What is the Uberrush Clone App? Why is Launching the Solution in Your Logistics Business Beneficial?

uberush clone app for multiplace courier service offering

Courier delivery businesses on the online platforms are changing the face of the market, offering them convenience and higher revenues to the vendors. The rush in the market for online platforms makes it harder for businesses to survive. However, the unique identity can leverage a remarkable place for the business.

Uberrush clone is a mobility solution for the courier delivery business allowing to govern the tasks online. The solution comprises the advanced in-built features to manage every user’s tasks carrying out an excellent business flow.

The source code is customizable to meet the market fluctuations in the future, fulfilling all the requirements for the business. Elluminati develops an excellent app like Uberrush that can manage various locations and combine them on a single panel.

Surprising Features of App Solution

uberrush like app development

User Friendliness

We offer an easy-to-use app and panel to vendors when they consider choosing an uberrush like app development, helping them to manage entire business activities from a central dashboard.

Multiple Payment Modes

Users are allowed to pay the bills for their requested service conveniently using credit/debit cards, in-app wallets, or any other payment modes. They can also choose to make cash payments after receiving the parcel delivery right away

Branding Support

We offer you a completely customizable solution enabling you to change the theme, brand name, logo, etc helping you to build a strong presence for your business and serve customers across the globe meticulously

Feedback Collection Support

UberRush clone includes a feedback collection facility allowing registered users to place their feedback about providers and their courier delivery service. Admin can view all the feedback and can manage it efficiently through a feature-rich admin dashboard

In-app Wallet

To ensure a faster and secure payment facility, our developers have integrated an in-app wallet to the tech stack. It allows the admin to set a minimum wallet balance limit to earn profits, whereas the wallet support makes payment receiving tasks quite comfortable for service providers.

Launch Online Business with UberRush Like App Simplifying Business Process

uberush clone source code

Achieve desired success by fulfilling all your customers’ demands with an uberrush like app crafted using modern technologies.

  • Global Approach With UberRush Like App
  • Customized Source Code
  • Pocket-Friendly App Development
how uberrush works

How White Label UberRush Clone Works?

The application ensures to increase your business profit by allowing you to accept more requests, and complete all of them efficiently to earn happy customers. White label UberRush clone works accurately to satisfy all the customers’ demands and helps to operate a business efficiently over different countries and cities. The application follows a simple flow helping you serve excellent service to end users globally:

  • Users can place courier delivery requests through the app and web console
  • The delivery provider accepts the request according to their availability
  • The provider collects packages from customers’ locations
  • Customers can track their parcel in real-time until it reaches their destination
  • After successfully receiving the parcel, users can provide their feedback according to the experience gained

Check Each Module of UberRush Like App Development

All essentials modules of our uberrush like app development encourage reliable courier deliveries and provide excellent outcomes for the upbringing of your business by allowing you to extend your activities across countries

uberrush like app development

Customer App

Customers can make use of autofill options to avoid typing the particular address repeatedly

Service Provider App

Providers are offered with route optimization options helping them find the nearest path to reach their delivery destination.

uberrush customer app

Admin Dashboard

Admin can decide to switch between on or off options as per their choice to notify customers about new offers and discounts

User Website

Users are allowed to reset and recover their password in case of any emergency or for security purposes

Craft Excellent Delivery Experience with UberRush Clone Supporting Profit Making

Get complete access to uberrush clone source code to customize your solution and offer timely delivery services enabling you to back off all your development requirements. Ask for a demo to know how uberrush clone fits all your business requirements and helps you earn more with extensive features ensuring better user experience

One-Stop Solution For Your Online Delivery Business

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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Uberrush Clone

1. Can I get multiple language support on the Uberrush clone app?

Yes, we provide multiple language support in the white label Uberrush clone app allowing fluency in the communication on any location.

2. What is the cost to develop apps like Uberrush?

The overall expenses to develop the apps like Uberrush depends on the development process, technology, and up-gradation of the source code. The cost can approximately last between USD 8k to 20k and more.

3. Which technologies are you using to develop the platform?

In panels, the technologies used for developing the frontend are Angular and HTML. For backend Android and iOS app development, MongoDB, Node.js, and Express.js. We develop native apps for Android and iOs with Java and Swift, respectively.