On Demand Delivery App Builder

On Demand Delivery App Builder

Embrace your delivery business adopting an on demand delivery app builder that brings out efficient deliveries supporting every business needs

On Demand Delivery App Builder

What is Delivery App Builder? Why Does It Turn Out Successful for Businesses?

Delivery app builder is a modern way to sharpen your delivery services with the best assistance. With the world moving rapidly, it is crucial to obtain support from technologies to walk in the same shoes. The on-demand delivery app by Elluminati contains all the necessary modules that make it easier to provide delivery services for every goods and suit all types of business. It includes the functions that empower every size of business with business expansion and the best delivery services.

It includes native Android and iOS applications for customers and delivery providers. This on-demand delivery app maker consists of a dedicated store panel and app that helps include stores in operation as well. An interactive admin panel also ensures the business management and control is in place with real-time status updates.

Types of Delivery Businesses We Support and Encourage with Our On-Demand Delivery App Builder

Grocery Delivery App Builder

Delivering groceries to the customer’s home now becomes easier and convenient with an app solution stack supporting your needs. Grocery delivery app builder supports multiple outlets and their operations seamlessly to prove their efficiency and allow faster business growth.

Including support for real-time delivery status tracking and earning reports, it enables excellent experience for stores as well as customers. Also, the multiple payment options let a user choose between cash and various online payment methods for enhanced convenience. Empowering the grocery business with the menu and online ordering features, the grocery app builder ensures you can include every feature that you want to. The support of app builder gets extended for the following categories:


This on-demand app builder lets you add and manage multiple grocery outlets at once, with a dedicated grocery store application and panel used for efficient operation deliveries.


Supermarkets can also use the store dedicated app and panel to manage their customer’s orders easily. It supports faster deliveries and easier ordering from any location.

Grocery Chain Outlets

The grocery app builder helps a grocery store expand the business with chain stores present in multiple cities or countries.

The Uniqueness of Our On Demand Delivery App

  • Faster Delivery Support
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Latest Tech Stack

How to Create a Delivery App Using Our On-Demand App Builder?

By delivering an app solution for enhanced experiences, you can always generate more profits than ever. With skilled on-demand delivery app maker support, you can choose to customize the apps and panel support offered, or you can use the help to create delivery app of your own. You must consider using the best approaches that deliver excellent services. To create the app, you should follow these steps:

  • Define your business requirements and app features in advance.
  • You can choose to build the app solution from scratch and test it before deployment.
  • Or you can decide to use a prebuilt app solution with a complete customization facility and customize the features of the app solution your way.
  • Let the app solution pass testing criteria and launch it on standard app stores.

User App

Easier Login

Users can register and log in to place an order for their required items from the list of all available.

Explore Categories

Users can explore all the available categories and choose the one from which they want to order items.

Integrated Wallet

Users can add a balance amount to the integrated wallet to pay for the bills of their order placed using the app solution.

Real-time Tracking

Users can track the delivery status of their orders using the real-time tracking facility of the app solution.

User Website

Update Profile

Customers can update their profiles anytime by changing their name, email address, contact number, address, etc

Repeat Orders

Customers can repeat the item with a choice to keep the modifiers the same as it is or can choose to customize them.

Add Coupons

Users can add promotional codes given by the admin or store owners at the checkout screen to receive benefits.

Order History

Customers can access the order history with the details like added items, price, payment details, etc., within the platform.

Store Website

Order List

The store gets all the order lists separated by time, like today’s orders, tomorrow’s orders, scheduled orders, etc.

Set Timings

Stores can update the delivery time availability of the stores in a week which will be shown to the customers.

Multi Tax Setting

While creating a menu, stores can set multiple taxes for each item. They can also set taxes for all items and services separately.

Analyze Reviews

Stores can analyze the reviews about order qualities and delivery service given by the consumers and take action on the note.

Store App

Payment Statement

Store app and panel stores the payment statements of all the paid orders for future references.

Manage Product Type

Stores can choose to add or remove the added product type using their dedicated app and panel.

Manage Drivers

Stores can manage the manual deliveries with the added driver support using the panel and the app.

Billing Details

Store app and panel stores the billing details of the placed and paid orders in the app and panel.

Admin Dashboard

Order Details

Admin can view complete order details within the panel from the history of orders, which shows canceled orders too.

Set Delivery Radius

Using the map or by entering a fixed radius, admin can set the delivery radius where they provide delivery services.

Add Countries

The business admin can add multiple countries using the dedicated panel and extend the delivery services across borders.

Change Language

Admin can change the language of the entire solution stack- apps and panels using the admin panel.

Delivery Men App


Delivery providers can view and locate the pickup and destination addresses of users on the map using an integrated map facility.

Submit Documents

Providers can submit their documents using the application for approval of the admin to start delivering.

Update Status

Providers have to update the delivery status every time they proceed on the next stage of the delivery cycle.

Wallet Transactions

Delivery men can do all transactions through their digital wallet. They can even add the desired amount to the wallet from the linked account.

Advance Features of EDelivery

Delivery Provider App

An app designed for providers to cater to customer’s requirements efficiently whenever they demand to have services

User App

A dedicated app to helps customers to get all their requirements answered systematically at anytime and anywhere

Store App

Update a traditional way of business operations with a feature-packed store app designed especially for brands

Have A Look At Working Of Every App To Know How It Assures The Desired Result!

Dive into the app demos and experience the qualitative designs and functionalities of apps.

Delivery Provider App

An app designed for providers to cater to customer’s requirements efficiently whenever they demand to have services

User App

A dedicated app to helps customers to get all their requirements answered systematically at anytime and anywhere

Store App

Update a traditional way of business operations with a feature-packed store app designed especially for brands

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Dive To Know How Feature Rich Panels Ensure Effective Business Handling!

User Panel

Impressive user panel helps users to request your brand service through the web with ease of use and attractiveness

Admin Panel

An advanced admin panel is offered to cater to your requirements of controlling your online business with extreme ease.

Store Panel

A set of exclusive features included in the store app helps you run your business efficiently and increase profits

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Get An On-Demand App Builder Supporting And Encouraging The Development Needs

Create your delivery app solution with a feature-rich on-demand app builder, enabling you to generate the best results with enhanced development efforts and faster app building support.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding On Demand Delivery App Builder

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions about the solution.

  • Mention your exact business requirement
  • Analyze your requirements and gather information before getting started
  • After analyzing your requirement precisely, you can move forward with a custom delivery app development or a ready-made solution. Check Elluminati’s ready-made solution here: /e-delivery/
  • Test your solutions before launching, get it published on the Play Store & App Store
  • Get three months of technical support, enroll for a monthly subscription package. Visit here: /support-package/

After knowing and researching your business perspective, it will take 8 working days. It might take more days if you are looking to customize the ready-made solution

Different offer packages are there, depending on your project requirement, you can choose any of them. Check the latest pricing plans here: /e-delivery/pricing/

  • Open the particular app and search the item you are looking for
  • Enter the location
  • Fill up the address where you want to get a product. ( home, office, etc.)
  • You have the entire list and select the item you want to buy from the given options
  • Once you add the product to the cart, you can see the final billing amount, including delivery charges, coupon codes, and other taxes
  • Enter the necessary details such as contact number and address
  • Now you can either go with the “book now” option or “book later.” Once you go with the book now option, fill up receivers and senders details along with the shipment type
  • Click on the confirm button and make a payment from the options given. Click on the confirm button
  • Now, you will get a confirmation message along with your product description
  • Same time, the vendor also gets a new message and assigns the request to the delivery person
  • The delivery person can accept or reject the request based on their availability
  • When the delivery person picks up your order, you will be notified. Here you can see a delivery person’s name and contact details
  • Now you can either go with the “book now” option or “book later.” Once you go with the book now option, fill up receivers and senders details along with the shipment type
  • Once the order has been picked up by the delivery person, now you can see the estimated arrival time for your parcel
  • You can track the delivery location and make a call to the delivery person for any kind of clarification within the application
  • Moreover, you can see payment details from the “my booking section.”
  • When the delivery person reaches your location, they will click on “I have reached” and handover the parcel
  • Once the order gets delivered, you will receive another message regarding successful order completion, and you can see the delivery status as completed under my booking section

  • Google Play Store account
  • Apple Store Account
  • Cloud-Based Server

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