Quiqup Clone – Provide Same Hour Delivery

Choose White Label Quiqup clone app to start your same-day ordering & delivery services business online with complete branding

quiqup clone app for start delivery business in UK

quiqup like app for start same day delivery

What is a Quiqup Clone? How Does it Make Instant Deliveries to the Customers?

Curated apps for the delivery business can have the capacity to sky high the revenue records. Online service is a most opted solution nowadays that is influencing business methods in every city around the globe.

Quiqup clone app is a system comprising fully-featured apps that proffers business upgraded advanced business methods. Customers can browse for their favorite food stores and select the items online on a mobile device.

Elluminati offers a brilliant tech stack that can deliver different items to the customer’s doorsteps and provide the best solution for same-day delivery services. Apps like Quiqup sight your business to new heights bringing out the top position.

Advanced Benefits of Quiqup App Clone

benefits of quiqup clone

GPS Integration

We offer a GPS integration facility for the admin to track the delivery men and users in real-time. It helps monitor the delivery status efficiently

Social Media Integration

We add the social media facilities in our Quiqup app clone. It helps the users to do log in or sign up on the app/web, and they can share your services on social media

Cloud-based Solutions

We offer you a cloud-based solution for your delivery service business. This solution will help you to access your business from anywhere and using any gadgets


Our Quiqup clone app solution is entirely user-friendly. Users can easily access the app from any device like mobile, tablet, and desktop

Get A Scalable App Suiting Your Business Demands

quiqup app clone for start delivery business

White Label Quiqup clone app solution promises business growth with competent functions. It ensures to create an excellent customer experience while your business operations get monitored and work under a central controlling authority. Our technical support offered with the app support ensures to support your business irrespective of its scale and serving capacity

how quiqup works

How Quiqup Clone Script Works?

Get a suitable solution meeting all user norms and your business demands. Our Quiqup clone script promises a better experience generation with following the efficient workflow:

  • Browse stores and place an order for a single/multiple products
  • Receive and prepare the ordered items for delivery and assign a deliveryman
  • Live-track entire delivery process including the service status updates
  • Deliver the order to users’ mentioned location and receive payment

Empower Same Hour Deliveries With Efficient App

Deliver excellent user experience with one-tap ordering features and swift delivery ensured by the modules of the white label Quiqup clone app.

quiqap clone user app

Customer App

A user dedicated app module involving the best of order placing support- the customer app is built with native Android and iOS platforms to generate seamless user experience. It helps a customer live-track their delivery updates and manage their wallets within the app. The app lets a user view their complete delivery history and manage profile with adding delivery feedback for each order. It helps you extend your delivery support across countries hassle-freely

Delivery Provider App

quiqup delivery provider app

Offer a dedicated delivery provider app, ensuring to deliver excellent support to provide timely deliveries. This dedicated app solution ensures providers can earn more with completing deliveries on time. It helps them view the complete navigation details with optimized routes and complete delivery information. The app helps them manage their earnings and service availability along with providing all the delivery request information

store app of quiqup like solution

Store App

The store app helps the registered stores to manage their product listings and availability with a dedicated feature suite. Allow registered stores to distribute and prepare the orders as requested with added customization facility. Stores can customize the orders and seek confirmation for better user experience delivery. Also, the store app includes a dedicated section to track every order detail and manage operations accordingly

Admin Dashboard

quiqup like admin dashboard

An advanced admin panel for the business owner to manage and control business operations from a remote place. The admin can manage all processes from central control and ensure efficiency. Tracking providers, live order placing and delivery details, and more remains under the admin controlled environment. The admin panel offers to build an admin-controlled system to manage the earnings and stakeholder access for better revenue generation

Store Panel

The store panel helps a store manage their operations remotely. The cloud access and management help a store control their activities from any device worldwide. Stores can perform the required services and view invoice, order, delivery details efficiently from the store panel. It also includes support for providing the same user experience as the store app offers by adding the same features and data to help them manage seamlessly across devices

User Panel

Offer reliable delivery support by enabling users to place orders online with a dedicated user website. Users can place orders and track the service details the same as the user app. The user panel allows them to monitor and manage their order placing from any device and ensures to keep the data synchronized with cross-platform support. Users can choose to pay using any of the provided secure payment options for the delivery and leave feedback

Build Your Name with Quiqup Clone Providing Continuous Service Support

Get a Quiqup Clone app for your online delivery services suiting your business demands and serves users with the best ordering support today. Customize the built solution to make it your own and build a brand successfully

Go through workflow of E-Delivery through the applications

Users can get food deliveries in the estimated time interval from the app

Cater to all business tasks through the panel provided in the platform

Panel with necessary filter to search favorite stores and items easily

Frequently Asked Questions on Quiqup Clone App

1. How do I make a unique app from the platform?

The White label Quiqup clone platform allows a business to add its business’s logo on the platform. It also allows you to change the theme color for more personalization. Further, it is a customizable solution from which you can add the functions and features as per your business's services.

2. What is the time required to build the platform?

The time required to build the platform is around 7 to 8 working days. However, it could take more if your business needs customization.

3. Do you provide documentation of the platform to us?

Yes, we provide entire documentation to our clients to make further changes to cope with the changing market trends.