Quiqup Clone - Provide Same Hour Delivery

quiqup clone app for start delivery business in UK

Choose White Label Quiqup clone app to start your same-day ordering & delivery services business online with complete branding

quiqup clone app for start delivery business in UK

What is a Quiqup Clone? How Does it Make Instant Deliveries to the Customers?

Curated apps for the delivery business can have the capacity to sky high the revenue records. Online service is a most opted solution nowadays that is influencing business methods in every city around the globe.

Quiqup clone app is a system comprising fully-featured apps that proffers business upgraded advanced business methods. Customers can browse for their favorite food stores and select the items online on a mobile device.

Elluminati offers a brilliant tech stack that can deliver different items to the customer’s doorsteps and provide the best solution for same-day delivery services. Apps like Quiqup set your business to new heights bringing out the top position.

Advanced Benefits Of Quiqup App Clone

GPS Integration

We offer a GPS integration facility for the admin to track the delivery men and users in real-time. It’s a beneficial feature to monitor the delivery status efficiently

Social Media Integration

We add the social media facilities in our Quiqup app clone. It helps the users to do log in or sign up on the app/web, and they can share your services on social media

Cloud-Based Solutions

We offer you a cloud-based solution for your delivery service business. This solution will help you to access your business from anywhere and using any gadgets


Our Quiqup clone app is an entirely user-friendly solution. Users can easily access the mobile application from any device like a mobile, tablet, and desktop

Get A Scalable App Suiting Your Business Demands

White Label Quiqup clone app solution promises business growth with competent functions. It ensures to create an excellent customer experience while your business operations get monitored and work under a central controlling authority. Our technical support offered with the app support ensures to support your business irrespective of its scale and serving capacity

How Quiqup Clone Script Works?

Get a suitable solution meeting all user norms and your business demands. Our Quiqup clone script promises a better experience generation with following the efficient workflow:

  • Browse stores and place an order for a single/multiple products
  • Receive and prepare the ordered items for delivery and assign a deliveryman
  • Live-track entire delivery process including the service status updates
  • Deliver the order to users’ mentioned location and receive payment

Empower Same Hour Deliveries With Efficient App

Deliver excellent user experience with one-tap ordering features and swift delivery ensured by the modules of the white label Quiqup clone app.

Customer App

Add Referral for Benefits

Users can add a referral code while signing up, and also they get a referral code after that on the platform.

Enter the Address Or Select From the Map

Users can either add the address or select their location on the map to get the list of nearby stores and then order from.

Multiple Search Filters

Shoppers can utilize use filters like tag, price, distance, and time for easy browsing of the stores they are looking for.

Review Stores

Customers can look for the delivery store reviews before choosing any of them and analyzing the best one to order from.

User Panel

Checkout Screen

It has all the information regarding the orders, customer details, store details, and payment gateways.

Add applicable Coupons

Promo codes from the stores and admin will be entered in the checkout screen and redeemed to get exciting benefits.

Add Delivery Note

While ordering, customers can add a delivery note for the address to which the order is being delivered.

Contact Less Delivery

For contactless delivery, customers can tick the box for contactless delivery and get a safe delivery at the address.

Store Panel

Dispatch Orders

Stores either by assigning the orders manually or getting auto-assigned to the available and nearest drivers.

Current Week History, Current Month History

All the store’s history about the orders is stored separately as week or month history, including all its details.

Analyze Order and Delivery Reviews

The store can analyze the reviews about the order and delivery service given by the customers.

Earnings- Weekly, Monthly, and Overall

All the store’s earnings from the orders and delivery service are stored separately as week or month history.

Store App

Manage Profile

Stores can modify their profile information like name, email, password, contact details, address, etc.

Select Languages

The admin gives stores numerous languages; they can choose one convenient language.

Change Password

Using old passwords, stores can revise the password anytime they want from the profile information.

Delivery Time Settings

Stores can set and update the delivery time of the stores in a week, which will be shown to the customers.

Admin Dashboard

Map View of Deliveryman

In the map view, the deliveryman can find the stores to know about the distance and which are active, using the given filters.

Track Deliveryman on Map

Delivery men can also be tracked by admin on the map view when they are on their trip, also using the filters to look for particulars.

Earnings from Store

Admin gets the complete details of the earnings from the stores where invoice details and all earning-related details can be analyzed.

Earnings form Orders

In each order, admins can analyze the earnings of the deliveryman, store, and admin with the time on which the order is served.

Delivery Provider App

Add Document

As the admin requires, the delivery man must add documents, which will be verified while registering.


When drivers are inactive, their status automatically gets idle, and they will not receive a trip.

Referral Code

Delivery men can add a referral code while registering and get one new after registering.


The driver app is integrated with the map, where drivers can track addresses for deliveries.

Advance Features of EDelivery

Delivery Provider App

Drivers can add the vehicle in the app and start the delivery service with help of app

User App

Users can get food deliveries in the estimated time interval from the app

Store App

Stores can create a comprehensive menu, create order for customers and many other tasks from the store app

Go Through the Workflow Of E-Delivery Apps

Learn more about the workflow of EDelivery apps so that you can get how the platform can actually benefit your business

Delivery Provider App

Drivers can add the vehicle in the app and start the delivery service with help of app

User App

Users can get food deliveries in the estimated time interval from the app

Store App

Stores can create a comprehensive menu, create order for customers and many other tasks from the store app

Understand The Working Of The Delivery Stack’s Panel

User Panel

Panel with necessary filter to search favorite stores and items easily

Admin Panel

Admin can create the multiple locations for stores to start

Store Panel

Stores can create a detailed menu and edit that anytime from the panel

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Build Your Name With Quiqup Clone Providing Continuous Service Support

Get a Quiqup Clone app for your online delivery services suiting your business demands and serve your users with the best ordering support today.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Quiqup Clone App

Get to know about our Quiqup clone app or email us through the contact us form to learn more.

The White label Quiqup clone platform allows a business to add its business’s logo on the platform. It also allows you to change the theme color for more personalization. Further, it is a customizable solution from which you can add the functions and features as per your business’s services.

The time required to build the platform is around 7 to 8 working days. However, it could take more if your business needs customization.

Yes, we provide entire documentation to our clients to make further changes to cope with the changing market trends.

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