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One of the most favorite food item for people- Pizza is world famous, ever thought of starting a Uber like pizza delivery service for your pizza restaurant outlets? We have completed pizza delivery app development Like Uber which will help the restaurants to deliver food items rapidly on a single tap. The app mainly consist of three main parts: – user side app with website, restaurant side app with panel, delivery side app and an admin console. The whole structure of the application in explained in detail below. We are the first pizza delivery app development company, who has created a complete delivery application with latest technology available in the market. The app is completely white-label and will get deployed to Android and iOS stores by our team.

We will also provide app in your favorite language, color and style. The flow of the application is: the user side application consists of sign up, selecting the pizza restaurant nearer, selecting the favorite pizza with the ingredients and ordering it with online payment. In the same way the delivery side application consist of delivery guy’s signup, confirmation and later on accepting or rejecting the delivery. The restaurant has its own application and admin console; they can update the menu items, show available items in stock. The master key of the whole app is with the admin, it is the main aspect that monitors and makes payment to delivery guy and restaurant. The whole system is created in Android and iOS native, which makes it stronger and best to relay on in the market.

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Developed by an ace team of developers after years of research with expertise in that business, we at Elluminati Inc Offers a best in the market on-demand pizza delivery app development solution loaded with in-demand feature and user-friendly UI.

What We Offer In Pizza Delivery App Development


When you’re looking for the best pizza delivery app development solution, it’s important to understand which kind of technologies and tools are needed to help run and grow your business.

  • Login / Register / Social Login
  • Pickup & Destination
  • Categories & Sub Categories
  • Product-Detail-&-Description
  • Ability to Add / Edit Ingredients
  • Confirmation with Product & Delivery Details
  • Pay with Cash / Card
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Ability To Call Delivery Provider
  • Get Delivery Information
  • Custom Product Like Subway

  • Login/Register/Social Login(Facebook)
  • Submit Documents
  • Receive New Order Request
  • Pending Approval
  • Daily Earnings
  • Go Online / Offline
  • Accept / Reject Request
  • Track to Store location
  • Update Status ( Arrived / on Route / etc )
  • Manage Drivers
  • Navigation
  • Phone SMS Verification

  • Login
  • Manage Products
  • Add / Edit / Decline Product
  • Manage Product Type
  • Manage Categories
  • Income Order
  • Billing
  • Dispatch Order
  • Payment Statements
  • History
  • Manage Drivers

  • Dashboard
  • Map view
  • Users
  • Drivers
  • Cities
  • Payments( Billing )
  • Trips
  • Stores
  • Countries
  • Settings
  • Mass Push Notifications

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Uber Like Pizza Delivery Application?


Our Uber like pizza delivery app comes with native Android and iOS platform to manage your pizza delivery business. To manage your pizza parlor business easily we help you with our technological experience to manage your single or multi-store business from a single place. Control each and every pizza order and delivery details for your business. When you wish to develop a pizza delivery app like uber you build three apps 1) Customer app 2) Pizza store app 3) Delivery Provider app along with Admin and Store web panels. How much does it cost to develop pizza delivery app like uber with complete customization? Get in touch with our dedicated sales executive they serve the best advice and guide you which works best for your business.

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If you wish to start your own pizza delivery business online or wish to develop uber style pizza delivery app this apps perfect solution for you.
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