What is the BiTaksi Clone App? Modernize Your Ride-hailing Services Adopting this Platform

Myriad businesses are jumping towards the online approach for the businesses. The taxi service-providing ventures have countless players that are dealing with the exponential rise in customer demands. With unique features and concepts, every brand is trying to give unique service to their customers to retain more users.

BiTaksi clone app is an online car booking platform, allowing a business automated operation bringing ease in management. The solution has resolute apps and panels that work efficiently to perform assigned tasks. All this data of rides and their vehicles are stored in the cloud and examined anytime for business purposes.

We provide solutions that are customized to meet business specifications and future market demands. Ground transportation businesses must adopt apps like BiTaksi, making a personalized solution that resembles your constrained image, surviving in the fierce market of Turkey.

Features Included in the BiTaksi Clone Script Making it an Exclusive Solution

Special Preferences

  • Business administrators can offer the customers to select their preferable ride’s facility from the BiTaksi clone script
  • Supposedly they would prefer gender-based driver’s preferences, or if they carry any disability, they could mention that in the application
  • It makes the driving comfortable and reliable for the passengers, make them engaged in the services for longer

Price Estimation

  • Riders can evaluate fare prices from mobile app like BiTaksi while reserving the rides before final checkout
  • The prior rides information makes sure customers retention for the rides service
  • Prices are shown with complete information like ride’s price, tax, promo codes, price reduction, and other relatable data

Ratings and Reviews

  • On completing the services, travellers can review or rate the rides’ experience
  • Drivers can also give feedback to the customers after the rides
  • These reviews are used by the admin to further improve the performance in the business by the drivers or any other means

Chat or Call

  • Customers can either chat with the drivers for the confirmation of their location or any delay or query in the rides service
  • Or they can also prefer voice over IP to contact the drivers
  • For any technical issues, users can chat with the support team and resolve the issues in the platform

Multiple Payment Methods

  • Riders are allowed to pay from multiple payment methods integrated into the BiTaksi clone
  • They can choose from cash payment or card(credit/debit) payments
  • E-wallet is also one option, where customer’s bank account is linked in the e-wallets

Save Addresses

  • Riders who repeatedly books rides can save the address that is frequently preferred by them
  • Specifically, they can save home addresses or office addresses in the app
  • While booking the rides, riders can directly select saved address, saving the time to enter it everytime

Features that We Render in App like BiTaksi Forging a User-friendly Solution

  • Riders App and Panel

    Allow your customers to book rides from a feature-rich app or panel, scheduling at their desired time

  • Chauffeur App and Panel

    Let your drivers get the rides requests online and complete them with the help of an app and panel

  • Admin Panel

    Lead and automate the business operation using the well-structured panel and update the features of apps of all users

  • Stakeholder’s Panel

    Taxi business’s admin can expand the business can expanding business by connecting various stakeholders, like hotels, corporates, dispatchers, and partners

Modules Encompassed in BiTaksi Clone App Development Making your Fleet Managing Business Seamless

Definite features involved in BiTaksi clone app development making your rides booking business out of common business

Riders App and Panel

Few Steps Login

Customers can log in to the rider’s app using the least details or even can register through the social accounts

Drivers App And Panel

Update Status

Taxi drivers can update their current status from the app on being online or offline as per their availability

Admin Panel

Add Users

Business admin can add hotels, corporates from the panel to let them access the business operation and expanding overall business

Dispatcher Panel

Dispatch Rides

Rides dispatchers can manually dispatch the rides assigning the rides to the drivers manually

Partner Panel

Monitor Operation

Business partners can monitor the tasks in the business , book or schedule taxi’s for the passengers

Hotel Panel

Request Rides

Hotel owners can place taxi service request for their customers, calling the drivers to the hotel for them

Corporate Panel

Manage Employees

Corporates can manage the employees, allowing to add or delete for any certain purpose

Confirm Business Expansion with BiTaksi Clone App

Launch BiTaksi Clone App emphasizing online business operations that give efficient results using separate apps and panels for all dedicated tasks, all of which are compatible with all your smart devices

Before Deciding Check the Working of the Panels for Taxi Booking Business

Admins can oversee all business operations from the panel, drawing out necessary changes

You can Trust Eber for Fluent business Flow with its Application

Can register easily and get rides with just a few common taps from their mobile devices

Clients Also Acknowledges Us On Getting Satisfactory Results

Recognition We Get On From The World For Our Hard Work

Frequently Asked Questions about BiTaksi Clone

1. How can I run my taxi business with the Bitaksi clone app?

BiTaksi clone app has separate modules for taxi booking business that works efficiently for all users. Passengers can book or schedule a taxi from the app; chauffeurs will attain rides using their dedicated app or panel. Admin is allowed to make any changes in the platform as desired by the business.

2. How much does it cost to develop an app like Bitaksi?

The cost to develop a ready-made app like BiTaksi starts from $5k that has completely customizable modules. Further, if you want to develop the platform from scratch, that could cost much higher than this.

3. Which Technology You Used To Build This Clone?

We build native mobile applications for Android and iOS, integrated with all the latest functionings and a user-friendly design.