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Comes with emerging features and developed with an on-demand delivery tech stack, E-Delivery is the finest solution that supports all operations and delivers them amazing experience to improve business standards.

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Manage Your Business Operations Better With E-Delivery App Solution

Stepping into the more than $ 12 billion growing delivery business with robust solutions. Elluminati introduces you to an excellent all-in-one delivery app solution to handle your delivery tasks efficiently. With its interactive and user-centric features, E-Delivery corroborates to provide a gratifying end user’s experience, resulting in business growth.

Opt for The Suitable Option That Perfecting Last-Mile Deliveries

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Online is the Key to Survive

Global spending on digital transformation technologies has been surging more than 10% in the previous year, so if you are still on the fence about the online delivery market, you should know that the doorstep delivery business is not just growing, but it’s here to stay for a long.

The general trend towards online delivery is, increased urban living and evolving preferences of people have been feeding into this emerging sector.

How Does E-Delivery App Solution Work?

Followed by customer-centric approach, E-Delivery App Solution Automate Ordering Tasks:

  • Choose the Product Type
  • Search for Nearby Store/ Providers
  • Order According to Needs
  • Pay for the Delivery Services
  • Delivery Gets Done at Your Location

What We Include In Our E-Delivery App Solution

  • User Android & iOS Application
  • Provider Android & iOS Application
  • Store Android & iOS Application
  • User Console
  • Store Console
  • Admin Console

User Application

An Excellent App, Designed with Keeping the User Requirements in Mind.

Users are required to register first and login to use the app.

Provider Application

A Delivery Provider-Specific App is Designed for Enabling Better Delivery Services.

Providers must register with the system before starting delivery services.

Store Application

Stores Can Efficiently Manage All Chores Through the Store App from Anywhere.

Stores can manage all orders within a single screen displayed in detail.

User Console

Efficiently Allowing Users to Place an Order From Web.

Users can create and edit their profile for the delivery system.

Store Console

Handle Chores Efficiently Through the Web Panel Provided.

Stores can efficiently manage the delivery with the delivery details provided.

Admin Console

Ensure Efficient Control and Execution in Business Operations.

Admin can efficiently access all important information through the dashboard.

Complimentary Features

Our Complimentary Features Distinguish Our App from All Other Available in the Market.

  • Language Change

    Our app solution is facilitated with the multi-language facility to ensure the best user experience is provided.

  • Currency Change

    We facilitate currency change to support you in expanding your business to multiple countries seamlessly.

  • Payment Gateway

    Around 70% of people prefer digital payments hence we integrate Stripe as the default payment gateway within the solution as it is secure and swift.

  • Serve Multi Countries-Cities

    Integrating multiple countries and cities support allows extended customer reach to your delivery business.

Introducing All New 2023 Features In E-Delivery

Bring Change

While choosing a payment method as cash payment, users can select "Bring Change," which notifies deliverymen to bring change (like coins) so as to settle the payments in cash.

Favorite Address

Users can set their favorite address(s) for delivery, which they can choose while ordering from the app. This list of favorite addresses is accessed with the same credentials from any device.

Access to Website

Website is the preview of the platform that asks users to enter their location and then can get the store listings, which also ensure that users will land to the ordering panel without any landing page issue.

SEO Pages

Admins can now add meta tags for the website (user panel) to rank in the search engines, setting multiple and desired tags for the website and updating them anytime.

Modifier Association

Modifier groups will be associated with each other; stores can set the availability of the items based on the modifiers and set a price accordingly.

Increase Modifiers Quantity

While ordering, customers can increase the quality of the modifier(s) for an item they select and based on which the price will vary

Scan QR Code

Stores can offer users QR codes which they can scan and access the menu. It allows them to browse all items, add them to the cart, place an order and pay consecutively.

Reserve Table

While browsing for the stores, users can reserve a table in the dining hall of a store entering the table number and seats, followed by ordering and payment, which are also optional.

Menu View Option

Stores will be able to decide to allow users to view two options on the customer side. Customers can select from row view or grid view.

Repeat/Customize Item While Ordering

Customers can select the same items while they are ordering from the store, choosing to repeat the same modifiers or can also customize them.

Set Privacy and Terms of Services

Admin can set privacy policies and terms of services for users, stores, and deliverymen as per their norms and set regulations they maintain in the business.

Multi Tax System

Admins and stores have access to multiple tax systems; the price of the items and services varies based on different factors like country and category. Admins can update them whenever required.

New Payment Gateways

In all the modules, a new payment gateway is integrated - Paystack. Also, one more gateway will soon be integrated named PayU. These would give users the privilege to desire a gateway.

Stores Can Print Invoice

The generated invoices of the orders can be directly linked to the printer via a virtual network called Bluetooth from the app, which allows the stores to print them instantly.

Premier Features of E-Delivery App Solution

Essential Features of E-Delivery That Makes It One of the Best to Put Up for Use.

  • Live Currency Rate

    We ensure the currency difference between us doesn’t impact the business profits you make by continuously updating the wallet system.

  • Integrated Wallet System

    The whole app solution is designed to run on the in-app wallet to ensure efficient transactions are performed through the application seamlessly.

  • Store Promotions

    The admin can create and share the advertisements on the applications of their partner stores and efficiently promote their best services.

  • Code Confirmation

    A unique code is sent to the deliveryman who is supposed to pick up an order from the store to ensure efficient delivery and security measures.

  • Set Vehicle and Delivery Charges

    Delivery charges are dependent on the vehicle chosen, depending on the quantity of the order, a vehicle is chosen and the delivery provider is assigned for the service with that vehicle.

Dive into Our E-Delivery App Solution

Check Out How the Entire E-Delivery App Solution Works to Provide Excellent Results to Businesses.

E-Delivery Apps Work Flow

Know how the entire system works to provide results to end-users and enable efficient and excellent services.

User Application

Know how the user app works to deliver efficient results to your customers and avails better ordering services.

Provider Application

Check how the provider application assures the best delivery services through interactive and useful features.

Store Application

Know the store application workflow guaranteeing excellent control and enhanced reach through the application.

User web panel

Understand how users can order their choices using the attractive and efficient web panel designed for quick use.

Store web panel

Our excellent store web panel is designed to handle all the tasks from the store side efficiently and delivers desired results.

Admin panel

Know how our efficiently crafted admin panel ensures extended control over each business activity and deliver results.

Business Model

Understand what your possible competitors are aiming at and fulfill the demands of your customers accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Payment Gateway Is Used As The Default?

Stripe is the default payment gateway we offer within the solution. Although, we can integrate another payment gateway based on the client’s requirements.

2. What Gets Included In The Free Support For 3 Months?

We include the support for crashes and bug fixes in free support. Also, during this time, if any application update is required with the update in OS, we support that too. However, it excludes custom feature addition from the list.

3. Are Android & iOS Applications Native?

Yes. Android applications support the OS Jelly Bean and above and are developed using Java in Android Studio, while iOS applications support the iOS 8.0 and above and are developed using Objective-C and in Xcode.

4. Which business vertical can acquire your platform?

We offer a ready-made app platform that suits delivery businesses of any dimension. Those businesses looking for an app like UberEats, JustEat, Foodpanda, Glovo, Rappi, Zomato can adapt our advanced solution and expand their business to any extent. Any of the industry verticals can contact us and get the business idea to adopt our versatile platform.

5. What License Is Given With The Purchase?

We provide a single-use license to our clients who purchase our solution. It includes permission for using the product by a single business only. In order to use it for multiple businesses, contact us at [email protected]

6. Do You Offer Support After The End Of Free Support Period?

Yes. We offer excellent paid technical support for our clients. You can avail any one of the packages and get a quote by specifying the additional requirements here: [email protected]

7. Can You Add Custom Features To Your Existing Solution Purchased By Us?

Yes. We support the addition of custom features to the purchased solution by our clients. You can send us your custom requirements list and get a quote for addition by sending them at [email protected]