Pizza Delivery App Development

pizza delivery app development company

Develop an online platform for your pizza stores enabling your customers to order and reserve home deliveries through an mobility platform, and transverse your business to top heights in the on demand market

pizza delivery app development company

What is Pizza Delivery App Development? How Does it Help to Meet Market Requirements?

Pizza delivery app development is an effective way to build a feature-packed solution for your brand. It helps you attract more customers around your own vicinity. Customers can order pizza and get it delivered at their doorstep in no time. If you want to expand your pizza delivery business reach, you have the facility to add other pizza stores that help you fulfill multiple order requests simultaneously. The world is going digital rapidly; our ready-made solution enables you to stand ahead in this competitive market.

Get separate app solutions for customers, delivery providers, and pizza store owners, helping you meet the growing demand of the pizza restaurant industry. It includes a powerful admin panel that allows business owners to manage all their business operations smoothly. They can monitor all the activities using a single dashboard.

Advanced Features Of Uber Like White Label Pizza Delivery App

Repeat Order

With the help of an uber like pizza delivery app, the users can view the previous order history in the app and if they want to reorder the same pizza from the same store, they can place the order with an updated price. Now this makes the pizza ordering procedure faster so users can easily order their favorite pizza

Menu Customization

The restaurant owner can add/edit/delete the menu item as per the availability. They can also update the description, image, and price. If a particular product is not available at the time, using the store panel, they can activate or deactivate the item. They can also display menu items in alphabetical order or arrange it in subcategories. It will improve the user experience

Manage Delivery Providers

Using the Admin panel, the store owners can add new delivery partners by entering their primary details such as name, vehicle type, license number, bank details, and much more details. After receiving final approval from the business admin, they can register themselves by giving a few verification proofs

SSO Login/Sign Up

Filling up a long sign up form can be a tedious job. Users can sign in with social media accounts like Google, Facebook, or Instagram and place an order instantly. This saves time and speeds up the order delivery process. If the customer is using the application for the first time, they can signup with a mobile number and use OTP for a further process

Live Tracking

The delivery service provider will easily come to an unknown location instantly using the in-built advanced GPS features. Apart from this, the delivery partner can make a call to the pizza store within the app if they are unable to find the perfect location. Vice versa, consumers can as well track the delivery provider’s location efficiently within the platform to get to know their order status

Mass Notification

Engage with your most loyal customers comprehensively, using a mass notification feature. Admin or store owner sends a push notification to their customers regarding ongoing offers and discounts. Admin and store owners can use this feature and allow a discount for large order placed or free delivery

Why Our Uber Like Pizza Delivery App Is The Best Option For You

  • Efficient
  • Simple To Utilize
  • Responsive Web & App Design

Checkout How Pizza Delivery App Development Works

With the rising trend of online ordering food, we offer a complete pizza delivery app development solution that delivers pizza to the customers on a single tap. With the help of separate user applications and websites, customers can place an order for the pizza anytime by adding necessary details and get the food delivered wherever they want. Our Pizzeria delivery app follows the below process:

  • Users can place a pizza order for a particular product using the application.
  • The pizza store receives the new order request and starts making the order as per the customer’s requirement.
  • Once the order gets ready, the delivery man receives the request from store owners, the delivery agent either accepts/rejects the request.
  • The service provider intimates the customer and shares location; the customer receives the parcel and makes a payment from the given option.

On-Demand Pizza Delivery App Solution That Fulfills Customer’s Needs Under One Platform

Using our strategically developed on-demand pizza delivery app, your customers can have access to multiple pizza stores and get it delivered at their preferred location.

User Application

Promo Code

Users can use the promo code when they order pizza and get an extra discount for each order

Ratings & Feedback

Users can give reviews regarding the service they experienced and share their feedback on different social media sites

Contact Delivery Provider

Once the delivery provider picks up the parcel, customers can make a call within the app if they find any difficulty

Tip To Delivery Provider

After the meal arrives, consumers can add tips via the platform or directly give a tip to the delivery providers

User Website

Add Referral Code

Users can add a referral code while registering, and they can even get one referral code after registering on the platform

Repeat Order

Customers can repeat the ordered item with a choice to keep the modifiers the same as it is or can customize it as well

Change Delivery Address

Users can change the delivery address before ordering if required by entering the address or selecting it from the map

Track Delivery Man

Customers can track the order delivery status through the integrated map feature by receiving real-time updates

Store Website

Manage Profile

Outlets can make modifications to their profile details like name, email, password, contact details, location, etc

Order List

Stores get all the order lists sorted by duration, like today’s orders, tomorrow’s orders, scheduled orders, etc.

Order Scanning

RStores can add a table and download its QR so customers can use to access the menu and order without logging in to the platform

Analyze Order and Delivery Reviews

The store owners can analyze the reviews and ratings about the order and delivery service given by the customers.

Store App

Manage Ingredients

Pizza store owners can easily manage and view ingredient types, and add or edit the ingredient types as per the availability

Pizza Store Availability

Pizza store owners can manage and update timings such as open or closed based on their availability status

Login/ Sign-Up

A pizza store owners can easily log in or sign up in the application with necessary details such as email, contact details, and address

Manage Order Request

A pizza store owner can manage multiple order requests with a single tap. They can accept/reject new order requests as per their preference

Admin Panel

Wallet Requests

Admin gets the wallet requests from the deliveryman and stores, which they can approve and allow for transactions.

Manage Commission

Admin can set a commission percentage or amount on every order, and admin can customize them anytime

Total Earnings

One can have a detailed insight into total earnings, pizza store earning, and delivery provider’s earning separately

Manage Sales

Admin can generate sales and profit reports on the platform on a weekly/bi-monthly or monthly basis

Delivery Provider Application

Go Online/Offline

Delivery providers can go offline/online anytime, they won’t get order requests if they are offline.

Order History

They can check all the order history and can generate a report. It also shows rejected orders.

Manage Earnings

The delivery provider can check and view their earning reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Profile Settings

Delivery Providers can edit/delete their details in the profile setting such as photos, dob, payment details, proofs, etc.

Advance Features of EDelivery

Delivery Provider App

Provider app is designed to cater to every requirement of providers helping them manage, and control delivers efficiently

User App

Dedicated user app crafted for customers satisfaction with reliable and fast service offering on users demand

Store App

Grow over the competition by handling every business activities efficiently through a feature-packed app designed for stores

Experience Fast Lighting Operations Of Apps Right Away!

Go through the demos of our pizza delivery app, which consist of modern functionalities and a user-friendly approach.

Delivery Provider App

Provider app is designed to cater to every requirement of providers helping them manage, and control delivers efficiently

User App

Dedicated user app crafted for customers satisfaction with reliable and fast service offering on users demand

Store App

Grow over the competition by handling every business activities efficiently through a feature-packed app designed for stores

Look Into The Working Of Every Panel To Know How It Ensures Excellent Outputs!

User Panel

Feature-rich user panel ensures to provide efficient marketing and branding for your brand, helping to reach end-users in no time

Admin Panel

An excellent admin dashboard consists of all features to support business activities throughout, ensuring effective business handling

Store Panel

Store panel follows a simple procedure that helps customers to find and avail your business service whenever they require

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Transform Your Convectional Pizza Store With On-Demand Pizza Delivery App

Start your online Pizza Delivery Business right now with our on-demand pizza delivery app solution, our highly professional team helps you launch the product of your dreams.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Pizza Delivery App Development

Get to know some common answers regarding pizza delivery app development, and if you don’t find your answer here, please email us from our contact form.

The cost to create a pizza delivery app depends on various factors, including platform selection (Android/ iOS), features integrated, payment gateways included, etc. Contact our sales team at [email protected] or +1 415-547-0560 to get more information right away.

You can call or email us at [email protected] to get all your queries answered efficiently.

We use open-source languages including HTML, JavaScript, CSS as front-end languages. Whereas use PHP, JavaScript, and many others as back end languages. For further details, please contact us at [email protected]

Yes, of course. You can call us at +1 415-547-0560 as per your convenience and discuss your business app idea with us.

You can switch between any of the payment gateways as per your convenience using the app or panel. You can switch to the Off option if you don’t want to allow customers to use the payment gateway, or you can switch to the On option to enable them to make the payment using a particular payment gateway.

We provide multi-currency support with the uber like pizza delivery app. You can decide to offer any of your choice of currency options to customers to make payment conveniently.

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