feature of changing the language used in the solution.
  • You can change the language used as per the country and areas you serve in and maintain the conversations in the users’ preferred language.
  • It creates a path for meaningful conversations and enhances the user experience to deliver the best results and grow your business.
ubereats clone in multi-language
assign drivers feature like ubereats

Assign Deliveries Manually

  • Stores can choose to add their own delivery support using the store app and panel.
  • Later, they can assign the delivery tasks manually to the delivery man of their choice.
  • It helps provide faster and better delivery experience as stores can easily find delivery services.

Introduce Uniqueness in Your UberEats Like App Solution With

  • Scalability
  • Stability
  • Technology
uniqueness in ubereats like app solution

how ubereats clone app works

How UberEats Clone Script Works?

The UberEats Clone Script follows a simple workflow that ensures excellent results. By following the footsteps and guidance of the popular UberEats business model, the solution ventures into food delivery space with monitoring facilities. Payment can be collected using any payment mode the user chooses- online/card/cash:

  • The customer places an order by choosing a store using the customer application.
  • The store receives incoming order notification and accepts it and starts preparing.
  • Once the order is ready, the store contacts the nearby delivery providers to arrange pickup.
  • The delivery provider accepts the delivery request, picks it up from the store, and delivers it to customers.
uber eats clone user website
ubereats script user app

User App & Website

Customize Your Order

Users can choose to customize the order ingredients and quantity if they want.

Store App and Dashboard

Incoming Order Notification

Stores are notified when a customer places an order for items they sell from the online store.

ubereats like store web visual
ubereats like store app visual
ubereats like admin website visual

Admin Dashboard

Order History

Admin can view complete order details from the history of orders, which shows canceled orders too.

Delivery Man App

Identity Verification

Before registering and starting the deliveries, the delivery man has to verify their identity by uploading the required documents.

ubereats like delivery web visual
ubereats like delivery app visual

Find the Best Way of Serving Customers with UberEats Clone to Deliver Right on Time

Enhanced delivery and effortless order placing are the primary benefits of using UberEats clone, which makes your food delivery business one of the fiercest competitors in the on-demand economy.

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