What is the Taxi Booking App Script? Why Our Taxi Booking Application Is Your Perfect Business Partner?

The use of technology has been widespread in the business in multiple ways. One of the significant technologies is on-demand apps. The existing taxi booking business needs to revamp, and the startups are initiating online taxi booking services that help expand the business allowing various opportunities for earning.

Taxi booking app script is a booking management solution that offers customers to browse and book for nearby riders. Managing the business tasks becomes accessible with the online platforms, operated anytime, and reduces the employee’s expenses and errors of managing the tasks manually.

Elluminati develops a customizable script that caters to all the market trends and requirements seamlessly. Adopting a taxi booking script that we offer allows you to gather abundant opportunities to increase the business standards and higher revenues.

Exclusive USPs Of Our Taxi Booking Script

Appealing Design

Keeping in mind UI/UX, our Taxi booking script offers attractive layout and high-end features. Moreover, you can customize and modify it as per your requirement. Our dedicated team of developers Crafts attractive themes, logos, and easy navigation systems for your taxi application that ensure smooth functionality.

Special Preference To Woman

This feature allows customers to book a ride based on their gender. If a woman is booking a ride during night hours, she can ask for female drivers because of safety issues. This would be beneficial for admins also they can hike the price and earn extra money.

Chat Integration

Communication is the key to success, once the rider books a cab and a request is accepted by the driver, they can initiate conversion without leaving the application. This feature is useful if they need any clarification regarding the location or any other things.

Multi-Currency Support

Our taxi booking application supports multiple currencies. If you want to integrate your local payment system into the application, it is possible. Using multi-currency support makes your app accessible globally without any geolocation barrier.

Push Notification

Send notifications to riders about ongoing offers, any discount or promo codes. Moreover, notify them instantly regarding the driver’s location and ETAs. This is the most important feature as it increases user engagement ratio and makes the customer’s relation strong.

Select Cab Type

Before booking the ride, the customers can select the type of cabs such as Sedan, SUV, or any other. They also explore other features such as per km price and rate for each type of cab. Based on that they book the cab.

Business Performance

This amazing feature allows the admin to generate different financial statements so that they can monitor business activities including a list of drivers, online/offline drivers, number of weekly/ monthly trips, and total revenue earned.

Make Ride Request

This is the special option designed for Hotel/Restaurant staff to book a cab for their guest. It also facilitates Airport pickup-drop, you just need to enter location and guest’s details to avoid confusion.

Premium Features

Few Of Features That Make Our Taxi Booking Application Stand Out From Others

  • 360 View

    Using a single click, admin gets access to view all business activities

  • VoIP

    Without sharing contact numbers, riders and drivers can call each other

  • Referral Marketing

    Promote your business with referral marketing through customers

What We Render You On Our On-demand Taxi Booking App Script

Don’t waste your time with a manual working system. Start your on-demand taxi booking venture with us which is ready-to-launch and the best digital solution that hits the market.

User Application

Users can track the nearest driver’s status before booking a cab in real-time

Driver App

Ride with one or two members using a carpooling feature & earn extra money.

Admin Dashboard

Admin is allowed to increase the price of the places where demand is high

Dispatcher Panel

Manage incoming requests and assign drivers as per the availability and nearest location

Partner Console

Can update and change the price as per business needs.

User Panel

Customers are offered multiple payment options such as scan QR codes, credit/debit cards, etc

Driver Console

By uploading some necessary documents, drivers can register themselves with ease.

Hotel Console

Book a ride on behalf of their guest by entering their details such as the number of guests and location

Corporate Panel

Corporate head can generate a group of employees to whom they want to offer riding facilities

Need A Custom Taxi Booking App Script?

Fuel your business with a fully customizable Taxi booking app script. Get in touch so that we can resolve your doubts and solve your business needs with the modern technology solutions. We would love to hear from you

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