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Ensure faster business growth with Uber for food delivery app to encourage efficient online delivery services

What is Uber for Restaurant Business? How Scalable Option Helps to Empower Growth in Your Business?

Restaurants, after the pandemic, are gradually turning their business methods into digital aspects as a necessary step. It is a consequence of customers’ preferences of ordering their favorite meals through smartphones instead of dine-in facilities. The business also found it to be the solution to faster and extensive business results.

Uber for restaurants is one of the best solutions for the restaurant business, with different modules to manage user-specific tasks. It encourages hygienic business processes and interests them to place orders and await timely deliveries with assured and on-time delivery support.

Elluminati offers a scalable platform, offering multiple earning channels to them. In Uber for delivery business solutions, most business tasks are automated, and the rest are performed online with the least effort and taps, ultimately leading to more accurate processes.

Remarkable Features Of Our Uber For Food Ordering Mobile Application

In-App Chat Support

  • The in-app chat support ensures the food ordering mobile application is there when a user is seeking the assistance of any kind
  • The user can chat with the support agent to solve any queries and problems they encountered while using the app
  • The in-app chat support gets extended for users and service providers both to manage and respond to their questions

Easy Reordering

  • The records of each placed order get stored in the Uber for food ordering solution to retrieve the information anytime easily
  • Therefore, customers can quickly put the same request again with a one-tap reordering facility from the stored records
  • They can choose to pay for the order amount, and the stores get the complete order details, including any specifications

Faster Order Processing

  • The uber like food delivery mobile application is effortlessly fast and runs smoothly over every Android and iOS device
  • The native Android and iOS solution building crafts an excellent experience across all mobile devices
  • And it supports unlimited users using the app for placing the order at once without any delay

Payment Security

  • As the Uber for food delivery solution includes support for online payments, payment security becomes a crucial aspect to add
  • The integration of efficient payment gateway feature and authentications measures ensures secure payments for users
  • It helps generate an excellent payment experience and increases the convenience of users with faster order processing

SMS Verification

  • The admin enables SMS verification to ensure that only registered users can access the system securely within the platform.
  • Hence, when a service provider registers, SMS verification is performed by the admin to allow them to register and log in
  • Also, a delivery provider receives a code for verification whenever they accept a food delivery request from the stores.

Invoice Generation

  • The store panel and app generate the invoice when a user pays for the order amount
  • The invoice includes details of any extra charges on item, tax, and order amount in total for the bill paid by consumers
  • The digital invoice includes any extra charges, tax, discounts, offers, and order amounts in total for the bill paid by users.

Why Our App Is Fit to Run Food Deliveries Across Countries

  • Installation Support
  • Efficient Management
  • Thorough Monitoring

How Uber For Food Delivery App Works?

The process followed for delivering the ordered food to the customers’ locations with Uber for food delivery includes the real-time tracking facility to ensure complete monitoring

  • A user places an order from a particular food store/restaurant
  • The restaurant receives the order details and prepares the order and places a delivery request
  • The nearby delivery providers receive, and the provider who accepts the request gets the order details
  • The order reaches the customer’s location from the store when the provider picks up the order and delivers it

Success-Ensuring Components And Features

The components included in the food ordering app encourages online ordering and builds a business reputation

User App

Schedule Orders

Users can choose to schedule their orders in advance using the app or the website and mentioning the time

Custom Ingredients

Users can specify the ingredients and customize the items from the menu as per their needs while they place the order

Add To Cart

Users can add their favorite items to the cart and checkout directly and pay for the total order amount

Pay By Card

Users can pay using the credit/debit card for their orders in advance to pay conveniently

User Website

Select Language

Customers can prefer one language from multiple options given by the admin to use the platform

Share Referral Code

Registered customers get a referral code to share with new ones, and both get multiple benefits.

Update Profile Details

Customers can modify their profile details anytime required, like name, email, contact number, address, etc.

Change Password

Customers can reset the password using their email address or phone number when they forget it.

Store Dashboard

Change Password

Stores can change the password anytime they want from the profile details adding old and new passwords.

Delivery Time Settings

Stores can update the delivery time availability of the stores in a week which will be shown to the customers.

Store Time Settings

Stores can update the store’s service time availability of the stores in a week which will be shown to the customers.

Create Menu – Item, Modifier, Price

The store can create the menu by adding items, categories, sub-categories, modifiers, and all required details.

Store App

Social Login

Stores can choose to register with their social media accounts to enjoy a one-tap and easier login facility

Manage Categories

Manage the item categories and entire menu to make changes as required to increase the number of orders

Cancellation Charge

Enable stores to set the delivery radius at the top right of the map using the store app and panel.

Set Delivery Radius

Enable stores to set the delivery radius at the top right of the map using the store app and panel.

Delivery Man App

Service Status

Delivery providers can change their service status (on/off) from the app, depending on their delivery availability

Wallet Transactions

Providers can view all the wallet transactions and place a deposit request for admin to add their earned commission

Accept/ Reject Request

Providers receive delivery requests and can decide to accept/reject any request as per their availability and wish

Route Optimization

Providers get complete location details for delivery and the optimized routes to reach the location as fast as possible

Advance Features of EDelivery

Delivery Provider App

Try driver app with easy to register and familiar features

User App

Allow ordering favorite meals from user-friendly apps

Store App

Try out to manage the store within the app seamlessly

Ready To Use Apps For Meals Delivery Business

Go through the live app demos and get to know more about each app modules offered in the platform. This way, you can gain a better understanding of the specific functionalities of apps.

Delivery Provider App

Try driver app with easy to register and familiar features

User App

Allow ordering favorite meals from user-friendly apps

Store App

Try out to manage the store within the app seamlessly

Check Compatible Panels Provided In E-Delivery

User Panel

Panel with a similar interface as an app to offer convenience to users

Admin Panel

Manage multiple stores, providers, and customers within an admin panel

Store Panel

Store in the panel is easy to handle through any device and at anytime

Serving Distinct Enterprise Demands

Elluminati works to build modern apps that adapt to relevant business demands. Our robust platform comprises suitable features, offering the best app experience to users.

Expand Your Business With Uber-Like Food Delivery App Solution

Achieve heights of business success and meet all business demands with a cutting-edge solution supporting all your requirements. Start delivering food to doorsteps with the Uber like food delivery app supported by the latest tech stack ensuring fast deliveries

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Frequently Asked Questions For Uber For Food Ordering Business

Get quick answers to queries regarding our product or contact us to know more about the solution

Uber for delivery business is the solution that restaurants can acquire to automate the business tasks, offering convenient and quick services with its various modules.

The total cost of Uber for food ordering platforms is constantly varying. Figuring the rough estimation, it could last between $7k to $15k. It could exceed on integrating more features and functions other than given in the standard solution.

The tech support in our package is given up to three months. As an add-on service, we extend the support on the client’s demand.

Any scale of the restaurant business can adopt uber for restaurant platforms like food stores, restaurant chains, cloud kitchens, cafes, beverages stores, etc.

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